Thursday, March 29, 2007

Let's Get Lost

Whew! I'm tired. Anyone else?

We've had an exciting week. G&H have been here and between visiting with them, my photo shoot and general day to day stuff, I am wiped out. I guess I really, really don't do much from day to day.

A day like yesterday is enough to knock me out for a couple of weeks. I did a photo shoot in the morning - we had 3 adults and 3 little ones all in on the fun. We chased ducks and squirrels and played in the bluebonnets. The kiddos were so good through it all; they put up with me in their way, in their face and running all around them. I am actually sore this morning from all the squatting and rolling around on the ground that I did. When I got home I picked up Kiddo from my neighbor's friend's house, where he played all morning with a couple of cuties just his age. They ran all over the place. We had a quick lunch and then Kiddo went back to the neighbor for more playtime while I worked on computer stuff and took a much needed shower. Then I joined Kiddo at the neighbors' until G&H picked us up for dinner. We had a nice time at The Oasis then drove around for a while looking at fancy houses in the area. When we got home we caught the elimination show for AI, and as soon as the grandparents took off I left to join some mommas for a much needed coffee at Starbucks. Shew! What a day!

Artsy-Fartsy shot of Kiddo walking out of the restaurant with his Happy

Kiddo had a blast visiting with G&H on Tuesday. They are working on clearing some property they bought out here and so they are in possession of Kiddo's new favorite obsession of the moment...


Of course I had to document the occasion... Oh no Happy, don't start it up, that's scary!

Let me just use my imagination...

And then I get "the look"...
Mommy, would you PLEASE stop taking pictures!!! I'm try-ing to drive a very complicated piece of machinery here. You are in the way -

Now start making some motor noises like everyone else.

The Kid absolutely LOVED it! He sat on that tractor for hours. Off and on all afternoon and evening; and when I finally pulled him off of it and took him home, he screamed and cried and fussed about it until he fell asleep that night and then all the next day as well. Now his request is no longer "Go see Grammy Happy?!" but "Go see Grammy Happy and TRACTOR?!? TRACTOR?!? TRACTOOOORRRRRR?!!!!!!"

So today the switcheroo begins. G&H are going home and Nana and Big Daddy are driving in for a few days. I've got to put the house in order and get things ready. I've got to get Kiddo out of G&H mode and into Nana & Big Daddy mode. That will take some doing because he doesn't see them near as often.

I will update you all on how that goes, but now I must leave you to take a shower and get some things done. I also need to start proofing the shoot I did yesterday. Have a good day!

D :)

ETA: sorry to those of you with bloglines type programs - Blogger is all freaked out today and I have edited this post a zillion times because of it! :(

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Are We Still Talking About Hair?

Can you tell this is consuming me? ACK!

Since Heather asked about color, here are recent pics of my hair (as in, I just took them, just now).

See the dreadful roots?!?

Have you ever tried to take a self back portrait? It's HARD! Anyway, after looking at this it is apparent I need a cut too! Double ACK! ;)

Good God, I should whack off about 3 inches from the bottom! Yikes!

Anyway, I hope that these will give you all some perspective. I know you are really stressing over this as much as I am. Thanks for thinking on it for me and trying to solve my dilemma. ;)

And here's a little Bonnie Raitt to keep you company...


D :)

Another Round of You

It must be a slow time for blogging. Some of my favs haven't updated in ages. I was internally whining about that this morning when I clicked on my own blog and realized it's been 3 days since I last posted something. I am so sorry my bloggy friends - I don't know where I've been.

It's been a rainy few days here. Yesterday it rained nonstop all day. I was supposed to have a photo shoot today. The weather is nice enough, but I'm afraid the ground is so soaked that the action of putting of 3 young children in white outfits for pictures could lead to nothing more than a mud bath. So we bumped to Wednesday. It should be a beautiful day.

The inlaws are in town again this week, desperately trying to work on their newly acquired land and spending more time instead trying to stay dry. At least Kiddo is getting some good G&H time in though. My own parents are coming for a long awaited visit at the end of the week, so I am pretty sure I will be doing some serious de-spoiling of Kiddo by next week. All that grandparent time in one week will make for a rotten 2 year old I'm certain.

