Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello Darlin'

Hey there!
Nothing to report on the baby front.

Kiddo had a much better day today. I took him to a local pizza and games place and met up with one of his bestest friends (and mine) to enjoy some time out. The boys had, as Kiddo has told me all afternoon, "lots and lots of fun", and so did I. :) Thank you, M, for getting us out of the house!

We took the long way home and went to the "big" HEB to pick up a few things. I only needed coffee and bananas basically, but I decided to take advantage of the vast square footage of the mega grocery store and walked the whole thing, pushing Kiddo in a gigantic, limousine of a shopping cart. I imagine we looked ridiculous. I probably could have put a whole month's worth of groceries in that cart, but all we had were 3 or 4 small items.

Anyway, there is more to tell about Kiddo, but I am getting started on this late and don't have the time or brain power to type it all out.

But I didn't want anyone to think I was in labor either so I thought it best I post something.

Good night!
D :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Breaking Up

Ok, so the day didn't start out so great. I woke up and as usual, instantly thought about coffee. ;)

I knew I had to make a fresh pot this morning (I usually make enough for a couple of days and refrigerate it since I only drink one cup a day) so I got up and started putting everything together. Thoughts of steaming hot, fresh coffee filled my mind and a gentle smile crept over my face. It was going to be oh so good....

I usually buy bags of whole beans and grind them myself, and because the grinder is a bit of a pain to clean I will sometimes grind enough for a few pots and store the grounds in a small container the freezer. I knew my little container was almost empty, so I pulled out the grinder as well and assembled it so I could grind more beans for today's pot.

Everything was in place and I went to the pantry for the new bag of beans.

It wasn't there.

It wasn't in the freezer either. I know I bought a bag recently. I am NEVER without coffee!

I am without coffee. :(

I was able to make a small pot out of what I had left. Enough for today, but probably not a full cup tomorrow. I may have to make a grocery run tonight just for coffee.

I hate going to the grocery store on the weekend.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but if I don't have a smooth coffee experience first thing in the morning, it taints the whole day.

So Kiddo wakes up and seems to be in a good mood, but after about an hour things start to go downhill. He told us all morning he was tired. Very strange for him, because he knows what that statement means, and he had slept through the night, so I was a bit concerned. Just before church he decided he didn't want to go. There was lots of tears and arguing and him screaming...but we eventually got him in the car and he seemed to be ok on the way there. Got him in the church; he happily went into his Sunday school room and that was that.

[oh by the way I opted to take my chances and didn't bring a towel to sit on. in case you were wondering]

When we picked him up after the service though, the teachers were both concerned about him because they said he cried almost the entire time he was there. He told them he was sad. They said he still was obedient, but he would just cry and they couldn't console him.

My poor guy.

He's been like this for days. I know it has to do with the baby and the tension in the house. Hubby doesn't agree. His recollection of when his baby sister was born is one of indifference. Somehow I don't believe he was so relaxed about it. I guess I should ask my mother in law. Not that it matters, because Kiddo is definitely reacting to something emotionally, and the only logical thing is the baby. I do realize that the 3 year old mind can be confusing too, but I think this is more than typical "3".

Regardless, I just don't know how to deal with it. We both came to tears on several occasions today.

But that could have just been because I am out of coffee. ;)

D :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Run Tonto Run

Another quickie...

Nothing to report really. Little Port minded all of the people who told him to wait till after today. I am having lots of weird pains and really loosey goosey joint issues though. And TMI ALERT - I vacuumed the house today and afterward lost some of my mucus plug. So, I think that could be a sign of things doing what they need to do.

Now the real question is, do I bring a towel to sit on at church tomorrow??!? LOL!! What if my water breaks?? I should at least try to spare the nice cushy seats in the sanctuary, right?

Lordy this pregnancy thing really takes away all modesty - from the beginning to the end. ;)

More tomorrow.

D :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Time Baby

Oh yeah, I forgot about the fun stuff...

So, last week at my doctor's appointment they did the usual weight check and blood pressure, etc. I noticed the number on the scale, but didn't know what the difference was from the week before so I didn't think anything of it.

Yesterday the doctor mentioned that I had a 7 pound weight gain last week, and they were somewhat concerned (though he never mentioned it) but now it wasn't an issue because this week I weighed 7 pounds less!

woo hoo?

So I guess I should keep my main diet the same; brownies and jelly beans? I lose weight that way! Yahoo! lol!


Also, Miss Vick tagged me for a "7 weird things" meme. As soon as I can narrow it down, er, um, come up with 7 things I will post them for you!


And finally, when we were out a couple of weeks ago tip-toeing through the tractors (say that 5 times fast!), Hubby took some maternity pics of me. Here is one of the images I really like.

That was at 36 weeks (almost 3 weeks ago). I think I looked pretty good!

That is all. More tomorrow.


D :)

Fragile Heart

So, for two nights in a row now I have been waking up with severe leg cramps. It must be a sight to watch a gigantically pregnant woman hopping around on one foot like some one legged bunny! Thankfully Hubby hasn't been disturbed by my late night jump-a-thon.

1 cm dilated is nothing. I could walk around for weeks like this and no one would bat an eye. Well, I would bat an eye I guess because I only have 9 days left till my due date. But what I am trying to say is that there is no need for anyone to panic at this point because I am not in active labor. I guess I should have explained that before I posted stats on my blog.

