Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Headaches, Snot and Sore Throats

Well, you guessed it. Kiddo and I are sick - yuck. It started on Monday night with a little sore throat for me. Kiddo seemed fine. By the time we got to bed I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital; my neck was stiff and my throat was so sore I could hardly swallow. But, being the big chicken I am I toughed it out and tried to sleep. Kiddo woke me up a couple of hours later crying his little head off and he wouldn't drink even his beloved milk. I knew his throat must have felt like mine. So we tossed and turned in a fever sweat couch all night and kept each other company. Sometime in the wee hours I left him on the couch to return to my bed, and he woke me up at his usual time of 7 am. He felt FINE - I felt like I had been hit by a truck!

I got a bit better throughout the day, but about mid morning Kiddo's nose took to flowing like a river and he has been stopped up and running ever since. It's day 2 and I still feel like crap - sore throat, low grade fever, headache, etc, but Kiddo seems fine except for the nose. I guess that's what we get for sitting in the church nursery on Sunday.

Kiddo is napping today - something he apparently gave up on his 2nd birthday, so I am getting a much needed break. We haven't left the house for 2 days and I am about to go stir crazy. I can't wait till he gets up just so we can walk to the mailbox!

Yesterday morning, while I was crying an "I feel pitiful and want to call my mommy" cry into my coffee, Kiddo had wondered out into our back yard. This is part of our morning routine; I drink coffee and welcome the day with a good hour or so of internet surfing, and he gets chewed by mosquitoes in the back yard for a while. I sit near the back door so I can hear if anything is amiss and sure enough, after about 10 minutes I start to hear so weird grunting coming from the back yard...
This is what I saw! That is my 2 year old, NON-CLIMBING child on top of a, oh I'd say, about 4 foot high platform on his swingset. This boy never climbs anything without our assistance - I have no idea how he even got up there!

He was so proud of him self - he kept saying "big boy, big boy!" (which is what I tell him when he does it with my help).

What a stinker!

Later that day he was being too cute. I guess when you are sick different things are entertaining. He found his little Leapfrog Letter thingy on the refrigerator and started putting letters in. It sings a little annoying ditty and pronounces the letter - you know the one. The boy got stuck on "P" for almost an hour - pushing the button over and over again and laughing hysterically every time it said "P says PUH". Hubby was really entertaining to him as well (highly unusual) and they had great fun together while I tried to keep my head from exploding while making dinner.

I think tonight we'll pick up a bucket of chicken. I still feel like poo.


D :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

My Husband the Genius

I love my Hubby. He is my best friend, a wonderful provider, and a great father. He is also, like any good husband, knows how to push my buttons! :) He never was much of a "kid person", always very awkward, and has had a hard time developing a relationship with our son. Never mind the fact that Kiddo is a total momma's boy (totally my fault, I know), they just have a hard time getting along. Kiddo likes to play quietly and do extremely repetitive, boring, mind numbing things (like read the same page of a book 400 times and then back up 3 pages and read that one 372 times- but you can't just read the page, you have to let him prompt you with key words from EACH LINE first! ack!) and Hubby is a very active, rough and tumble, wrestley (is that even a word?) kind of guy. His ADD and somewhat distracted personality don't lend itself to the simplicity of running a car back and forth on the table 2000 times. SOOOO, they have had few brief moments so far where they have really bonded over something.

One such moment came this weekend, when we were enjoying a rare Sunday afternoon lunch out. At our favorite restaurant we sat, thankfully on the patio, and enjoyed some chips and queso with our meal. Kiddo, of course, is all about the cheese, and was doing his usual of dipping the chip, sucking off the cheese and dipping the soggy chip back into the dip (this is precisely why we get him his own plate!). In the process he managed a beautiful cheese mustache and beard and Hubby leaned over and very playfully called him "Cheese Face". For some reason, Kiddo thought this was hilarious, and in his current mocking bird fashion began saying "cheese face, cheese face!". Well, I'm sure you can guess that they went back and forth for some time calling each other Cheese Face, evoking giggles from fellow diners, and got increasingly louder. It was really cute! In an effort to keep Kiddo from yelling, we finished our meal quickly and headed home. Later that afternoon, while I was getting in some much needed alone time at the mall, Hubby and Kiddo were home and they were sitting on the couch while Kiddo drank a sippy of milk. Hubby told me that Kiddo suddenly began to giggle while he was drinking and then took the sippy out of his mouth, looked at Hubby and said "Cheese Face!". Oh my, I am so sad I missed witnessing that first hand - too cute.

