Saturday, September 29, 2007

For Moms and Those Who Have Mothers

One of the super smart, amazingly talented and phenomenal moms over at BBC directed us all to this lovely work of art, so I decided to share it with you.

D :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Laughing so Hard I May Have to Cry

Just got off the phone with Medicaid again. After two tries they finally received the fax; all is approved and supposedly I am ready to go. Then she tells me that if I *want* and ID card I have to go back down to the Dept. of Health and Human Services and get a temporary one, because I've missed the cutoff for the OCTOBER mailing. And, if I got a temporary card before October 1st, I would have to go back there again in October because temporary cards are only good for the month they are issued in, so I might as well wait till October anyway so my card will be good for the entire month. I should receive my official paperwork in NOVEMBER when they do the next mass mailing.

Good Lord people.

I'm going back to bed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It Really Was No Miracle

Please excuse the cruddy picture. It was the best I could do rather quickly yesterday. I had Kiddo rapidly running through the area, my makeshift backdrop falling down and very little light! This is me at 12 weeks! Lordy I'm gonna be huge! (and I was sucking it in!)

I felt the baby yesterday. I couldn't believe it. I was sitting hunched over really far looking at something and wham! something poked me in the gut! ha ha! Stinker! Guess it didn't like all that squishing.


Update on Medicaid:

Ok, so I spent over an hour on the phone with several government offices today, and after the 5th or 6th new number/transfer, I finally found someone who knew what the heck was going on. They received my application for Medicaid on August 30 and then just, well, sat on it, basically.


What ever happened to 10-15 business days, you ask?

got me.

Anyway, since I was on the line the nice lady told me I could hold on while she "[went] ahead and processed" my application, or she would call me back in a few minutes. I opted to hang on - after an hour of being shuffled around I wasn't about to let this one go. She was done in about 5 minutes. Application approved, pending a fax from me to her with copies of Hubby's last 4 paychecks and the titles to both our cars. *sigh* She was sending my information out to me in the mail this afternoon.

You know, the thing that bothers me the most is not the fact that this has been a huge bother for me, but what about all those women out there that wait and wait and wait and don't have the notion or means to call and sit on hold for an hour to actually get something done? What happens to them? I mean for crying out loud, it's been almost a month since I applied and no one had even looked at my file until today. What is wrong with this picture?

So maybe some day soon I can find a doctor. Joy. By then I'll be ready to deliver!


Monday, September 24, 2007

DLM Photography

Good Morning everyone!

*ducking my head in shame* I know, I know, I said I would post more than once a week. I know! I have just been so preoccupied lately. But I am pleased to tell you that my distraction is finally resolved and I have some wonderful news!

Little Moments Photography has a new home!!!!

Yes that's right! I have a new website, new address, new logo and a wonderful new way to showcase my work and my absolutely stunning clients! I do hope you check it out. I have been working on this for weeks, and even though there is still a bit of tweaking to do, I am finally ready to let the world in to see.

Please, if you have a moment, hop on over and give it a gander. If there is anything you see that needs tweaking or fixing, I would really appreciate a comment or an email. (but please be gentle, this is my baby after all! lol!)

I appreciate your visits to my blog, and now I can honestly, confidently say that there will be much more to see here from now on. I feel like a 10000 pound weight has been lifted and I can finally breathe again.

Love to you all!
D :)

ETA: I know there is an issue with the music... trying to fix it now. Can you hear it?

Monday, September 17, 2007


Pregnancy Report:

I. Am. Huge.

There is just no denying it. I feel like I am carrying twins or something. In reality, I haven't gained much weight, maybe 5 or 6 pounds, but I simply cannot fit into anything anymore. I didn't look like this last time until I was at least 4 or 5 months along. And I know that things are supposed to "pop" sooner the second time around, but goodness gracious! This is ridiculous.

I have gone up 2 bra sizes already - if this continues I will be giving Pamela a run for her money!

The "morning sickness" for the most part is gone. I am still drinking water with added juice though because straight water makes me feel gross.

It appears my hair has stopped falling out by the handful (for the most part). I was beginning to wonder there for a while if I would end up completely bald.

I still haven't heard from Medicaid. Hopefully this week I'll get something in the mail and can finally set up an appointment.

Sleeping is already an issue. My dreams are so intense; they go all night long and they leave me exhausted. I wake up drenched in sweat and sore from clenching my jaw and my fists. My hips are already giving me fits as well. By mid night they feel like they could fall out of socket. I have a need to curl myself up and hold everything in place.

By 3:00 I am done. I fall asleep sitting up. Poor Kiddo doesn't understand why I fall asleep reading a book to him on the couch. I don't remember being this tired last time.

I guess that's the run down for now. I am planning on taking some pictures soon. I've gotta get a good set up together so they can be consistent each week.

