Saturday, July 26, 2008


Things I should be doing right now...

Editing client photographs



Cleaning the house

Making lists

Cleaning my car


Shopping for supplies

NOT blogging!

Oh well, nothing like procrastination to make one frantic next week.

Anyway, I have some pictures I wanted to share.

This one was from an ill-fated "session" I had with Port and Kiddo, trying to get something worth of a canvas print. The light coming in through my window was too strong and Kiddo wasn't cooperating at all. [grumble, grumble, dang photographer kid syndrome, grumble, grumble] Port still looks pretty chubbi-licious!
After fussing at Kiddo about not letting me take his picture, he gave me these a couple of hours later. See the enthusiasm??

His "smiling face". (eye roll)

Last Sunday we broke down and bought Port an exersaucer. This one in particular will be handy on our vacation because it will fold flat for travel. Yippie! Even though he is still a bit too young for it, he still likes it. Here he discovers the swinging frog...This pic is blurry, but I love the expression! He kept looking at me like this. "Mom, what the heck is this thing??!?"The boy has been teething something fierce. His hands are constantly in his mouth. nom, nom, nom...Tyler was jealous that I was taking pictures of the baby. She kept talking to me so I got a couple of her too, just to make her feel better.This is the first time Port really saw the dog. He was fascinated. Right after this moment, Tyler started licking his face - it was the sweetest thing; she was licking him, but in the gentlest way possible with just the tip of her tongue. So cute!! My dang camera card was full and I missed it. :( boo hoo![Notice the "Two Wheeled Texans" onsie? Yeah, we're starting him out early. BTW, that is a Hubby original design.]

Kiddo was a bit jealous too, so he let me take his picture. Only one though, then he "needed a break". lol!


D :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eat It

I am a very bad mommy. lol!

This morning I had Port in my lap while I was eating my breakfast and as usual, he was closely watching the spoon go from my bowl to my mouth and back again. The boy is really interested in food, and most of the time watches us intensely or chews on his hands while we eat. I am having the hardest time holding off trying him on regular food. I can't wait to start making baby food again.

Anyway, I was eating oatmeal (baked apple flavor - not that you care) and he was watching every bite. So for fun, I scooped up a little bit of the thick, lumpy oatmeal on the end of my spoon and held it up to his mouth.

He opened his mouth and took it!

He is only 3 months old! Not only did he take it, he ate it! No gagging, no spitting, nothing. And the smile on his face was infectious! He started laughing and smiling and getting all excited as if I had just given him the most wonderful thing in the world.

I know, I am horrible.

But it was so fun!
D :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Never Tear Us Apart

Total Mortification.

So I went to a play date today. Yay! Out of the house! Thanks again Vick for hosting!

We got out of the house kind of late; Port took an extra long nap and I was trying to wait it out before we left. We finally got in the car and headed out and about half way there I realized I had no idea where I was going. I had been to her house only once, and though I knew the general area, I was not confident in my ability to make it there again without directions or an address. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to get an old street address in my head, and spent the better part of 15 minutes or so looking for a street that wasn't even in the right neighborhood.

I finally called Hubby out of desperation and had him Google the street name that was floating around in my head, and while on the phone with him (and on a completely different street) I drove up to the house.

*smacks head*

Thankfully we still had time to play, and Kiddo had a blast. But as usual, no day out would be complete without embarrassing myself a bit.

After I got dressed this morning I had to change my shirt when I discovered a stain on it. Then I put on a pair of capris that I haven't worn since last summer. I just *barely* fit into them, but since my wardrobe is severely lacking in the shorts department (read: I don't have any) I squeezed into them and prayed they would relax a bit by the time I got to our destination. Thankfully they did, and all was well when I entered our host's lovely home.

After the kids were comfortable playing, a few of us moved into the living room to feed their babies. I sat down on the couch next to my friend, and when I did I heard what could only be described as a crunch. At first, I thought I had sat on something; perhaps an empty fruit snack wrapper - as the noise sounded like crinkling paper. I felt beneath me to find nothing, and dismissed it as just one of those things and went about my business. I got up to do something else and came back to the couch only to hear the crunch again. Reaching behind me I once again turned up nothing. I was wracking my brain - what could that noise be? Perhaps I had metal buttons clanking together on the pocket or something in the pocket? Nope, no buttons, not even a pocket!

