Monday, April 26, 2010

Kick A Little

Happy Monday my lovely blog readers!

It is Monday, my last week from heck is over and I am looking to this week with a positive attitude and a heart full of hope. It's the last week of the month so I am sure I am forgetting about something I should be doing, but I have faith that I will be able to get some work done this week anyway and still take care of the day to day.

I have 6 sessions to edit this week, lots of writing to do and various other projects are on my plate as well. It is a good kind of busy and I love it.

This morning the boys both slept late (Port until 7:45 and Kiddo till almost 9!) and woke up in a good mood. That always makes the day start so much better.

I think Kiddo may be having a growth spurt. He woke up again Saturday night and had an accident. The whole thing was pretty traumatic. Hubby was out with some friends downtown and I had some friends over at the house. The boys went to bed just fine but when Kiddo got up at midnight to go to the bathroom, he didn't make it. The bathroom door was pulled to (not completely closed) and I think in his half awake state he thought it was occupied. He went back to his room and couldn't hold it. The commotion from all of that woke up Port, and totally freaked him out. I had to hold and rock him for about 20 minutes before he calmed down. He cried for a couple of hours (off and on) after that.

So yeah, I had some friends over on Saturday! Yay me! Random things like that just don't happen around here. I had a great time. I really, really had to try hard to not cook up a storm and make all kinds of food (there were only 3 of us! lol!) and I think I did pretty good. I did make one pan of PW's rosemary rolls, but they didn't turn out very good to me. I used too much sea salt and at the last minute I added a pinch of garlic powder. The garlic was nice, but there was too much and that topped with the over abundance of sea salt made them really rich. Less is definitely more with those rolls, unless you are talking about the rosemary. Rosemary=goooood!

I had some cake balls in the freezer from when I made too many for Port's birthday party, so I pulled them out and put some chocolate in the fondue pot. It was fun dipping the cake balls fondue style.

The whole get together came from a mutual need between the three of us to have someone to talk to about all the dark and twisty stuff going on in our lives. I definitely need someone like that - non judgmental and understanding. And it was really nice having the girls over. I think if we make it a regular thing, eventually we will get over talking about the kids so much and really talk more about the things we need to get off our chests. Last week was really just a bad one for all of us. And if it hadn't been for Kiddo's accident, I think we might have talked all night. It was probably a good thing that it happened; since I had been up since 5AM I was starting to get pretty droopy by midnight.
Gratitude Monday
So today is Monday, which means I should take stock of some of the things I am grateful for.

This week I am reminded of:

1. friends. old and new, good and best - they are all very special to me and such a blessing
2. God's complete and perfect timing. I may ask for things right now, but He knows so much better how things should be and when He reveals His timing I am thankful for the reminder that He is always faithful. I wonder why I worry and fret so much, because it always works out in the end.
3. My Kiddo. He is driving me crazy these days, but I was reminded last night that kindergarten registration is next week, and the thought of him going to school is breaking my heart. Of course, he wants to start tomorrow...I am not sure I can take it.
4. Hubby's motorcycle. Last week we were without the CRV for a few days and I was so thankful that we have the bike to fall back on if we are down a vehicle. Hubby was miserable riding in the rain a mist, but it was very nice to know I had my car available if I needed it.
5. My Hubby. He drives me nuts sometimes, but I am so thankful for him. I need to tell him that more.

Are you grateful for something and want to share? Grab the button and link up in the comments. I would love to see your list.

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D :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bug A Boo

While I was away Wednesday night shooting a high school senior session, Hubby apparently had to deal with a blow out poopy diaper of epic proportions. It was so bad, in fact, that he had to hose down the back deck, the wee one in question, and all of the baby's clothing, including his shoes. I don't even want to know the details of the horror, so I am not asking my hubby about it at all.

When I got back from the shoot at 9:30 the kids were not yet in bed and the house was trashed. Was the trauma too much? I'll never know.