Thanks to the generosity of my highly connected friend, Hubby and I had the wonderful opportunity to dine free at Chili's on Sunday and Monday. They are opening a new location nearby, and sent out "by invitation only" cards to several of the local businesses so that they could practice full dining without actually being open. Dry runs, so to speak. I have to say it was an interesting experience. I mean, why would anyone turn down free food? You'd be amazed at how many didn't show. It was kind of weird though; it wasn't like we could just go in and order anything. Basically what they did was copy each page of the menu on different colored paper and each person at the table got a different color. You could only order 1 item off your menu. When we went on Sunday afternoon we got a specials menu (with lots of pricey items) and a burgers and sandwiches menu. Hubby sacrificed and ordered a sandwich while I got a lovely trio of baby back ribs, grilled chicken and shrimp. It was very good - though everything was a bit overcooked. The service was horrible though. I know the people were new and all, but man, it was bad. No one seemed to have any "hustle", know what I mean? I know they were just practicing, but I just felt like no one cared that we sat there forever waiting for the check (the meal was free, but they were of course accepting tips and donations for St. Jude's charities).

Monday night was even worse. We got the sandwich menu again and this time the salad menu. It's a good thing I like salad! Anyone else would have been upset to go for dinner and only get to choose salad or soup. But I digress... The waitress forgot to bring us silverware and napkins, the food took forever to come out and for some reason, they were really pressing the donation thing. It was almost uncomfortable. We weren't even through our dinner yet when the server started in on us to donate. The day before they just had a jar up at the front for donations, but this time she wanted us to commit to something before she even brought the check.

Even with all that, it was a truly nice time. I am rarely disappointed with Chili's food (overcooked or not) and you just can't beat free - even with poor service. I found the whole experience interesting. Hubby and I had fun going out by ourselves Monday night - it was probably the first "date night" we've had in a long time.

Ok, so back to my hair. I got online yesterday and just researched the whole red hair thing. According to my findings, red is the most difficult color to keep, because the molecules in red are much bigger than other colors, and therefore they "wash out" much quicker. It is very difficult to go back to your "natural" color from red as well. Apparently it is hard to get the orange out. Also, if one has any light highlights in their hair, it is quite possible that putting a red dye on the lighter parts will result in pink streaks - yes, PINK. Hmmm.... do I really want to do this? I have concluded that in order to spare myself some financial and mental heartache, I may try a temporary red first - you know the kind that washes out in so many shampoos. Then, if I like it I may consider something more permanent.

And of course, the moment I decide to take the plunge, the blond starts looking really good. Go figure. *rolls eyes*

D :)

ETA: Any of my hair-expert moms wanna help me out here? Kim, Genie and Back Yard Mom, I know you ladies read - do you have any suggestions? :) :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Real Moms Meme

Kat tagged me for this, and I've been thinking about it all day. I simply cannot come up with anything witty, funny or profound, so I guess I'll just write from the heart.

Real Moms...
  • cry. We cry when our children fail and we cry when they succeed. We cry when they are funny, and also when they are not. Sometimes we cry for no reason other than the fact that we are real moms.

  • dance. We dance to popular songs, silly songs and made up songs. We do pee-pee and poo-poo dances. We dance at weddings and birthday parties. And sometimes we dance when no one is looking.

  • run. We run after stray children and stray toys. We run after other's children and feel just as afraid as if they were our own. We run to our own mothers and friends for comfort and support and advice.

  • drive. We drive to and from soccer games and dance classes, school and work. We drive our children to be all that we are and all that we weren't. We drive ourselves nuts.

  • laugh. We laugh every day. We laugh at funny things and nonsense things. We laugh at baby talk and childish moves and grown up reactions. We laugh because sometimes that's all we can do. Sometimes we laugh so much we cry.

  • love. We love unconditionally and uncontrollably. We love so much it hurts. We never stop loving and our love knows no limit.

...and Real Moms also drink coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

I tag the following, Carrie, Julia and Mollie. The rules - finish the statement "Real moms__" and add a picture (or two or three or five!).
D :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Let it Rain

It's raining again. I know we need it, but I'm tired of it already.

(btw, I apologize for the video, I really just wanted the song - I just love Amanda Marshall)

GRRRRRRR! I am so frustrated with my statcounter right now!!! Anyone know of a better one that actually lets it's members access on a regular basis?!? help me, please!

Today I was taking Kiddo to the store and this is what I heard in the back seat. "Goin' see Happy Grammy and Phoenix at her house. Goin' see Happy Grammy and Phoenix, Phoenix at her house and watch 'Credibles on da TV. Coming soon to DVD. Coming soon to DVD."

Think he watches movies much?

One of my friends K's favorite Kiddo anecdotes is from about a month ago. Kiddo and I met her up at her work (an outlet center in town) and we went to lunch. We decided to stop in the Disney store for a minute on the way out. Now normally I wouldn't dare take Kiddo in there, unless I was darn sure I had some money to spend and was ready for a fit, no matter how much I purchased. But, I thought maybe, just maybe he would enjoy seeing all the stuff and maybe, just maybe I could get out of there with a replacement Cars flip phone (the one he got for Christmas is already dead) for about $2.99. Well, you know the end of the story - boy was I the fool! But what my friend thought was fodder for many a party tale was what Kiddo did through the entire store every time he laid eyes on a new character.