Anyway, I am fine, but my poor Kiddo is not. He has been so upset since my appointment yesterday. He somehow got it in his head that yesterday was the day that the doctor was going to take baby brother out, so we have been dealing with random melt downs ever since. Several times he has come up to my belly and yelled "Baby brother come out, come out!!! Mommy, I don't think he hears us." :) It is really sweet, but I think the main reason he wants baby brother out is because I keep telling him about all the people that will come see us when baby brother comes.

Today though has been the worst. A few hours ago he was on the floor in the kitchen painting, and just as happy as a clam. Suddenly he burst into tears and I had to sit on the floor, rocking and holding him for a good 30 minutes while he cried. I think all the tension in the house is finally starting to get to all of us, but especially him. He isn't verbal enough to tell me what is wrong other than that he is sad. He can't tell me why he's sad or how I can make it better - so today we sat there and cried together. He is so quick to anger and upset today; just picking up his toys sent him into a fit of sobbing, and then a split second later a fit of anger. I feel so bad for my poor little guy.

At my appointment yesterday the doctor and I briefly discussed induction. The doc has already offered it a couple of times, but I have turned him down. At this point though, it is worth considering. The baby is almost term, so I have very little to fear about him being ready or able to make it on the outside before nature takes it's course. But I am completely torn for a couple of reasons. First, everyone knows that the more interventions one accepts in the labor and birthing process, the more likely more interventions will be needed and also that it raises the chances of c-section. Of course, if you've been reading this blog long enough, you know how against all that I am and that my wish is to have this baby intervention and drug free.

Don't get me wrong though. I am very realistic here and if there is anything going wrong in the process, I am not above doing anything deemed necessary for the safety and health of both myself and this baby.

But, there is a good argument for induction. My chances of having another baby with neonatal lupus are 25%. Not too bad, but not ideal either. And since no one can predict when exactly (or if) my body will decide to pass along the toxic antibodies that create the neonatal lupus, it makes sense to try to get the baby out before there is that opportunity. Logically, Kiddo could have only been sick inside me for a few short days, and had he stayed longer he may not have even made it. By the time he was born he was very, very sick. And aside from his kidney issues and my pre eclampsia symptoms, we had absolutely no idea that anything was wrong with him until I checked into the hospital and they discovered he was in distress. I had a completely normal pregnancy up until then. Sound familiar? That part scares me like nothing else in this world. And every day that goes by brings on more fear and tension inside me. I asked my doctor to do a Non Stress Test yesterday on the baby just for that reason. I have a feeling that as soon as I start having contractions I am going to be bugging him for another one as well. Of course, Port tested fine yesterday, but I am still on edge about all of it.

So I am thinking that if I don't have the baby by my next appointment I will ask for something to help kick things into action. In the meanwhile, I am researching more natural induction methods. And since both my parents and my inlaws read this blog, I most likely will spare them the embarrassment and not discuss those methods here. ;) But if you are curious, just do a quick Google of natural pregnancy induction and read for yourself.

I want to thank you all for your recent comments and ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days if possible. I will try to post something every day to keep you all informed. I don't know if the hospital has free internet access, so it may be hard to communicate at that point, but I will certainly have Hubby bring my lap top if they do.

And if you have any suggestions for helping out my Kiddo, please feel free to share those as well.
Thank you.

D :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Long Will This Go On

Just a quickie before I go to bed.

Baby update - had the OB appointment today and I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. So, a little progress at least. I am thinking that I will probably have him this weekend, strictly because all of my labor support will be otherwise indisposed. lol! Everyone is either out of town or busy - it would be perfect timing! ha ha!

Anyway, I feel ok; get little pains here and there and am kind of crampy in my back. Had a long spell what I thought were back spasms yesterday, but they may have actually been contractions now that I think about it.

I am wondering if I am going to have back labor with this little one or something. It's strange.

Anyway, thought you might want to know. I'll post more in the morning.

D :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby What You Want Me To Do

Still here. Still pregnant. Still have heartburn.

It is strange to walk around, feeling like a ticking time bomb. I know in my head that realistically I will have time to think once contractions and whatnot start, but my silly preggo brain keeps waiting for some bizarre thing to happen that sets me off in a frenzied rush to get to the hospital on time. I know this is not the movies or TV. I know I'm not going to instantly go into labor and need an ambulance to speed me to the nearest medical facility, and yet I am walking around in this holding pattern, waiting for the action to start.

And because of this I cannot get anything done. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKK! It is driving me nuts!

But anyway, I didn't get any sleep last night. Kiddo got me up several times beginning at about 1am. He didn't want to sleep in his bed and ended up on the couch again. He goes through these phases of a week or so sleeping in his bed all night and then a week or so of getting up in the night to go to the couch. He used to be able to just go there himself, but lately he insists on being carried there. By me. In the middle of the night. In the dark. When I am stiff and wobbly and unsure footed.

Hopefully we won't have this problem once the baby comes??!?

Yeah, right.

I have been so sore at night. Turning over is a joke. Between the stiffness and all the pillows and covers and our mattress, it takes me a good 5 minutes to get re-situated on my opposite side. And for some reason my knees have been hurting. Of course, I've got sore shoulders and hips and neck. And my pelvis hurts when I lie on one side too long. Sometimes the pillows help and at other times they make things worse. Laying on my back feels the best, but it's not good for the baby and it makes my arms fall asleep.