Seeing that my attention span is minimal at best these days, I quickly forgot about the noise issue and went about the play date. We had fun, and of course Kiddo had a melt down when we left.

*sigh* Will he ever stop doing that??

I got the kids in the car and buckled in and then went to the drivers seat and sat down.


There it was again! Once more I stuck my hand under my backside and felt, only this time I was able to determine the source of the noise. It was not a "crunch", but rather a "rip".

I had split my pants.

I think I will go crawl back into my hole now.

Ladies, I am sorry if you caught a glimpse of my underwear, and thank you for not embarrassing me in front of you all.

I'm never leaving the house again.
D :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Workin' in a Coalmine

Lord, I'm So Tired.

I don't know what is going on with my sweet, sweet sleeping baby. He used to sleep at least 6 hours every night and many nights it was more like 7-10 hours.

The past 3 nights he has been up every 2 hours.


He keeps wriggling out of his swaddle blanket. That is half the issue. He is almost too big for the bassinet now, that is part of it too, and for some reason he just isn't getting into that good deep sleep like he used to. I will watch him sometimes and he will kick his feet straight up into the air while he is sleeping. Abs of steel!

I am thinking either a growth spurt (none of his clothes fit anymore and all I have in the next size up is winter stuff - grr) or a milestone coming up??? Please let it come and go quickly. I can't deal with this.

I put him in his crib for the first time last night and he instantly relaxed. He still only slept for 3 hours though, and then the rest of the night was up every 2 hours after that. He doesn't really cry, just fusses enough that if I let it continue he will wake Hubby up or work himself into a tizzy. One time he was really wet and the rest of the time he had Houdini-ed himself out of his wrap and had it wadded up around his waist. At 6AM I finally gave up trying to keep him cool and I pulled out a gigantic receiving blanket, wrapped him up tight and put him in bed with me. We slept uninterrupted for 2 sweet hours.

Please, please say this will pass. I am not equipped to go through the same thing I did with Kiddo. My back cannot handle sleeping on the couch again. I am trying my hardest to comfort him without picking him up, or picking him up only briefly and then putting him back down to settle. I don't want to get in the habit of him sleeping in my arms.

But then part of me thinks that maybe he needs that right now???

He has really gotten cuddly recently, and while it is sooooo amazingly sweet, it puts me on edge. I like the teeny, tiny bit of independence I have with him. For 2 years I couldn't get more than an inch away from Kiddo. I really don't want to fall into that trap this time around.

I need more coffee.
D :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pump Up the Jam

Sunday was such a fun day! I had a last minute photo shoot to do in a town a little over an hour away. I had been waiting for a new baby to arrive, and got the word he came on Monday, so Sunday morning I headed to their house for a newborn shoot. It was so awesome, but made for a very long and tiring day. I was gone so long that it had been about 7 hours in between pumping sessions. By the time I got home and hooked up to the pump I was completely engorged and had multiple clogged ducts - again. *sigh*

The thing that is so frustrating about clogged ducts (aside from the pain factor) is that the solution to them is so random, and finding it so very painful. This time around it took me all afternoon Sunday and all DAY Monday to get the clogs out. I spent over 24 hours doing warm compresses, HOT compresses, hot showers, massaging and PUMPING (my goodness the pumping!) trying to get the darn things to budge, and my poor, poor bewb [creative spelling courtesy of Lotus] just got bigger and more misshapen. (I'm sorry for the ick factor of this post - but this is something I do want to remember someday)

I don't know what actually did the job, but at about 4:30 Monday afternoon, it felt like someone stuck 20 hot needles in my bewb and suddenly the rocks were gone. For two days now I have been dealing with those hot needles - poking me at random moments and freaking me out. This hurts people!!

It's getting better, but my supply really took a hit. Now I have the lovely task of building it back up again. Guess what does that?