So I put the kids to bed and cleaned up what I could, but Hubby and I both forgot about the still wet, poopy clothes that were abandoned out side in the yard. (Hubby gets easily distracted, especially when something gag-inducing is involved)

We went to bed relatively late, partly due to my 6pm caffeine intake and Hubby trying to finish up a session edit before bed. I woke up wide awake, totally alert and itching like crazy at 3AM. Thanks to the caffeine, when my allergies kicked in it woke me up completely. Usually when the itching starts in the middle of the night, I wake up just enough to find the benadryl in the dark, down a couple and go right back to sleep. This time, I laid awake scratching the roof of my mouth and digging in my ears and wincing from the pain for about an hour. The benadryl kicked in eventually and I fell into an antihistamine coma for a few hours.

Thursday morning I woke up, blissfully unaware of what happened in the house between 4AM and 8 and felt pretty well rested despite the crazy dreams and rawness in my throat. When the boys got up, I noticed Kiddo was wearing a different set of pj bottoms than what he wore to bed. I asked him about it and he told me his others got wet.

Oh boy.

Thankfully, he didn't wet the bed, but he said it happened when he was in the bathroom. I was hoping he meant that he dripped a little and just changed his clothes when he was done.

I was so wrong.

He actually had a full on accident and flooded the bathroom floor. His clothes were left in a wet heap in the middle of the floor. He apparently stripped down, went back in his room and found dry clothes in the dark.

(thinking of all the things he touched along the way and the tracks he made with wet feet... *shudder*)

So I spent the better part of Thursday morning cleaning the floor and picking up wet clothes. And then I remembered the poopy blow out situation from the night before.

Where were the clothes from that?


Sitting at the base of a tree,

And, you may not want to read this...

Covered completely in snails and pill bugs (roly poly).




Yeah, picking that off of wet, still poopy clothes and expensive cloth diaper was sooooooo much fun. So much fun! You have no idea.

So by noon the day was pretty much over.

Today - today I kept my head down and my expectations low. It still wasn't the best day, but it was a little better.

Here's hoping for a better weekend.

D :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rip It Up

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. keep yourself from crying.

I laugh at myself a lot.

Especially today, when I managed to walk around the grocery store for over an hour with a rip in the back side of my jeans. Kiddo was kind enough to point it out to me when we got home, and I checked in the mirror and discovered my backside hanging out.

*Attention HEB shoppers!*

Ah well, like I said, sometimes you just have to laugh.

Port took a tumble out of a chair last night and managed to wind up under my office chair. He skinned up a knuckle, bit a hole in his bottom lip and busted his chin wide open. So, I guess this is going to be his first real scar. He still has a little one where Kiddo nailed him on the forehead with a rock, but that is covered by hair. This cut is about a quarter of an inch long and just under his chin. Thankfully it shouldn't be too noticeable. Kiddo was a little short of 2 years old when he busted his face open for the first time. He still has a scar under his right eye from it.

I did learn a great tip from a surgeon friend of mine - super glue. According to him, your common, every day generic super glue is the same as the dermabond they use in the ER. It would have worked perfectly, except Hubby was gone on a photo shoot and there was no way I was able to hold Port still while I glued his face. After gluing myself to the tube and then the tube to something else, I gave up. But next time, and there *will* be a next time I am sure, I will be prepared.

So today it is pretty crusted over and he won't let me anywhere near it. So I guess it's just going to have to heal that way. Oh well.

Something has been wrong with my left eye today too. It feels like something is in there, but I don't think there is. It must be scratched somewhere. It has been hurting and watering and going blurry off and on throughout the day.

Tonight I had a senior session that actually went pretty well. I was afraid that my day's bad luck would follow me, but thankfully there were no big snags. I thought we might miss out on the railroad tracks I wanted to use, because the access road was closed off for a few minutes, and we did ultimately miss the sunset, but we still got to use the tracks. So I am ok with that.

One big highlight of the day - the grande peppermint mocha frappuccino I got at Starbucks. Oh yeah.

D :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


And another thing...

