Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's been a week and I haven't blogged. Well, I haven't blogged here anyway. I miss writing here - I know I need to get back to it, but I just can't seem to find the time.

I pulled 2 cucumbers, 4 okra and a bunch of black beans today from my garden. I have some jalapenos and banana peppers that are almost ready, and will probably have a few more cucumbers this afternoon. I have a refrigerator crisper full of cucumbers - I need to think of something to do with them quick. I would love to make some pickles....should probably head over to Goodwill and see if I can find some canning supplies.

This weekend we had to take down the playscape in the back yard. It was getting extremely rickety. We knew there was some rotting on the frame, but until Hubby took it apart we had no idea that the entire thing was practically mush. I don't know how it was even standing, much less supporting the boys swinging and bouncing on it every day. Port is pretty sad that it is gone - he keeps going out in the yard and sitting in the baby swing that is sitting on the ground. He has also drug the other swings into the house several times. He whimpers when he sees the slide on the ground. We have agreed to purchase a used set from a friend, but I have no idea when or how we are going to be able to get it. Hubby will have to disassemble it into smaller chunks and load it on to a trailer and then reassemble it once he hauls it to our back yard. However, all of that took the previous owners getting the assistance of several strong guys to carry it to the trailer, and Hubby can't think of anyone that might be able to help him. Soooooo, he may have to spend all day breaking it down into manageable pieces he can carry by himself.

The boys are doing well. Kiddo seems to have found his attitude this past week, and has wowed us with some humdinger comebacks. He hasn't had privileges in days; it seems like every day he looses another day or two. Port is talking a lot more now and it makes my head hurt sometimes when I have to decipher what he is trying to say. He is so stubborn, and if you don't understand him he gets terribly angry. He has started trying to write some. He can identify 99% of his letters and numbers, and knows most of the colors and shapes as well. He sees his brother drawing and writing and he has to do it too. His scribbles will sometimes look like letters and numbers, and when they do he gets so proud! He has to run and show me (by shoving the drawing board in my face) and get his "good job!" from Mommy.

He is all about the "good job". I get the "good job Mumma!" from him hundreds of times a day. It's pretty cute.

{photo courtesy of one of my assistants on this shoot, Kim}

Speaking of good jobs...I've been pretty busy lately. It is really quite nice. I feel a shift coming on in my business and I am trying to be patient and open to any possibility right now. I am so excited about what may happen in the next year or so.

I have been saving up for a new lens, but I changed my mind and last week I decided to invest in myself and my business even more. I joined PPA (Professional Photographers of America). Along with my membership, I received registration to Imaging USA next January. Since it is in San Antonio this time I will be able to drive in each day for the convention. While I am there, my plan is to take the official test to become a CPP, or Certified Professional Photographer.

In saying that, I am also reminding myself that I don't test well and this is going to be a very difficult test. But I really want to give it a shot - I think it will be a great way to educate myself and advance my business to the next level. I want something that will differentiate me from the MWACs (mom with a camera) that are flooding the market with new photography businesses.

So I paid my dues for PPA and my declaration fee for the CPP, and now I have to find a way to purchase the text book for the certification test. It's only around $125...eek! Hopefully I can find a used copy somewhere for a little less. Or maybe I know someone with a frequent buyer card at one of the big book stores that can get me a good deal??? Anyway I will figure something out.

So that is a quick summary of life in the past week. Hopefully I can update more later.

D :)

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