Pumping. Lots and lots of pumping.


I said I would try for 3 months and I made it that far with no problem. I thought by then things would be easier - but it seems to be just the opposite. Now I have almost made it to 4 months and my new goal is 6 months. Actually no, that's not right - my new goal is to make it through our vacation.

We are going on vacation soon; 10+ days of driving across country with kids and extended family in tow.

Have I mentioned that I am completely INSANE??!?

Yeah, I have no clue how this whole pumping thing is going to work out. But I am going to give it a go, and if it is the beginning of the end then so be it. I am really quite scared of the whole thing. But I know it will work out in the end, no matter what happens.

So, in the interest of retaining a fraction of my sanity, does anyone have any traveling-with-small-child tips?

I look forward to hearing from you. The comment button is below. Right there, see it?

D :)

Praise Ye Da Lord

This was just too cute not to share. Please, please excuse the house. A tornado (named Kiddo) had blown through yesterday and I simply hadn't had the strength to do anything about it yet.

Kiddo singing "Praise Ye the Lord (Hallelujah)"

Not bad huh? He's pretty much in tune right up to the end. [ok, so I watched it again and I take it back - soooo NOT in tune! lol!] Then the excitement caused him to modulate up a half step or so (wink).

Right after this video we played my new favorite game in the world. I call it Toy Pickup Race. Remind me to tell you about it sometime. [insert devil horned smiley face!]


D :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pump It

Today was one of those, "I am about to lose my #^$&$^#*#!!@#^ mind!" kind of days. I woke up this morning to one, yes one gigantic breast. I had a clogged duct (or two or three) and it made my entire morning miserable. My original plan for today was to finally go to the grocery store, but with GigantoBoob in my way I had to stay home and take care of it.

So after several hours of pretty much constant pumping, warm, moist compresses, a scorching hot shower and lots of massage (I am probably bruised now) I finally got whatever it was to give. jeepers.

That took up most of the day, and so then it became a juggle to see if I could time things out perfectly and go to the store.


Just when I'd be ready, Port would crank up or Kiddo would need something and everything kept getting messed up. I finally got to a spot where all we needed was for Kiddo to get dressed and we could go. By the time he finally listened to me (and I had to eventually resort to practically yelling) and got dressed, it was too late so I scraped it all together. I decided I could go when Hubby got home, not remembering that he rode his bicycle to work today and would be home later than usual.

The heat really zapped him good, and when he got home he was exhausted. So I left Kiddo home with him and took Port with me to the grocery store. We had a fairly decent trip, and I managed to work in a Starbucks drive thru in there too.

But when I got back there was so much to do and I just don't have enough hands (even when they are both free) and I am truly hormonal and I was about to lose it.

Sleep did not come that night.

D :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Coffee Song

Have you ever driven down a street in your neighborhood and when approaching a turn to get to your house suddenly, for a split second, question if you are turning down the wrong street? For whatever reason, it just looks wrong or feels wrong or something? No? It's just me then. *sigh*

This is my brain without coffee.

We had a play date to go to this morning, and in an effort to get there at a reasonable time (still late, but at least there) I didn't make myself any coffee.

I know, you are shocked. Close your mouth.

It's not so much that making coffee takes a long time, but this morning in particular I was pressed for time, and I didn't have any beans ground. In order to grind the beans I would have had to dig out my grinder, load it up, wrap it up in a towel of some sort, go to the back of the house, lock myself in the bathroom, plug it in and cautiously grind in short bursts because the dang grinder is so incredibly loud and scary sounding that if I had turned it on in my kitchen I would have had two screaming boys clawing at me in fear.

yeah. not happening

So I opted out of coffee this morning and got us all ready for our play date. Actually, I didn't opt out completely; I did run through the drive thru of Jack-n-the-Box and purchased one of their iced coffees - but only because I needed change for a $20 bill. And I have to say, Dearest Jack, while I will admit that you can make a mean burger, your fries are delectable and your shakes are irresistible, your iced coffee - well Darlin', you really, really should consider yanking it off the menu. No one wants to drink bitter, watered down, virtually unsweetened (even though I ordered the vanilla flavor) "coffee" from a sweaty plastic cup first thing in the morning. Or in the afternoon; or anytime for that matter. I'm sorry Jack. That was $1.99 that was a total waste.