Port is definitely out of room at this point. He has begun to have these long stretching periods where he absolutely kills me. Little feet and knees poke out in the strangest places and hang there for an eternity, stretching my skin until it absolutely feels like it's going to rip. I cannot stand for anything to touch my belly around the belly button, because the skin is just too thin and strained. It hurts too much.

And I only have a week and a half to go. ha ha!

Unfortunately, if I listen to everyone and their requests, I am not allowed to have this baby until sometime in mid April. So and so is going out of town this weekend, someone else is busy with work, I have to wait for someone else to send me something.... come on people, let me have this kid already! lol! ;)

I have lost my appetite. I still *think* I am hungry, and *think* I need that fourth brownie and a hand full of jelly beans, but I am not feeling hunger pains and most of the time I am eating out of habit rather than need. If I don't eat I get all shaky and nauseous, but frankly all I want to do is drink water. I have a terrible taste in my mouth now and nothing that I do eat has any flavor.

I drank half a Dr. Pepper yesterday. It actually was pretty good for the first few swallows.

Maybe he'll be an April Fools baby. Now that would be funny. I was hoping for an Easter baby, but that didn't happen. I don't think I can make it all the way to my due date though. I am pretty ready for this kid to come.

D :)

Monday, March 24, 2008


It's a lazy Monday morning here. I woke up last night sort of crampy again, but nothing too major. Since getting up for the day, all is "normal" in the world of pregnancy. I don't know whether to be happy or frustrated with it.

Hubby and I were discussing things yesterday and I realized that while I want this baby to come NOW, I am kind of hoping he cooks a bit longer. Why? Well, because (and I know how ridiculous this is) I kind of want the bragging rights to having an almost 10 pound baby.

I know, it's sick isn't it?

I have a strange feeling he's going to come out something completely off the wall, like 7 pounds or something and then we will all feel stupid.

ha ha!

Anyway, I got some absolutely terrific, totally stupendous, mind bogglingly amazing news this morning!!! (is bogglingly even a word??!?)

Port is automatically covered under Hubby's medical insurance at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO US!!!!

Automatically covered.

Under good insurance.


Can I get an AMEN??!?

Apparently because we pay ungodly premiums every month for Kiddo already, BCBS is gracious enough to cover an additional child without any additional premium.


Can you hear me sighing with relief? Oh yeah.

Somebody has been praying for us. Stand up and show yourself! Come here and let me give you a big ole hug!

Ok, now that my praise and dancing about the room is over, let's get down to serious business.

How the heck does one name a child?

[Fly ball to left field...]

Seriously? Why is it soooooo dang hard for us??!? I know some people who have been holding on to names since high school/college, and sure enough, 10, 15 years later their little ones come into the world and they have a beautiful name, ready and waiting for them. Others may make a list and a name just pops out at them and the parents both miraculously agree and harmony is once again in the world.

Not so much in our house.

We are having a rough time. See, in my high school/college years I never really thought I would ever have children. And, in the way, way off chance that I did, I was going to name them these wonderfully earthy names like River, Symphony, Ocean and Lyric. And it wouldn't matter if they were boys or girls (but most would be girls) because their names were universal and non-gender specific and we would all sing and dance and play instruments.... was I a hippie in college??

Anyway, as with most of us, life happened and turned out vastly different from what I imagined and here I am many years later, trying to name my second boy, and mercy we just can't decide on a name.

There is just too much to consider; friend's kids names, relative's names, popular names, unpopular names, possible nicknames, initials and what they might spell (A.R.F anyone?), honoring the family patriarchs without using a name we both can't stand, sounding good with Kiddo's name, flowing with the last name, etc. etc.

Never mind the fact that I am still trying to name a girl I think. I keep leaning toward more feminine names. And Hubby will have none of that.

So we have narrowed it down to a handful, with 2 in the lead. And honestly, neither of them really "wow" us. There is one that I like more than the other. The nickname is cute for a small child and as an adult he can use his proper name and still sound professional. However, his initials will be tease worthy, and a mispronunciation of his nickname by a small child could come out as a swear word. yikes! I had the same problem with Kiddo - not a swear word, but a negative one that rubbed me the wrong way and I vowed that I would never again name a child something that could be mispronounced like that. But I do like the name. It also has biblical significance, positive biblical significance and that is a cool thing for us (though not by any means necessary). Our second choice is a strong name, cute for a kid and cool for an adult, but has no real meaning and no biblical standing. Neither are too popular, a requirement in our book, and no one we know has either name - except for Hubby's co-worker's son. Then there are a couple of runners up; all nice names but again nothing in the wow category.

I don't know what to do. Do we draw from a hat? Wait till he's born and see if he looks like a particular name? Ask friends and family? [NOOOOO!!!]

I wish it were easier. If Hubby and I were brave enough to do it, this kid would be named something like Slate or Stone. But that doesn't really go with Kiddo's name and we kind of already set the precedent with that.

I guess I'll just add it to the to-do list and pray something comes to me.

Any suggestions to making it easier? Let me know.

D :)

Name by The Goo Goo Dolls

Sunday, March 23, 2008

How Far is Heaven

Happy Easter!!

We had a wonderful morning this morning! Kiddo was excited to hunt Easter eggs, and though he foiled our plans to get up before him and hide them, Daddy managed to sneak out of the bed (while Kiddo was curled up next to me) and do the bunny's dirty work. He was really excited this morning.