See, we have a couple of Disney movies on DVD and as you all know, there are loads of previews before the actual movie. So Kiddo walks in the store, runs up to a Cinderella display and shouts in his excited little (yet loud) 2 year old voice, "COMING SOON TO DVD!!!! COMING SOON TO DVD!!".

He did that all. through. the. store. Seriously. *sigh*

In other news - it looks like 100% of you vote for a hair color change. I picked up a box-o-red-hair at the store today. Will I go through with it? I'm not sure. I'm a big chicken when it comes to these things. I mean, what if something goes horribly wrong?!? I don't exactly have a couple hundred smackers sitting around to fix it. I guess I could wear a baseball cap for a while... What to do, what to do...

Oh, and Miss R, I expect you to email me a pic of your chopped hair, pronto!

D :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Foolish Games

I want to change my hair color.

I get like this every so often, when things get boring or I don't feel so great about myself or it's a day of the week ending in "y". You know, on rare occasions. I have been blond all of my life, in various shades no less, but never anything drastically different. There were a couple of instances where I had my stylist go really dark with the low lights and really light with the highlights; which, though I loved it, many people thought I looked a bit like a zebra.

But the desire to change my hair color to a dramatically different shade most strongly comes just before the summer. Every year I start thinking, daydreaming of rich chocolates and deep auburns, when logically I should be wanting to go lighter - you know, for that sun-kissed look. But the call of the maroon red or the jet black gets pretty loud in March-April, and I find myself more often than not dreamily perusing the rows of box colors at the local big box store.

I wanna, I wanna, I wannaaaaa! But I know if I do I will probably like it only for a short while and then really jones for my blond back. Then, to go back would be a major undertaking; most likely leaving me with some sort of carrot colored straw on my head for months until my locks recover.

So yesterday I pulled out my favorite Halloween accessory (except for my false eyelashes) and played around a bit. Kiddo freaked out, especially when I put the luxurious red locks on his head! (don't tell Hubby! - darn it though I couldn't get a picture of him before he ripped them off)

The wig is a bit deceiving though, because not only is my own hair so not that thick, I don't have bangs either. So I'm not sure if I really like the wig for the color, or the style. hmmmm... I do think that if I change to something that dark, I will have to cut some bangs so that it doesn't just lay limp on my head.

Hee hee! It's fun to play! Man, I look tired though - gotta do something about that luggage under my eyes.
So, what do you think? Should I trade my blond hairs for something more fun? Or am I really just having some sort of mid life crisis? I look forward to your opinion.
D :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saving my Sanity

I don't think it is possible. Between Kiddo's TT (terrible two) antics and our financial situation and just life in general I think I may lose it. What is "it" anyway? Is it my ability to add 2+2? Apparently. Is it my feeling of self worth? Guess so. Is it my knowledge of all things intelligent and practical? Yup. Well, what the heck do I do then? How do I keep my "it"? How do I get it back if I lose it? Where does it go?

Some days I feel like I have more "it" than others. The coffee kicks in, the music plays in my ears (thanks to the wonderful new mp3 player I have) and I think I just might be able to make it through a day with all my wits about me.

But then "it" happens. No, not that "it", the other one. Stay with me people.

For some unknown reason the world spins out of orbit. For some reason everything is hoisted upon my feeble shoulders all at once and to top it all off -

- for some reason I decide to take Kiddo to the store on a terribly empty stomach.

Maybe "it" is just my brain in general.

But never fear my friends, I found my "it". And it only cost me $.87. That's right, not even a buck and my sanity was saved. It calmed the screaming banshee in my shopping cart and bought me a good 45 minutes of semi-sane shopping.

Here it is. No, not my "it", the "it". Can't you keep up?!?

*~*~*~*AHHHHHHHHH*~*~*~*~* Can you hear the angels singing?

Would you believe Kiddo has never had these before today?

hmm, I may have to buy stock in the company.

D :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

You're So Small

Thank goodness the weekend is over. That's all I have to say about that. I can share a few pictures though.

We've had a busy few days. Kiddo has been perfecting his artistic ability. He decided the other day to decorate my lovely back door with neon Playdoh.

Of course, I suppose he may have been trying to cover up the dog nose smudges!

Hubby worked hard on many things; one of them being the front yard. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll actually have grass!

And, I must introduce you to our latest addition. Say hello to my little friend...