Anyway, we made it to the play date (thanks again Julia for hosting!) and had a great time! Kiddo was, for the most part, polite and very good natured. He of course had a major melt down when we left, but only because he had so much fun. He's actually been (and I forgot to tell you this Julia) talking about going to see "Miss Julia and da kids" for a few days now, even though I never mentioned that as a possibility. As soon as we got home today he was asking me if we could go back to Miss Julia's house so he could "have lots and lots of fun." awwww!

So while there, I purchased my new carriers from Miss Julia!! YEEEEEE!!! I was so excited - I just wanted to run up and hug her neck (like my kin folk say), but I thought she might find that weird. Instead I played it cool and then did my happy dance in the car where only my kids were witness to such nonsense. We put Port in the Babyhawk at Julia's house, and I kid you not, he was out in under 2 minutes! Oh the joys of free hands and happy, sleepy baby! I am thrilled! And she gave me a SMOKIN' deal on the 2; Julia, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Port better like them...

So yeah, I was excited. ;)

Anyway, on the way home I was about to turn down a street in my neighborhood when I suddenly questioned my sense of direction.

This is my brain on no sleep and no caffeine. This should not happen. We got home and though I was supposed to go to the grocery store today (well actually a few days ago - see what I mean about not getting simple errands done??) I just couldn't find the energy to do it. Hopefully I can escape tonight and go. Maybe I'll just take Port and try him again in the Babyhawk. eeeee! I am excited!

Wow, I've got to control myself. Mercy.

D :)

Sing it Frank! :)

and I have to add this one too - these guys are a riot!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

There You Are

Ok, I am going to do this today. I am going to blog. I think about it every day and every day I actually blog in my head. I think up exactly what the post will say, what I can talk about, different posts for different days...ugh - but I just can't seem to get myself a solid chunk of time to sit down and write it out!

It is soooooo frustrating!

So anyway, I am still here. Still pumping every 3 hours. Still pretty much home bound because I am so completely uncoordinated with timing all this junk out. It seems like just when I get pumped, fed and ready to go, Port crashes out for a nap. Or when I need to get pumped and fed and ready to go, he won't sleep and I can't get anything done. Sometimes it takes me days to do one simple errand. But, my supply is such now that most nights I don't need to make a formula bottle anymore. YAY!

But hopefully some of the coordination problems are about to get better!

I am getting a couple of carriers!! Please pray my friends, that Port will like being in a carrier. It would make things soooooooooooooo much easier!

I will let you know a little more about them when I get them. I am so excited!

Update on the fam:
Port is doing really well. He is a little chunky monkey. He is talking a lot now; reacting to not only familiar faces, but also talking to pictures of things on the computer and in books, and to himself in the mirror. He is sleeping really well; usually anywhere from 6-10 hours a night. I still have to swaddle him, but he goes to sleep relatively easy once he is in his binding. He is too long for the swaddle blanket now, so I just wrap up his arms and he instantly relaxes. It is so strange. In the span of a week he will usually sleep through the night about 3 times, and on the other nights he only wakes once for a brief feed. For the past couple of weeks he has been teething - a bit early I would think, but that is definitely it. He chews on things with such ferociousness. He cries a pain cry for no reason, drools everywhere and has times of low grade fever. If I stick my finger in his mouth and rub his gums he starts cooing and moaning. It is hysterical! Poor little guy.

I guess the sudden change in poop habits, going from once a day to pooping at every opportunity, is going to become the norm. I cannot get over this breastfed poop - it is disgusting. And it stains EVERYTHING! How do I get all these stains out??? I have resorted to bleaching my CPF diapers - I hate doing that, but good grief they are nasty if I don't. I am ready to start using my Fuzzy Bunz, but I don't want to ruin them! I may wait until he starts solids before pulling out my precious FB diapers.