Church, of course, was awesome! The music was absolutely outstanding. Man, my emotions were all over the place though. Can you say hormonal surge??!? I couldn't quit crying. Of course, it would also be the one time I didn't have any tissues either. So I had to sit there and continually wipe my left eye as if to keep it from falling out of my face.

Anyway, the band and the singers were ON today. I was blown away. How I wish I could have been a part of it.

The sermon was surprisingly not about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again, but rather about Heaven and what it is like. The whole thing was quite interesting, and Pastor Tim's explanation, I think, kept us all intrigued.

I guess I never really thought much about the details of it all - just that things would be immeasurably better than I could ever imagine. And that is something I can take comfort in.

It got me thinking about being here on earth though, and the lives we all lead. And I realized that we all have our own "Heaven" here on Earth. You know, the things we delight in, the moments and people we treasure. I have so much to be thankful for. My crankiness of the past week or so needed to be put in perspective. Even though lately I feel out of control and unappreciated and cumbersome and useless, I know that all these issues swirling around me will eventually be resolved in one way or another, and that eventually I will once again feel like a useful member of my family and maybe even society. And in the meantime I need to focus on the good things; the blessings that give me strength and energy and momentum to move forward in this life.

I mentioned in a previous post some pictures of the men in my life. I have some of them edited and wanted to share them with all of you. Here is my Heaven on Earth...

"Mommy, I crankin'"

[of course, he'll rarely look at me when I am trying to get his picture. Photographer's Kid Syndrome]
[Daddy showing him the inner workings of rusty tractor engine]

[Kiddo explaining to Daddy the way things really work! Lol!]

My boys!
I can't decide which one is cuter!

I know a bunch of these are similar, but I just love them all.

I'm having this one blown up big and put on the wall somewhere. I just love it.

Thanks for sharing a little piece of Heaven with me. I wish you all a wonderful Easter.

D :)

What's New Pussy Cat

Found this on another blog and thought is was adorable. You can pet the kitty; it will make you feel better. :)

D :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cranky Ole Cantankerous Cow

Happy Saturday Morning to you!

I have been up for a while now, drinking my coffee and chugging water. I was woken up at 4 am again with a mass of pain in my back and thought once again it was a contraction. After going to the bathroom and drinking a bunch of water it subsided so I managed to get back to sleep. However, when I woke up a few hours later the pain had returned and now I am thinking that perhaps it was not a contraction, but rather some sort of kidney thing happening. The pain keeps coming in waves - though keeping my bladder empty and water flowing in do seem to help.

Is that back labor? Would it be all on one side like that?

Anyway, Hubby and Kiddo are still sleeping and I have read through all the blogs and bulletin boards and now I am bored.

And frankly, I am crabby.

I have been much more cranky the past week or so. Maybe it is the pull of the full moon, maybe it is just that the end of this pregnancy is near and my emotions are all riled up, who knows. But I have been quicker to anger, quicker to sadden and quicker to key some one's car when they park crooked in the parking lot.

Ok, not the last one, but I do think about it more. ;)

I can't remember if I was like this with Kiddo. I think I was just all over more of a witch that time.

This pregnancy though, I have been talking to God a lot more, and we kind of have this thing. I ask Him to take away my anger and frustration and worry and you know what? He does! And it is a glorious thing!

Who knew you could just ask?


Well, I didn't realize it would be that easy.

Anyway, lately I guess I haven't been asking enough or the hormones are just too strong or something, but all I want to do is be cranky and complain about things.

Isn't that sad?

It just seems like there is so much to do, and yet, I can't seem to get anything done. I want to do stuff, but then my mind wanders or I get caught up in something else or I just stare off into space...and nothing gets done. Then when I do actually do something, I manage to hit a road block.

Like with the dang pediatrician. Ugh, that frustrates me. I don't want to have to find someone new. I really don't. And it would be ridiculous to have each kid at a different doctor, so Kiddo has to make the switch too.

Of course, I suppose it could be a good thing considering Kiddo never really took to this pediatrician. But the thing that kept me there was the way he handled all the garbage that went down at Kiddo's birth, and he was the first to actually diagnose the Neonatal Lupus (after my friend Kelley).

And, he let me put up pictures and business cards in his office.

So, I guess I have some work to do. sigh

Kiddo just got up, and in his usual fashion he ran to me, looking through half closed eyes and said in his cute little voice, "Good morning Mommy!!". He climbed up in my lap and snuggled into my chest as he always does, and I got to smell his sweet scent.

He makes the mornings so much better.

Then, Mr. Stinky Morning Breath requested jelly-beans.

eh, why not? ;)

D :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Facts of Life

On this beautiful Good Friday...

The Good:
My friend Julia had her baby!!! Congratulations to the family and Welcome Baby Noah! I can't wait to meet the new little guy! :)

The Bad:
I didn't really accomplish anything today. Well, except a couple loads of laundry. And eating myself silly. And editing some photos. And molding my backside to the chair.

The Good:
Hubby got off work early!

The Bad:
He is now on his motorcycle off gallivanting around somewhere.

The Good:
I called the pediatrician to let them know about the baby coming soon.

The Bad:
They don't take Medicaid or CHIP. We now have to find a new pediatrician.

Hmm, I need more balance in my life.

D :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Man Who's Already Gone

Ok, so the full moon is doing it's thing as usual, causing all kinds of weird stuff to happen to me, but nothing in the way of labor. Yesterday was one of those days that I just wanted to crawl back into bed. Have you ever had one of those days when all these little things happen and individually they don't amount to anything but when it happens all day long it really gets to you???