Aww, don't be scared! He wasn't that big! Here's one to show his size...

He only stuck around by the front door for the day. The cat really couldn't care less that he was there. I guess eatin's aren't very good at our house because he was gone this morning. Ah well. It was a nice visit I suppose! ;)


D :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's a Long Slow Slide

Sometimes you just don't realize how good you've got it... :)

Kiddo and I stay home a lot. A lot a lot.

A couple times a week we'll go to the park and run errands, and several days a week we play out front with the NKs, but for the most part we don't "do" a whole lot. I am sooooo not social, and so anything pertaining to gathering with other people is terribly frightening and causes me much anxiety. So, I tend to avoid doing things with Kiddo and other moms. I make myself belong to a couple of mom groups, mainly so I guarantee we go out at least once a month, but also to force myself into social situations I would not normally be comfortable with. My neighbor, on the other hand, does something almost every day. She is not content to stay home, and her kiddos benefit from outings almost as much as she does.

So yesterday she invited Kiddo and I to go to a local bouncy house type place. I really did not want to go, but I thought Kiddo would like it and if I went with her it would be free (she had a coupon or something). It was a good opportunity to try it out, but I was nervous because we are right in the middle of spring break and the weather is cruddy. So I give you 3 guesses where everyone else in the area was.....yup.

The place was packed. And really, it being busy wouldn't have been a problem if it was all little kids. Unfortunately, because everyone was out of school, all the little ones were being run over by the bigger kids. Kiddo just couldn't get a leg up and got smooshed and knocked down at every turn. I *think* he had fun, but who the heck really knows. He could have just been dazed and confused from all the head trauma! My neighbor did take him on the big slide though, which he thought was fantastic!

please excuse the poor photography - the lighting in there was awful!

Kiddo so loved the things he could do, there just wasn't much he was able to do with all the big kids knocking him about. I had to rescue him a few times.

After the bouncy fun, we went to good ol' Mickey D's for ice cream. The kids played for another hour or so on the play scape there. *artsy-fartsy shot*

The kids really had a blast and the neighbor and I got some good adult conversation time in. By the time we packed back into the car though, the kiddos had had it and the screaming and fighting ensued.

When we got home I felt like I had been beaten. It was just too much for little ole me! Today? Well, today the weather is gorgeous and we haven't gone anywhere. I am just too pooped!

Maybe we can do something every once in a while, but I don't see myself being quite as active as my neighbor. She is one energetic woman! All of this made me realize that I like our little routine. I like staying home. I guess I truly am a homebody. I guess there are worse things I could be.


D :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Deep Water

Oh my friends, what a lovely day we are having here. Imagine with me now, after being at the neighbor's house all day, you sit down at the computer, and try to enjoy some favorite online reads, and you are constantly interrupted by the sounds around you. Let's see, there is the Little Einsteins playing on the TV (why did they make the tone deaf girl the singer?!?), the pitter patter of rain on the skylights, the claps of thunder heard off in the distance, the hum of the dishwasher in the kitchen, and a klunk, klunk coming from the tennis shoes in the dryer in the garage. Also bombarding the ambiance is the annoying tune and whistle of Thomas the Train, and a toddler whining to you for the 10millionth time today to refill the Aquadoodle pen with water (which he just dumped on the floor). *sigh* Ahh, the sensory therapy continues as the air shifts and the stench of wet, dirty dog wafts under your nostrils, drowning out the scent of banana apple muffins that you just took out of the oven. Not even your Scentsy mulberry lamp can cover that smell.

You walk across the wet and muddy carpet to the kitchen, and slip on an unseen puddle left by the umbrella your Kiddo was playing with only moments before. Grabbing hold of the counter top for stabilization, you stick your hand on top of the remnants of a slobbered on, chewed up apple core. *chuckle* "That, darn kid" you say to yourself and throw the core away, opening the lidded trash can to do so. More scents assault your nostrils and memories of the gigantic poopy diaper from an hour ago emerge from the hidden depths of your brain and the can. Walking back to your seat, you drag puffy Cars and Nemo stickers on the cuffs of your pants and the bottom of your left foot; and because this is a common occurrence, you hardly notice.

And just before sitting back down on your orthopedic butt cushion, you glance into the living room. Just an hour ago you had every toy put away, every bowl and sippy cup picked up and the table wiped down. Now there is no carpet to be seen; "is the table even there?" you think to yourself and guesstimate it is somewhere hidden beneath the pile of die-cast cars.

Just a day in the life I guess.

Speaking of my brain, I had a dream last night I was in the hospital having brain surgery.