Well, now "cheese face" is apparently the catch phrase of the week. Every time I don't focus on Kiddo like I should he will get up in my face and say it - with the cutest grin and giggle. Ugh, how can you not just want to eat him up?!?! :)


Friday, September 22, 2006

PMS Cake

Ok, so I just finished up the last piece of my yummy, scrumptious, chocolatey PMS cake. It actually lasted almost a whole week! I am being a bad mommy and didn't tell my youngin' that I was partaking in one of his favorite treats. Oh well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him and after my emotional roller coaster of a day I needed to have it all to myself. Now I will suffer the consequences of my indulgence in gained weight and other chocolate allergy related offenses. (I won't share, it's not pretty) Anyway, I have several things I want to talk about, but maybe I should break it down into several posts. Otherwise, it will be far too confusing.

I will avoid the emotional stuff today, as I fear I am still too close to it and if I jump in on here I may end up crying in front of my family. Not something I really want to do.

Soooo, I took Kiddo to the park the other day. I am a member of far too many "mom groups" and in order to maintain my membership status I have to attend at least one function per month, per group. So we go to this park for a meet up and I am swinging Kiddo on the swing. Mind you now, I am NOT a social person, neither is Hubby, so it is very difficult for me to even go to these things- much less strike up conversation with someone. Because of our loner tendencies, Kiddo is not used to being in social situations...So we are swinging, and Kiddo is right next to another kiddo that looks to be about his age, maybe a bit younger (but it's hard to tell 'cause my kid has always been big for his age) and they are chattering away in a baby language that only they can understand - gleefully giggling and making each other laugh. The other mom seems annoyed by this lower form of communication and proceeds to engage her child in a round of counting. Ok, I'm thinking, Kiddo can count to 10 - so he probably will be able to hang ok with this challenge. We don't really "work" with him on things - I am not a flash card kind of mom, but he has picked up some numbers and letters and colors in our day to day conversation; and when he was smaller we would count to calm him down. So I am not worried. yeeeeah.

So she starts, of course, with 1 and the boys take it from there - all the way to 10 with perfection, laughing in between each number. Then, the other little guy (I shall call him Mr. Brilliant) goes on to 11! I am impressed - maybe he is the same age, if not older; I mean, his mom is a little thing, so maybe he is just a peanut...and I listen on, completely impressed by 12, 13, 14, and then he pauses. MY KIDDO yells out "FIFTEEN"!!! I am in shock! Lucky guess is all I can think and Mr. Brilliant next to us continues on to 20 without a stumble. So I am thrilled, secretly patting myself on the back for a job well done (haha!) and really impressed by this other kid. Then the mom really punched me in the gut. She says to Mr. Brilliant, "ok, how about this time in Spanish?". I'm thinking yah, right. Well, we have told Kiddo the numbers in Spanish but he has never repeated them. So I figure if Mr. Brilliant says them maybe Kiddo will chime in too.... but NO! Get this, Mr. Brilliant says "no Mommy, in French".

Ok, I had to wipe the dirt off my chin when I picked it up off the ground. And then clench my teeth while he counted to 10 (almost perfectly and with very little prompting) in FRENCH. Stinker. Then he counted in Spanish and I could just feel the Gloat radiating off of Mr. Brilliant's mom. All the while my little Einstein is yelling over and over "FIFTEEN, FIFTEEN, FIFTEEN!!" and laughing hysterically. ;) Eventually, Mr. Brilliant chimed in on the hilarity and they both yelled "fifteen" until it became nothing; just some garbled, remnant of a word that no matter how pronounced evoked a fit of laughter. After some failed attempts at getting Mr. Brilliant back to earth from Silly Land, she removed him from the swing and our realm of childhood UN-intelligence.

I really thought I was on top of things and educating him to his abilities, but now I guess I have some work to do.

Until later...
D :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006


As promised - a few from our recent trip to the coast!

We stopped at a mission on the way and while hubby was taking pics of the building, I caught this great close-up of my baby! If you could zoom in you can see a perfect reflection of me, the arches of the building and even the clouds in the sky in his eyes! Can you see it?

Here is Kiddo playing at our camp site. He'll play with cars and Incredibles in the gravel, but not the sand?!?

Here is Hubby and Kiddo at the OCEAN!

And this is what we got when we tried to leave...

until later... :)

Is a Ripe Avocado Too Much to Ask For?

Yah, ok. So I thought I was pretty avocado savvy. I mean, I eat the dang things just about every day, and granted, we went through a couple of rocky periods where I just couldn't pick a good one, but come on! This is ridiculous! I mashed on the outside, I squeezed gently all around to see if you were ripe - why, why would you betray me so heinously? I get all excited to cut into such a delectable object only to find that only PARTS of you are ripe. PARTS? Seriously? How does that happen?!?!