So on the way to the doctor yesterday an elderly lady pulled out in front of me to do a u-turn and I came uncomfortably close to plowing into her. Let's just say it takes a LOT to get me to honk at someone, and I was laying on the horn with her. She could have killed us. Or sent me into labor, which I guess in that case I might have hugged her. But that is neither here nor there.

Then the doctor was running behind and they didn't bother to tell me until we had been sitting in a completely empty waiting room for 45 minutes. Then they brought me back to the exam room, only to have me strip down from the waist down and wait for another 30 on that silly table while my legs and feet swelled up and turned purple. Again, not really heinous offenses, but all added together...

So we left the doc's office and stopped at the Slowest-Sonic-In-The-Universe and waited forever for food, only to find out that my beloved Sonic gift card had somehow been demagnetized. I also picked up a Route 44 drink for someone else, and upon leaving the parking lot, it flew across my car, the bottom of the cup ripped off and 44 ounces of iced tea flooded the floor of my CRV. *sigh* I went back to the Slowest-Sonic-In-The-Universe and ordered yet another drink and on the way home Kiddo dumped his drink in the floor as well.

Seriously. I was afraid to go out after that.

But lots of good things happened so overall it was a good day. :)


Now let me tell you about today!

On my way to my perinatologist appointment, I pulled up to an intersection off the highway. I was the first in line at the light, sitting in the middle lane. The right lane was for right turns only. On the corner to my right was an older man, dressed in jeans and a multicolored windbreaker jacket that was zipped all the way up. (keep in mind it was about 75 degrees and sunny out today) On his head he wore a bright pink, rhinestone studded cowboy hat. He was waving at cars as they drove by.

Now, this IS Austin after all, and so I was not too uh, surprised at his getup or what he was doing. But, out of habit and paranoia, I did hit the door locks on my car as I stopped in the intersection.

I wasn't looking at him, but I could see him out of the corner of my eye. And after a couple of seconds I noticed he was coming closer. He crossed the right turn lane and approached my car. I thought for sure he was going to hold up a sign or something, or maybe knock on the window and ask for money or a ride or whatever.


He grabbed the door handle on my car and tried to open it. Not once, not twice, but repeatedly. He shook the handle and looked in at me like he just couldn't understand why I wouldn't open the door. Kiddo was on his side, and I was starting to get nervous that he might actually try to break the window or something. He didn't look violent or angry or even strong enough to do such a thing, but my adrenalin was already pumping.

I waved my hand in a shoo-ing fashion, trying to get him away from the door. No dice; he kept pulling the handle. So I pulled up into the intersection some, ripping the handle out of his grasp.

Thankfully it was enough to get him to move. He turned around and walked back across the other lane to the curb.

And resumed waving at passing cars.


So after that I was pretty surprised when my blood pressure actually registered normal at the doctor's office. ;)

The nurse did a quick check of the baby on the ultrasound and without any measurement said she was done. I was a bit confused, because I was supposed to get a final growth scan, and thankfully I asked her about it. She had misread my chart and thought I was just there last week, not last month. She did a few quick measurements and determined the baby's weight.

8 pounds, 6 ounces.


He is right on track to be a full term 10 pounder. A couple of his abdomen measurements wouldn't register on the computer because they were bigger than the "42 week" mark! lol! I guess the computer doesn't take into consideration 6'5" grandpa and 6' mommy. hee hee!

The nurse asked me if they would let me go passed my due date with such a big one. Goodness I hope not. But then again, I really don't want to be induced either. The less intervention the better I think!

But anyway, he looks so good and is breathing and moving and I got to see him open and close his fist! It was so cute!

Why is a black and white grainy image so cute??!?

Hmm, I think I need to start eating some spicy food. I haven't made this in a while. Maybe it will do the trick. ;)

D :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When It Don't Come Easy

Baby Update:

Ok, so after lots of pelvic pain on Sunday, swelling in the evenings, one big honker momma contraction at 4:07 am Tuesday morning, lots of loosey goosey joint stuff and walking around for two days feeling like I am completely "open" in the nether regions, I had my weekly check today and...

no change.


Oh well, I can still hope for an early delivery, right?

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound with a growth scan to see just how big this bugger is, so that is something to look forward to. Then I can start worrying about how I'm going to push this watermelon out of me. good times!

Can you tell I am frustrated?

So I am thinking the way to get this baby out is to be completely prepared for his arrival. I am going to task myself to get my bag packed, get the car seats in the cars, get stuff washed and put away and all set up and ready to go. Then he'll come, right??



But, don't worry about me just yet. Let's concentrate our efforts on my friend Julia - she is due any day now and has been frustrated with bouts of contractions, dilation and bulging waters but no baby just yet. Send her some labor vibes first if you have any. She needs them bad!

D :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Stay on the Ride

Oh my friends! I had such a wonderful weekend! It was so good to see and hang out with my friends and family. Once again though, as I said goodbye to my friend, R, we both wished out loud that we lived closer.

I guess 3 1/2 hours away is better than the 16 hours that divided us when Hubby and I lived in Phoenix. But it is still far when so many things are happening in everyone's lives and you desperately want to be a part of it.

But, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? And I am so fond of my friends in my old hometown. Even though I want to be near them every moment, it really does make it special when I do get to see them.