D :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Face(s) of Love

Just some recent pictures -
The other day Kiddo carried around his little red chair in the yard looking for new and interesting places to sit.

Mommy, lookit de cwouds!

I guess it is easier and more convenient to carry a chair already semi-attached to your bottom!

Mommy, lookit Ty-wer! (the dog)

Snooping on the neighbor's dogs.

Isn't he HANDSOME!?!! :)

Here's another handsome dude.

I think this is his "come hither" look, but he could just be infatuated with the swing set - who knows!?!

Swinging with Daddy.

And in all fairness (since the dog was featured) I must show our other family member...

She's so pretty!! I love her eyes.

Thanks for looking!
D :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Puzzle of Stars

What a week! Hubby was in yet another car accident (I'm beginning to think the boy has a gigantic magnet in his backside);) thankfully it was not his fault, but still requires repairs to our knocked about vehicle. So, that makes, what - 2, 3, 4 accidents in the past year? Something like that. It seems to me like something happens every month. ugh.

Kiddo has stepped up the attitude and the tantrums and the yelling, and the screaming and the hitting and the shouting of "NO!" and "STOP IT!" and Hubby and I are about bald from ripping out our hairs. (ok, so maybe Hubby lost a bit before this, but whatever) ;)

My dad's birthday was on Friday (Happy Birthday Daddy!) and bless his heart, he and my mom were both extremely sick. Not a fun way to spend a birthday I tell yah. Ick.

So here we are at the weekend and I haven't accomplished anything I had set my mind to. Hopefully I can get something done today, but Hubby is going into work, so it is highly doubtful Kiddo will allow me a moment's peace. Any chance I have will undoubtedly be diminished by the impending rain we have in the forecast today. At least on a sunny day I can accomplish a little while Kiddo is exploring the great outdoors. Oh well.

Now on to other things. I just have to say that I have recently discovered some amazing blogs. Thanks to 5 minutes for mom and the Ultimate Blog Party for opening my eyes to some amazingly talented, well spoken, insightful and intelligent writers. I have always wanted to write, but after seeing some of the work out there in the blog-sphere, I am pretty sure my aspirations are unrealistic. However, I am so intrigued by the new blogs I have found that I don't really care. I have plenty of new reading to keep me occupied! I have also found a few new reads by scoping out my favorite blogs' blogrolls. My list is now getting far too long. Ack! If you are interested, please check out Cheryl, Carrie, Christy and/or Jenni; you won't be disappointed. Or, if you are really feeling brave, you might want to take a gander at the gigantic list of partying bloggers over at 5mfm. Careful though, with numbers in the 900s, it might take you a while to get through!

Anyway, Now that you have plenty to do, I must get on task of answering the tag I received from sweet Jill over at Mommy is the new Black. I am to decide on my 3 favorite songs of all time - oh boy! That might take me a while. I'll see what I can come up with.

So with that, I leave you to enjoy what is left of your weekend. Have fun!
D :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Goodbye Alice in Wonderland

One of my best friends found out yesterday she is pregnant with her 4th child.

This baby was not planned.

They were done at 2 kids.

The 3rd was a surprise.

The fourth? Well, let's just say she's not too happy.

Today is her birthday. She's 36.

Her husband is abusive.

She doesn't acknowledge it.

I. don't. know. what. to. do.

I don't know how to help, what to say, or how to act.

My heart bleeds for her. Her life has been hard.

It's only going to get worse.

I want to scoop her up and take her away, but I can't. She is trapped.

It's only going to get worse.

I pray for her daily. If she needs me, I'm there.

How do you make people see the reality? How do you convince them that they can get out and it will be ok? Is it really possible?

I love her and I hurt for her and I am broken for her.

Happy Birthday. Congratulations, and I'm sorry.

This song reminds me of her right now.

So goodbye Alice in Wonderland
Goodbye yellow brick road
There is a difference between dreaming and pretending
I did not find paradise
It was only a reflection
Of my lonely mind wanting
whats been missing in my life



Last night I decided to paint my toe nails. The weather is getting warmer and there is just no excuse for me to run around in flip flops with bare, nasty toes. I found a couple of colors I liked in my medicine cabinet and put on a few quick coats while Kiddo was taking a shower.

Yes, he is taking showers now. *sigh* Don't get me started.

Anyway, I started out with a lovely, pale peach. Since it has been eons since my toes were painted, I had to mix up the polish a bit. As I rolled it between my hands, the familiar clicking of rings on glass began. I was suddenly 8, maybe 10 years old, and my mother was clicking polish between her fingers. You can't shake nail polish or it will get bubbles in it, so roll it like this. click, click, click, click.