On with the show. Yes, I know I promised pics from our trip and I assure whoever might happen upon this blog and read - they are coming. I am having a difficult time of it right now accomplishing ANYTHING; I think I might be borderline depressed or something. I sit and stare for hours at nothing. I go to the bathroom to get dressed and ready to go somewhere and I spend 30 minutes looking at myself in the mirror, asking myself what the heck it is I am supposed to be doing! I feel like a total space cadet lately. Granted, 2 1/2 years without a decent night's sleep can do things like this to a person, but up until now I thought I had been doing alright. I mean, I do partake in caffeine in many forms. My brain should be functioning at some capacity that could at least enable me to remember to brush my teeth.

Well, the good news is I am not carrying multiples! ;) The bad news is I am kind of disappointed. It seems to get harder and harder every month - that sigh of relief that I am not pg and the wave of anger and sadness for the same offense. Why do our hormones do such nasty things to our brains? It's not like we are trying to have another child. On the contrary, we are trying to avoid it right now. So why does part of me hope we get surprised?

I am rambling. I am also putting off going out and doing the things I had planned today. And what I have planned is fun, so what is wrong with me?

Pictures later, I promise...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunburn Itches and Strange Dreams

Ok, so I just have to say that sunburn itches are the WORST! ;) Now on to the dream I had last night...

I dreamt that I was walking somewhere with a friend from high school, we'll call her C, and she was excitedly telling me how she was finally getting to live her dream. She and some guy were moving to New York together to go to school. She was so excited; telling me how she planned it all out - they were going to stay in a hotel for a while until they found an apartment or house to rent (HA!) and that she had saved up a whopping $40 to cover expenses until she found a job. I was trying to politely tell her that $40 wasn't going to even cover her coffee and she said well, I had about $250 but ended up spending it. Ok, so it's a dream; it's weird, bear with me here; it gets worse. So as we're walking along I look down and it appears I am VERY pregnant - like 9 months or so. So in the dream we are older, but everyone still looks like they did in high school. We are passing people on the street that are from our high school, saying "hi" as we walk by. And I am thinking about when I am going to have the baby; that it should be soon and maybe I should stop at the doctor's office on the way for a check. We walk through the lobby and bar part of a hotel and I am telling her how much I want a beer (um, if you know me at all you know how strange that is!). How I can just taste the salty goodness and look, we know the bartender! Another high school alum, S, shouts back to the bar crew, "we're going to need some more pregnancy beer up here!" As tempting as the beverage was, we kept walking. I some how lose C and head to my doctor's office (on a bicycle riding for several blocks) for a check. When I walk in, suddenly the belly is gone! I ask the doc how close I am to delivering and he says it's hard to say. "Why because my stomach is flat?" I reply. He looks me square in the eye and says, "So how open are you to having multiples?" HUH?!?! I murmured something in reply to the effect of "pretty open I guess..." and he says that may be why my stomach went flat, that I was most likely having twins. Ok, so this defies all logic I know, but again, it's a DREAM. So I am stunned and I leave the office.

Around this time Kiddo wakes me up, so I go into his room and put him back to bed. 30 minutes or so later I crawl back into my own bed, only to resume the same dream. Isn't it strange the mind does that? Anyway, now that I am typing all of this out, I seem to have forgotten the second half of my dream, but I do remember it had something to do with being pregnant and, like the one before, was very vivid and felt very real.

I should say that though I am one to dream a lot - my dreams are not normally this detailed and real feeling. The only other time I dreamt like that was when I was actually pregnant with Kiddo. hmmmmm.....

surely not...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Welcome to Fry Moments!

Ok, well apparently I need a more regular writing outlet, and something to keep family up to date with the goings on in the life. So, I decided to start this. Hopefully I can keep it up and submit something pretty regularly.

Hubby, kiddo, dog and I went to the coast last week - it was kiddo's first time to see the OCEAN!! Every time we even came near it he was screaming with delight - and let me just say, letting him out of the car the first time at the beach was one of the most delightful and scary things I've ever experienced. My darling little boy, all of 2 years old (barely), jumped out of the car and ran, quicker than I have ever seen a child run, straight in to the water, well before either hubby nor I could even turn around and go after him. Now mind you, this child HATES baths - God forbid you even get a drop of water on his face - but he will run screaming in to the ocean without an ounce of fear in his little body. I have never seen so much glee and joy in him before. He ran and squealed and dove and jumped and just about gave me a heart attack! He completely wore us out.

The dog really enjoyed things too, but alas the salt water she insisted on drinking gave her an awful tummy ache. Her eyes got pretty scratched up from the sand as well and she had a hard time opening them for a couple of days after. Our poor puppy. Anyway, we cut the trip short by a day because the heat and humidity was just too much to deal with in our little stuffy tent at the camp site. The outrageous sunburn I acquired because I had no time to get sunscreen on before I had to chase Jr. into the ocean also put a slight damper on things. Next time though, we shall be more prepared. And there most definitely be a next time!:)

Pictures will come later friends. Keep watching!

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