So the blessingway was on Saturday. Some of you may not know this, but it didn't exactly turn out the way we had planned. We really picked a bad weekend, and in the end the turn out was next to no one so we changed the format a bit. I actually think it worked out better this way - we had a great adventure and a wonderful day of talking, eating and bonding. And though many of my friends were not there, we could still feel you all in spirit.

The new plan was to meet in the morning and travel into the city to get henna tattoos. It started out as 3 of us going, then 4 then back to 3 then down to 2 and then back up to 4 plus a 4 month old baby! By the time we all got together, we had just enough time to load into the car and race down to the Mehndi Shop in time for our appointment. The shop is quaint and small, in the heart of an arts type district and the burning incense outside was welcoming. We walked in, greeted by the artist and had a chance to look around at all the pictures and beautiful fabrics and baubles and items for sale. After perusing the sample book, we picked out designs for our tattoos. I was first.

The artist had me sit on a beautifully decorated bed with loads of colorful pillows. I propped up several and laid back, not sure of what to expect. The henna paste was cool and tickley - and her very light touch on my belly was comforting and relaxing. The baby had his back to us, and we could see the rise and fall of each breath he took through my belly button. The girls seemed fascinated with it's movement. Once the artist got a good bit of paste on my belly, Port began to move around a lot; kicking and rolling and jabbing. She said that she thought the cooling properties of the eucalyptus in the paste could be felt through the skin, and that babies often respond to the belly paintings in a similar way. It only took her about 10 minutes to finish my design, and the results were outstanding! I was so impressed. The room was very warm, and I could see the sweat forming on my belly above the design, so it was good that I could get up and move around a bit.

My friend Shannan went next and got a lovely flower design on her foot. Then it was Sheila's turn. She chose to have her hand tattooed - which looked really cool, but unfortunately was not too handy when her baby boy needed a serious diaper change just a few short minutes later! lol! Thankfully the artist seemed to love babies and helped her out. My friend Rhonda went last and had a beautiful butterfly painted on to her upper chest.
We were done in a mere 45 minutes and then were out the door. I had to keep my shirt up to allow the paste to dry for at least an hour, so we decided to go back across town for lunch. We chose a local sushi place and had an amazing meal and some great conversation. [Here's a bad food shot for you!] After gorging on sushi and noodles and food galore, we headed back to Shannan's house. But first me made a couple of crucial stops at Starbucks and Sonic! lol!

When we got to the house we took to task stringing the necklace and putting the blessing book together. The beads and blessings everyone brought and sent were shared and documented. Shannan put together a beautiful little book with brightly colored pages for each of the blessings. It is so pretty, and something I am going to cherish forever. Here are a few pages...

There are more, but this post is already really image heavy. I'll try to post more later. I am still waiting on a couple of beads, so we didn't complete the necklace, but I will be sure to post a picture when it is done. It is so beautiful so far; I cannot wait to hold it and gaze upon it and feel the energy it will give when I am in labor.

I also received comfort gifts from the girls and several friends that couldn't make it, and went home with a gorgeous basket full of smell good stuff, lotions, massage oils and useful things to help me get through labor, delivery and beyond. It was really nice and wonderful and I can't wait to utilize some of the items!

Once it was time to go, Sheila, Shannan and I ended up standing in the driveway for over an hour yakking about anything and everything (but mostly about giving birth) and it was so nice. It was hard to peel myself away, but after a couple of "we are desperate to go to dinner" calls from Hubby I finally left. I had to drop Sheila and her baby off at her house. I won't go into details, but her mother in law gave us quite a laugh with her antics!

After the drop off, I made my way over to the car show that Hubby, Happy, Grammy and Kiddo were participating in and we all loaded up and grabbed a quick bite. Kiddo has been battling some sort of crud - and though I thought it was allergies, it has really been affecting his mood and is now in his chest. It may still be allergies though because they tend to do the same to me by causing sinus infections and the like. But the excitement for the evening with Kiddo at the car show was a gigantic gusher of a nose bleed. Poor kid. Poor Grammy! lol!

We finally made it home sometime around nine, and by then my entire body was swollen. I had tingling in my feet and hands, lovely sausage fingers and toes and a purple belly. I guess it was too big of a day for me and my body revolted.

I tried to take it easy yesterday, but with running around in the morning and then a 3 1/2 hour drive back I am afraid it didn't do much good. When we got home last night my ankles were swollen and my pelvis felt like it was going to break in half. You know that feeling you used to get as a kid when you rode your bike for too long on those hard bike seats and you feel like someone kicked you between the legs - yeah, that was my night last night.

Today is better, but I am really worn down and crampy once again. I hope I can get back to some version of normal today, because frankly, I have far too much to do! Now there is so much more to organize, wash, put away and assemble before this baby comes. I am overwhelmed at the thought of everything I still need to do.

But I know it will all be worth it.

Thank you to all of you who participated in the blessingway, near and far - it truly was meaningful and special to me and I will never forget it.

D :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hee hee!!
Details to come later!

D :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting Ready

Baby update!

I had an ob appointment this morning and got the poke check. ;) Looks like little Port is on the move. He is already at a -1 station. Unfortunately, my body did not get the memo and there is no dilation at all. The doctor had to actually push the baby back up just to reach my cervix. (ok, I'm no doctor, but that one confused me a bit) My cervix is apparently still tilted back some and "needs to rotate". ummmm......ok.