My mom always had the best assortment of nail polish. She kept all her bottles in the door of the refrigerator. Gosh, there must have been 30 bottles stored there at any given time, and all of them were red. Bright, fire engine red, to sunburst red to deep, almost purple reds. At that time colors like green and blue were unheard of, but the assortment of colors never suffered. I would stand there looking through them all over and over; more fascinated really by the variety of bottle styles and handles, rather than the colors. Some of the bottles were probably 10+ years old.

She kept all those bottles in the refrigerator door for years; throwing out one or two every now and then when they really started to look bad. I'm not sure when they all were discarded, though it probably coincided with replacement of the entire refrigerator. What's funny though; I cannot think of even one time she actually wore nail polish!

I managed a couple coats of the peach before I thought red might be better. So, my last coat came from the firey red bottle and barely dried before Kiddo was emerging from the steamy box. Lookit Mommy dere es red on your toes! Lookit, lookit, lookit de red!

I hope I didn't freak him out!

D :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Doin' Fine

So yesterday was my birthday. I have to admit, I was not too excited about it. The past 3 birthdays have been rather, um, well, dramatic and disappointing to say the least. This year I really just tried to treat it like any other day, and harbor no expectations for it being anything special. It's sad really, birthdays should be so much more than that. I had a friend in Phoenix that never celebrated his birthday and I always thought it was such a shame. He had a rough childhood and I guess his parents forgot his birthday enough times that as an adult he just didn't really see the need to acknowledge it either. But after having a few bombs myself, I kind of understand now where he was coming from.

Birthday celebrations can be the ultimate in ego boosters. I mean, what other occasion has the potential for all of your friends and family to do something just for you? Sure, at Christmas and other holidays there might be presents and words of appreciation and love, but on your birthday people celebrate the fact that you came into the world and you are still here and isn't that great?! Um yeah.

So anyway, this year I turned 33. It's amazing to me how over the years our views of birthdays evolve. I mean from about 12 to twenty-something all I wanted to do was get older. I couldn't wait to be 16 and 21 and 25; and each year was a huge accomplishment. Each year afforded me new luxuries, new privileges, and new experiences. Then as I approached 30 I began to realize I was getting older (duh) and it wasn't so great. I mean, I don't think 30 is that bad, but in society we focus on the young. Sure, celebrities can say 40 is the new 25, but come on, who are we kidding? A forty something actress is not going to get a lead role in the hottest new teen drama, unless she is playing a mom. At 25 I could pretty much go out and get any job I wanted. In my thirties - eh, not so much. I have baggage now. I have to deal with childcare and being married is not as attractive to potential employers. I have mature thoughts and probably won't put up with working nights and weekends and 15 hour days like I used to. I am not afraid to stand up for myself and my family and I won't be pushed around. Well, not as much anyway.

I'm not looking for a job or anything, it's just the principle of it all. At this point, I don't like getting older. There is nothing to look forward to anymore; at least not for a while anyway. Eventually I will have retirement and senior discounts, but that's a ways off. Eventually my kid(s) will be grown and I will be entering a new phase, and new chapter of my life that will be totally different, and satisfying in a completely new way.

But back to birthdays; I used to love them! In junior high and high school I had a birthday sleep over every year. The same set of friends would come over and we'd watch movies and eat pizza and stay up late - we all looked forward to it every year. The last couple of years I had the party even though I thought I was too old for it, just because my friends requested it. It was always fun, and every year for one day I actually felt like I belonged - unlike the rest of my school days. It was nice to not feel invisible one day a year.

College age birthdays were a bit different because all these people would come to the party - not for me, but for whatever booze decided to show up. It's amazing how many friends one suddenly has when there is the potential for alcohol. ugh.

But I guess the change really happened beginning on my 30th birthday. I was actually looking forward to it. I was pregnant with my first child and everything was going well. Then 3 days before my birthday I got fired from my job. It sent my life into a tailspin as we scrambled to get things together and figure out how we were going to afford a baby on one income. No one would hire me because I was starting to show, and even a cruddy $6.00/hour retail place wouldn't give me a chance. My birthday came and went without fanfare and thus began my thirties. 31 wasn't much better; I had planned to have my friends all meet me at a favorite restaurant in Houston (3 hours from my home, just so key people could be there) and only one couple showed up (they also happened to live 3 hours away). The local folks couldn't make it. Everyone had good excuses, but still I was pretty hurt. 32 brought a huge fight with my parents and Hubby. It was not pretty and for a couple of weeks I really didn't know what was happening with my life. So one can see why this year I really wanted to just climb under the covers and not come out until next week.