And on the cloth diapering front... I have to say I am not terribly impressed with the Thirsties covers. For one, with Port pooping so much, I need more of them. For 2, it is just way gross to reuse them between wet diapers without a washing. Even if you wipe them out, they are still wet as they absorb some of the pee. And, they are getting really ragged really fast. I think I was spoiled by the FBs holding up so well. The Thirsties are tearing up my wet bags too. Even if I secure the laundry tabs on the velcro, they still catch on everything and they have ripped open 2 bags already. I like the CPFs - they are nice and soft and absorb well; I'm just not loving the covers. But I guess I'll have to suck it up for a while.

The last few nights have been pretty rough. Trying to get Port to sleep when he seems to be a peak pain time with teething... I had to resort to a dose of Tylenol the past two nights. It is also getting harder to get him to nap during the day. He will fight it and fight it. I used to be able to put him in the swing and after a couple of minutes of light fussing he would be out. Now it's 20 minutes or longer of putting in his paci and readjusting his blankie, or worse, holding the bottle for him while he swings back and forth. Today I tried the Soothie paci instead of the other and it seemed to help. I think he needed something a bit harder to suck and chew on.

Putting a diaper on Port is like wrestling with an octopus. Or at least what I think wrestling with an octopus would be like. I haven't actually done it or anything. I did hold a sting-ray once... Anyway, he kicks and squirms and wiggles to the point that it takes me 3 or 4 tries before I can get the dang diaper fastened. Kiddo had me so spoiled - when he was in diapers he would just lie there and let me change him!

Port pretty much hates tummy time (Kiddo did too) so he's no where near being able to roll over yet. He can push himself up in a pretty straight position, but that's about it. However, he loves to sit up (assisted of course) and stand up. He does about a million low squats every day. I swear the kid has the strongest legs on the planet!

He's still not real interested in the bouncy seat or any toys, but of course loves to be carried around the house. If my arms and back could take it, he would have me carry him around all day.

When he's really sleepy and fussy - if I turn him on his side and cradle him in sort of a breast feeding position he will almost instantly go to sleep. Pop in a bottle or paci and it's pretty much a done deal. It is so funny; like I've found the off switch!

Port will smile when he knows someone is going to pick him up. It is so cute!

Kiddo is doing great. He is so incredibly smart I just can't believe it sometimes. His artwork blows us away (and Hubby is an artist). He draws the most interesting faces now, with lots of detailed features and expressions. He can draw the faces of the Little Einsteins and they actually look kind of like the characters! He spells all kinds of words; no, on, off, yes, stop, go, quit, the, Disney, his name, my name, daddy, happy, wall-e (he did that one out of the blue the other day), fox, start, exit - and many more that I can't think of right now. He sight reads a lot of his books, and can tell me which word is which. He can tell me that yellow and blue make green, red and yellow make orange, blue and red make purple, etc. He is adding 1+2, 2+3, etc. - mostly numbers under 5. And the thing is, I can't take responsibility for any of it! He gets most of his knowledge from his Leapster games and reading and *gulp* watching tv. There, I said it.

For the past couple of weeks Kiddo has adopted a baby, his stuffed, quacking duck. Baby goes pretty much everywhere he does. Baby is wearing a cloth diaper and gets a onesie to wear during the day and jammies at night. He drinks from a bottle and enjoys time in the bouncy seat or lying on the boppy. Even though Kiddo has never really slept with stuffed animals (if you don't count the cars pillows he has to have on the bed), he sleeps with Baby snuggled up in his little arms. I'm surprised he hasn't woken himself up yet by squishing that duck and making it quack. It's pretty loud! If Baby has been misplaced and Kiddo notices he will rapidly descend into a fit of despair so I have to keep in mind where Baby is at all times.

Well, I have been looking at this entry all day now and for the life of me I cannot figure out a way to wrap it up. So, I guess that is all for now. It is after midnight anyway and I am sitting here pumping. *sigh*

D :)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mil Besos (1000 Kisses)

In honor of Port's 3 month Day, I have finally FINISHED his Birth Story!!!! And it only took me 3 months! lol!

Anyway, here it is. Warning, it's long.


D :)

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