[Here is a diagram of the stations, for those of you who don't know, they generally measure from -4 to +4 with -4 being the highest point, or rather, when the baby is floating above the pelvis. When a baby is at 0 station, they are considered to be engaged in the pelvis. So, little man is almost half way to crowning, and almost to the engagement point. Aww, that sounds so romantic! lol!]

So, I don't really know what that means. I could be walking into L&D tomorrow or it could be a few more weeks. I do have the ok to travel this weekend to my Blessingway, but he did give me the names and numbers of a couple of his "friend" docs in the area I will be staying - just in case. Mercy. He said that there is no way of predicting when I'll go into actual labor (well duh) and that he doesn't do predictions because years ago he told a patient she had several weeks to go and she delivered her child that night! I didn't ask, he just volunteered that info. I guess at this point most women ask or something.

So I guess all that downward pressure I've been experiencing has been doing something. And, it would explain why my tailbone is killing me.

Otherwise, all is good here. I feel really good, but I haven't been sleeping much so I am completely unmotivated to do anything. I have no energy at all. I don't even care to surf on the computer much. I sit in my chair (cuz it is the most comfortable seat I have) and just stare into space. I am pretty worthless!

There is still so much to do. I read my friend's blog (she is due about a week before me) and she is so active and on top of things! I am sitting here trying to rub two brain cells together.... no sparks yet.

ugh. I'm tired. And I have work to do. I'll have to post more later I guess.

D :)

Oh yes, a cute Kiddo thing. When we walked into the doctor's office, he turns to the crowd in the waiting area, waves and loudly says, "Hi folks, we are here to see the doctor!"

Who is this child?? ;)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Making Pies

First things first, I have got to show this to you. I actually received it in an email from my mom several days ago and I was amazed. Then my sweet friend Katy sent it too me again, and I then knew it was too good not to share. Sorry, the embedding was disabled, so you'll have to go to a link. Enjoy!

Cactus Cuties


Now on to business...

Oh my bloggy friends, I have been letting you all down so much lately. My posts are becoming fewer and further between. I am sorry. This is truly not my intention.

Honestly, I have so many ideas for posts that I think I am getting hung up. I can't seem to prioritize them enough to just pick one and go with it. I know I could write every day if I would sit down and make myself do it. I know it might get boring here and there, but at least there would be something new every day.

But just when I get in a rhythm, Blogger starts acting up. For about a month the spell check feature was broken. I guess the blogger team was out of glue, cuz it seemed like forever before they got it working again. Then there is another issue of people not being able to comment for some reason and that ticked me off. You know how I love, love and live for comments!

Lately, the auto save feature has been acting up, and it now does this annoying new thing where it splatters this big red and yellow warning failure message across the top of the screen as you are trying to compose your post. So distracting! It draws my eye up and sometimes I just have to shut down and try later because I can't stand to see that thing up there.

Anyway, I know these are all flimsy excuses, but I just wanted to be honest and all that. Cuz I love you.

So, I am thinking about what some future posts can be and I am going to write down a list. Feel free to hold me to these if I forget to write about them...
1. Kiddo's 3 1/2 update. (slightly late, but relevant nonetheless)
2. Our church driven, 4 week Lifestyle Fast - results are in! (I know I never brought this up to begin with, but I think it's worth talking about)
3. Business announcements - gotta drive em to my website somehow! ;)
4. Baby updates - duh!
5. Facts about me (germs and artificial sweeteners - I bet you are on the edge of your seat!)
6. Pics of Hubby and Kiddo frolicking amongst the rusty tractors. Intrigued? You should be!
7. Pregnancy Dreams, the good the bad and the down right weird.
8. ugh, I know there were more, but I am having a minor brain shut down

Anyway, there you have it; a small sampling of what may or may not be rattling around in my head. Soon enough I will collect those thoughts and try to get something down on keyboard. I know you can't wait. I can feel your excitement.

Control yourself! ;)

D :)

PS. Since I use song titles for the majority of my posts, I thought it might be nice to share the actual songs with you once in a while. Hubby recently turned me on to a very talented singer/songwriter, Patty Griffin. Here is her tune, Making Pies.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

As Time Goes By

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it is my birthday. Today I am 34. Hubby says I am officially in my mid 30's. I beg to differ. I think 34 is still in the early 30's category. But whatever. If he wants to wallow in the "wahh, I am getting old" pit then so be it.

I am choosing to look at 34 as an accomplishment. As a matter of fact, I am going to look at each year from here on out as an accomplishment. Why lament the fact that you are having a birthday?? It means you are still on this earth, still with family and friends, still alive - what's wrong with that? God has given me another year to breathe spring air, to feel the wind on my face, to hear my child's laughter, to look into my best friend's eyes and call him mine (Hubby - that's you). I am blessed. Thank you God, for giving me 34 years and hopefully many more.

I am happy to be in my 30's. Gone are the gruesome teen years, the confusing 20's and all the complexities that come with them. Not that the 30's are any easier, maybe a little, but I think they have the potential to be more pleasant. I can honestly say that I have more courage, more control and more personal wisdom with which to carry myself through this life. And it is so much easier to say no, to let go and to forgive. I can thank God for those abilities as well - I have just recently learned the power of "letting go and letting God", and let me tell you it is such a relief.

So, just as I did last year, I took some photos of "the face of 34". I couldn't decide which I liked best. And this year, I decided to keep it real, so to speak, and do very minimal edits. So here I am in all my glory, 35 weeks pregnant and 34 years old.
Not bad I guess.