But, thankfully Hubby was on top of his game this year. He brought me my favorite doughnuts on Sunday morning and we went to church. He even gave me the whole afternoon to run around by myself and just be "me" for a while, without having to worry about him or our Kiddo. I came home in a much better frame of mind. It is amazing how a little time away makes you appreciate time together that much more. Then yesterday, the big day, I was trying to lay low. It started out great, my mom called and the wonderful ladies over at bbc remembered. My friend M sent me a cute message and wished me well on the mom's group board. But, Kiddo was an absolute holy terror. All day he yelled at me and hit and kicked and threw fits. Nothing made him happy and by 3:00 I really thought the best thing would be to trash the whole day and stay in, even though we had dinner plans. After a phone call from my best friend, I decided to go ahead and at least try to get out to dinner. Kiddo was a nightmare all the way to the restaurant; it wasn't looking good. But when we got there something changed. He was so good and sweet and well behaved and dinner was such a pleasure because of it. He got a huge kick out of the servers singing Happy Birthday to almost every table in the place, and when they got to our table (yes, Hubby ratted me out!) he was practically singing along. He helped me blow out my candle and ate up all the dessert for me (it was a few Andie's mints in a cup of whipped cream). He was awesome all the way home.

When we got home there were two messages on my answering machine. One was the inlaws singing Happy Birthday and the other was my friend's hubby and one of her twins singing the same song. I think I might keep that tape forever. It was just the sweetest thing.

One of my dearest friends also sent me a cd of Anne Murray songs. It was so thoughtful and unexpected and meaningful in regards to our friendship - I couldn't have asked for a better present. I haven't seen her in years and rarely talk to her on the phone, but I still value our friendship so much and wish we could be closer. I want to call her, but I'm not even sure I have her number! How sad is that?

And Hubby got me a cute little mp3 player; exactly what I wanted. I love it and can't wait to get all my music on it.

So overall it was an awesome birthday - soooooooo much better than I expected and soooooo much more than I deserved. I am truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life. There may be hope for birthdays yet.

So here is the face of 33.

Ok, so it is really half of a face and with all of the airbrushing I did it's more like the face of 25. Whatever. It's my birthday - I'll make myself look like I want.

And for fun, here is the face of almost 3.

No airbrushing here. He just looks that way naturally. ;)

D :)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blog Party - Welcome!

So, after I hit post last night, I realized in my haste that I really didn't give new visitors to my blog the proper welcome. Heh, it's funny, my hostessing skills suck in real life too.

So, I figure if you are a first time visitor to my blog I should tell you a little about myself. As you can see from my sidebar, I am 32 (well 33 on Monday, but don't tell anyone!) and have a wonderful Hubby and 2 year old Kiddo. I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom for those who don't know the lingo) and I have a fledgling photography business on the side. I am also addicted to blogging, and maintain about 5 blogs currently. Tell me, is that normal, or am I just a bit cuckoo for blogging? Anyway, as of late my blog has been kind of, well, normal I guess, so I thought I would direct you first time visitors to some high lights!

If you are looking for funny, here are a couple of posts that got a chuckle or two:
The Letter
PMS Cake

If you are looking for a tear-jerker, you might try my Kiddo's birth story.

Interested in pictures of me and my family? You can check out my Project 365 or posts labeled Photography.

Wanna know my taste in music? Ooh, you're a brave soul! There is a label for music and YouTube Abuse as well.

And lastly, if you just want to dig a little bit deeper into my weird and twisted mind, click on the Who I Am label and sit back with some popcorn. I can't say it is interesting, but maybe, umm, enlightening? boring? different? Something like that.

Anyway, welcome to the party. Please, make yourself comfy. Go ahead, put your feet up on the table; I don't mind. If you need anything, help yourself - don't be shy about rummaging through the refrigerator.

Oh, and please leave me a comment so I know you've been here and I can go check out your party as well.

See ya!
D :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Ultimate Blog Party...

Starts Today!

Mommy bloggers everywhere are getting together for a blog party! We've swept and mopped and put the toys away, the sausage dip is bubbling in the crock pot and the veggies and veggie dip is still in the refrigerator so there is room on the table for the brownies!

In all seriousness, if you have a moment, click on the button in my sidebar and peruse a new blog or two. You just might find something you like!

ETA: I typed this up late last night, but decided this morning to give you all stopping by a much better welcome. If you have a moment, please click here. Thanks!

Enjoy the party!
D ;)

Tiny Love Spaces

Just a few little things....

Yesterday I was in the shower, doin' my thing, and when I got to washing my legs I discovered I had a Lightning McQueen sticker stuck to my leg. How did that happen?!? I am still wearing jeans just about every day. How long had it been there? Why didn't I feel it? I guess it must fall in that same category as always having a smudge of something on my shoulder. snot, slobber, spit up, etc.