More later,
D :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well friends, this is my 200th post. When I started this blog almost exactly one year ago (September 18th to be exact) I never thought I would still be writing in it a year later. I figured it would fall by the wayside, as so many of my projects do, and I am happy that it hasn't. I realize I haven't been writing much lately, but I am vowing to change that and get back to a more regular writing schedule. I just have so much swirling around in this little brain of mine that I can't organize any one thing enough to get it in a post before it swirls into something else.

The pregnancy brain is a strange and curious thing...

I do have lots to share though, from the pictures from Kiddo's birthday (3 weeks ago - ack) to the story of his first ever boat ride. I promise those are coming.

And this whole blogging once a week thing has got to stop. I get so aggravated when my regular reads don't post every other day or so, how on earth can I expect you all to hold on when I only show up once a week? I am so sorry about that.

But now that fall is rapidly approaching I am sure I will have lots to tell you about our daily happenings. I plan on documenting this pregnancy as much as I can too - the good, the bad and the gross. Consider yourself warned! ;)

I am currently completely revamping my photography website. Things are coming together and I am so excited with the results. I will have a new address and everything, and hopefully I can make the transition as easy as possible.

As we enter this new transitional period in our lives, I am trying to remind myself daily (several times a day at that) to praise and honor the One who deserves it all. Without God in our lives we would be nowhere; and I know I owe everything to Him. So with that, I will leave you with a song. God placed it on my heart this morning and I am listening.
(please forgive the video, the song is what is important)

Love and Blessings to you all!
D :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Knisper! Knasper! Knusper!

While at the grocery store the other day I had a sudden urge to buy some breakfast cereal. We are not real big cereal eaters in our house, but occasionally I get a hankerin' for something cold and covered in milk. So, my craving du jour was apparently cold rice - because I picked up not only Rice Chex, but also a box of Rice Krispies.

(ok, so I actually picked up a box of Rice Squares and a box of Crispy Rice - we can't afford the brand names around these parts)

Yesterday I poured myself a bowl of Crispy Rice and poured some milk on top. Then the funniest thing happened. I smiled.

It was that goofy smile, straight from the heart of my 10 year old self, amused at the long forgotten snap, crackle and pop that roared from my breakfast bowl.

Sometimes the little things are the best.


My Kiddo. He is driving me up a wall. He has always been so good at playing independently. It has really aided my growing computer addiction over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, I am afraid the recent events surrounding his birthday have broken him. After a couple weeks of solid playing with the neighbor kids and then having the entire family here for a few days to entertain him, he is now merely a shell of his independent self. He has the hardest time playing alone.

Last week he asked me to play with him and a few times I bribed him. I really didn't feel like getting up, but for a sweet kiss I would (we gotta get them some how, right?). Well, after doing this only 2 or 3 times, Kiddo decided that if he wanted me to play with him, all he had to do was come give me a kiss. Suddenly his request for play time turned into "Mommy kiss? Mmmwah! Ok, come, I show you!" and he would pull on my arm until I fell out of my seat.

Now I am getting kisses about 300 times a day. *sigh* I mean, I love it, really I do, but my patience is wearing thin. It is so hard to play with him still - if I don't do just the right thing he gets mad, and he wants to play the same short scenario four bazillion times in a row. When I try to interject something new and more creative I get yelled at or my toys are taken away. He is so harsh. ;)

I don't know how moms that have to entertain their kids all day do it. I am drained by 3:00.


I think my favorite time of day has got to be in the morning when Kiddo wakes up. Without fail, he seeks me out and crawls in my lap (or my bed) for a cuddle. He is so sweet and warm; all smiles and kisses and hugs. I ask him if he had "good sleeps" and he always responds with a "yeah" in that soft melodic morning voice of his. Often he will then launch into some dialogue about such random things I know he has to be retelling his dreams. They make no sense and yet are so funny. He'll nuzzle my neck and play with my hair and I breathe him in, so thankful for this time each day, and at the same time I feel a tinge of sadness knowing it won't last forever.


I wonder how my growing belly will effect our time together. Kiddo already seems aware that something is changing. He will gently place his hands on each side of my belly button and say "Mommy's tummy hurt?". I think he has noticed it's bigger. Boy will I freak him out in a few months!

I wonder how he'll adjust to having a sibling. As he is right now, I wish he had a brother or sister to play with. He craves companionship so much; always asking to play with the neighbor kids and even kids he sees in pictures on the computer. I know that a baby will be a hard adjustment for him though, and in his little life it will seem like an eternity before the baby will be old enough to play with him. And if I think about it long enough, I realize that by the time the baby is old enough to really play, Kiddo will be in school and doing his own thing. I don't know if they'll ever be close. It makes my heart ache.


As heard on the potty recently:

Me: after running to the next room to grab some flushable wipes "You are still pooping? That's a lot of poopy"

Kiddo: "yeah. I got lotso poopy Mommy."

Me: "My goodness!"

Kiddo: "der's Baby poopy, and Baby poopy, and Mommy poopy and Daddy poopy and Grammy poopy and Happy poopy and Phoenix poopy!"

:D :D

D :)

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