A little more flattering...
Hey there lady!

And of course, I couldn't have my own photo shoot without my sidekick pushing his way in. Though with a sweet face like this, how can I refuse!
Ain't he a cutie pie?? Those are Cars tattoos on his fists in case you were wondering.
Oh yeah, he was working the camera for sure...
He does need a haircut though. Shaggy boy!
And of course, I couldn't leave out the smallest member of the family.
Woo weee!! That's one big ol' belly!
Thanks for stopping by! I am off to eat cake! :D

D :)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Someday Soon

I suppose I should give a pregnancy update.

Well, I am just past 35 weeks. I have about a month to go. I am seriously hoping this baby comes early, though I still have tons to do - so maybe not.

I am actually pretty comfortable in my skin; I don't feel overly huge or cumbersome. I can't really bend over much, that is terribly uncomfortable. I have good balance, and my legs are still strong enough that I am not afraid of getting stuck on the toilet! lol! (that was a problem with Kiddo; I was so heavy toward the end that I couldn't lift myself up!) But I am waddling, and when I sit down the belly rests on top of my thighs.

The only real discomfort I have right now is with the skin on my belly. It is stretched so tight right over my belly button that it burns most of the time. I have been putting oil on it several times a day just to get some relief. Kiddo is really great at rubbing oil on my belly. lol! He's a good helper. ;) So I guess you can tell where all my stretch marks are going to be...yup, I have a sort of Budweiser crown pattern growing over my belly button. ugh.

I have had a few contractions here and there; mostly in the night. They have been enough to wake me and make me take notice. A couple of times I have had to concentrate on relaxing and breathing. I am wondering when my next physical exam will be and if I am dialated at all. I have a regular OB appointment this week and then start the weekly visits next week.

I haven't seemed to gain any weight in the past two weeks. yay!

I think pregnancy constipation is God's way of preparing us for labor and pushing...

I am easily suggestible when it comes to food right now. EX: I was on the phone with a friend and she was ordering crunchy tacos from Taco Bell. Just meat, cheese and sour cream. I cannot get them out of my head. Later I read a blog and my preggo friend said she couldn't get enough of burgers and milk shakes. I then saw a picture of a milk shake and absolutely had to have one. Last night I saw a Target ad and there was a picture of a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread and some Goldfish crackers. Guess what I ate as a midnight snack?

Somebody suggest a salad please!!!

An interesting factoid about my pregnancy - I haven't gotten the Linea Nigra this time around. With the Kiddo, it extended all the way up to my rib cage and lasted for a month or so after I gave birth. This time, nothing.

I still have unbelievable heartburn, but thankfully now it comes and goes more often. Last night I shot straight up out of bed at about 3AM because I got a mouth full of acid. yuck.

I think Kiddo is ready for the baby to be here. He keeps asking me to go to the doctor so he can take him out. He wants the baby to come out so mommy can work out with him. I have several DVDs; Pilate's, post natal yoga, etc. and Kiddo wants me to work out with him when he watches them. I keep telling him I can't until after the baby comes. Yes, Kiddo watches work out DVDs. Frequently. And he actually does the exercises most of the time. It is hilarious!

I can't believe that in a few short weeks the baby will be here. I am so ready and so not ready all at the same time. I am starting to mourn in that this may very well be the last time I am able to experience this. I am sad that I may never again feel a little being kick and move and breathe inside me. I really do love being pregnant and experiencing all the new curves and things that happen to my body (well, except for the heartburn, stretchmarks and morning sickness). I love being able to bond with a child in a way that no one else can; the fact that I know him in a completely unique and special way for over nine months. For those nine plus months he is all mine.

It truly is an amazing journey, and I am sad for it to be ending. But, like any vacation or trip that we take, sometimes coming home is bittersweet. I am looking forward to having this little one in my arms and being able to see his sweet face and hear his cries.

D :)

"Someday Soon"
Wind will blow and the sun will shine.
On that hill where we used to climb.
I look in your eyes and you'll be mine.
Someday soon.
I won't even make a scene.
It will be just like a dream.
Cash is gonna flow down by the old mainstream.
Someday soon.
You don't know me, but I know you (you don't know me).
You have no idea what I do (what I do).
Make you mine and see you swoon.
Someday soon.
Sun's gonna shine, wind's gonna blow.
On the hill where we used to go.
I look in your eyes and down I will roll.
Someday soon.
Someday, someday soon.
Someday, someday soon.


My apologies to the ladies in the adjoining stalls in the women's restroom at HEB today who had the privilege of overhearing the following conversation...

Kiddo: "Mommy, I wanna talk about somphing."
Me: "What's that baby?"
Kiddo: " I wanna talk about Jesus."
Me: "Ok, what do you want to talk about?"
Kiddo: "Jesus"
Me: "I know, but what about Him?"
Kiddo: "He loves me. Jesus loves me."
Me: "That's right baby, He does."
Kiddo: "Let's say a prayer."
[giggles from a different stall]
Me: "Uh, ok, what are we praying about?"
Kiddo: "Close you eyes mommy."
Me: "ok" [closing eyes]
Kiddo: "Dear God, thank you for Jesus. And He loves me. And we are going potty, but we are taking turns. I go first. Now mommy is going potty. Thank you. We love you berry, berry much. And we pray all dis in Jesus name, Amen."
[many giggles and snickers from adjoining stalls]

*sigh* :)

D :)

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