While playing at the neighbor's house the other day, Kiddo disappeared into her daughter's room. He was pretty quiet so I tip-toed over to spy on him and see what he was up to. He had put one of her dolls into a little high chair and was having a tea party with her. He fed her play watermelon and gently held a tea cup to her lips. Then he found a play hair dryer and pretended to dry her hair. It was all so sweet and gentile - I melted.


What is it about certain children's books? I cannot stand it if right in the middle of some goofy story the author decides to start rhyming. I mean, make it rhythmic and rhyming all the way through or don't. Don't switch it up on me half way through and then stop again when you can't come up with another verse. One or the other people! Also, please don't tell my toddler who is learning colors and names of animals that a bumble bee is orange! A bumble bee is NOT orange; surely you can find something else to illustrate that color. And cherries are not typically pink either. And what is it about books that go on forever with one story, and then suddenly change to something else. When Scuppers finally finds the ship and goes out to sea - end the dang story. Please don't take me through 20 more pages about the hook for his pants and the hook for his coat and the hook for his handkerchief and then how he is shipwrecked and how he catches fish and fixes the ship and buys new clothes and then he has a song?!? For crying out loud, make a series of books for poor Scuppers. Mommy and Daddy don't want to read a 2 year old a 40 page book with 12 story lines! Ok, so maybe Scuppers is intended for an older child, but even if Kiddo was 3 or 4 years old, I still don't think I could make it through that story. Maybe I just have a problem with Margaret Wise Brown books. Something about them rubs me the wrong way. I feel like I'm reading a story by someone with severe ADD. Sorry Ms. Brown. I am sure you were paid well for your stories, but honestly I can't stand them.

I think I need more chocolate.
D :)

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!

Have you tried these?

Well, shouldn't. Because they are really BAD. I mean, nasty! Yeah, that's right, NASTY.

Don't worry, I'll make sure they are all gone before you are tempted.

D :)

ETA: I've tried about a dozen or so now and I stand firm. NAS-TY! ;)

Passing Time

It always amazes me how events in one's life unfold. How little, seemingly harmless events occur that ultimately change your life forever. You meet someone one day that seems so insignificant, yet that person may actually change your life path. Your LIFE PATH. How amazing is that?!?

I started this long, drawn out post yesterday about a former employer of mine, and after writing for about an hour realized that my stories are too long winded to hold anyone's interest for long! I guess I need to think about it some more and come up with a more succinct way of telling the story. The general gist of it was that I had this job in Phoenix that I absolutely loved, but it, along with the company went sour; and according to my research the other day, I got out just in time. Even though it was one of the worst jobs I've ever had (and the worst boss) it was probably the best job in that it did more for me in the areas of self confidence and networking than anything else I've done. Because of that job I discovered a love for photography and gained confidence in working with people that I never thought I had; and because of that job I met a wonderful woman that introduced me to the owners of an amazing restaurant and that started my journey into catering and event planning.

Because of the restaurant job I was able to find an event planning job back in Texas and that was ultimately the means for us to move back to our home state. And because of that event planning job in Texas I met another wonderful woman that hired me and kept us afloat when the people I was working for fired me for getting pregnant (oh yes they did). God truly has placed people in my path at just the right time throughout my life to take care of me. My life path has taken so many turns and twists in the past 6 years, but it all really started with that one, horrible, pivotal job in Phoenix.

So I guess my worst job every was also my best job ever - even though I am ashamed that I ever worked for what turned out to be such a horrible company. In my defense, it wasn't too bad when I was there, but took a sharp turn after I left. I do still feel some guilt over the fact that I helped build the company from the beginning, but I guess that can't be changed now.

Anyway, yesterday I took Kiddo to the park again. Hmm, change the subject much? The weather has been so nice I just couldn't come up with an excuse not to go. Kiddo had a blast and really surprised me with his ability to climb up most anything and slide down the big slides without assistance. He has never done that before, so it came as quite a shock. He is growing up so fast.

A happy boy at the top of the play scape.
Here's a little artsy-fartsy shot for you.

Coming down the spiral slide - action shot!

It was a fun but seriously long day - I took us on a marathon grocery shopping trip (wahoo HEB Plus!) after and then we played with the NKs after we got home. Momma was exhausted by supper time! Kiddo too - he crashed out at 9:30 and slept till almost 9 this morning. Sweet, sweet sleep. Too bad I tossed and turned all night. *yawn*

Well, I'm off to do laundry. Does it ever end?!?


D :)

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