I know, I seem to have a lot to say today. Sorry for spamming your news feed and inbox.

I feel so unhealthy right now! I need to do a huge detox. All I am craving is vegetables and water. Yet, I keep eating all this junk in the house because I am too cheap to let leftovers go bad or throw them away. We can't afford to waste food around here - and I haven't exactly been cooking light and healthy lately for some reason. A lot of it is because Port is such a picky eater, so instead of cooking 2 different things for us at dinner, I am trying to make more things that he might eat.

But that means a lot of leftovers I normally won't touch - unless I am faced with throwing them away.

So I haven't been eating very well lately.

The good thing is, I haven't gained any weight, but things seem to have maybe redistributed a bit around my waist? Or perhaps I am just bloated. Whatever the case, I feel yucky and my pants are too tight. ugh

So today I am drinking a ton of water and am going back to my lunch salad. I miss them anyway. Plus, I am getting a lot of lettuce and some spinach from the garden, so I need to eat it before it goes bad too.

I did pretty well; even had a nice, lighter dinner of salmon with a teriyaki veggie medley over rice. That's my kind of fresh, light meal.

Of course, I had to go and ruin it by eating a brownie late last night. But, in my defense, it was offered to me while I was at Kim's house. I couldn't be rude and turn it down. ;-)

And it was goooood.


Today is my sweet friend, Carrie's birthday. Happy birthday Carrie! I miss you so much! I wish there was a way I could to see you.

Hope you had a wonderful day!

D :)

Bottom of the Ocean

I am so tired.

I hate to complain, really I do, but I am just at the end of my rope today. Actually, the past few days have been more than trying, and I am really not dealing with anything well. I am cranky (PMS maybe? I don't know) and irritable and oh so tired. Port isn't sleeping well most nights and I am just done with the 3AM wake ups. It could be teeth, it could be a growth spurt (he always wants to eat when he gets up at that time - and usually if I let him he will eat a couple of chicken dogs and a waffle or two) it could be separation anxiety and it could just be that he is a stinker. I don't know and I am tired of trying to figure it out. I just need it to stop.

Last night was actually turning out to be a great night until Kiddo got up to use the potty at 6:00. He woke Port up and the screaming started. And it wasn't his usual "I'm up and I need someone" scream. This was full on, shatter glass, angry scream that I just couldn't ignore. I got him up and even that didn't stop it. He was mad about something, and nothing I did or offered was making him stop. It was awful. I tried everything. The only thing that stopped it for a second was if I stuck my finger in his mouth. I originally did it to check for swollen gums, but it made him laugh so I just kept doing it. He still wasn't satisfied with that and finally an offer of fruit snacks calmed him down. (I know, ick. I am weak, what can I say?)

It doesn't help things that it is a stinkin' 53 degrees outside. Really? Do they know it's late April?

I know, in August I will be wishing for 53 degrees. I know. I know!

But for now, I need sun and I need warmth and I need fresh air. And most of all, I really, really need the ocean.

It has been calling me again.

Nothing else will do. My Pisces body needs to be near a very large body of salt water. I need to smell the sea air and hear the waves. I need to feel the sand in my toes. It is just one of those things I have always had to deal with.

Living in AZ for 3 years was kind of tough.

I may just have to kidnap a friend and plan a crazy day trip down to Port A or something. We could get up early, drive down, walk the beach and drive back. It would be an adventure. And I would feel better.

And I am also dealing with a ton of jealousy lately. Please say a prayer for me. I can't stand this part of myself.

I'm not writing this to get sympathy. I just need to get it out of my head. And this is my "place" to do that sometimes.

Thanks for reading.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Everybody Ought to Have a Maid

Kiddo has decided he wants the full version of a demo xbox video game we have. Since he doesn't have a birthday or a gift giving holiday coming up any time soon, he wants to earn money to buy the game himself. He and Hubby had a conversation about a week ago about how people do work to earn money and why we have jobs. Somewhere in the conversation it was discussed how Kiddo could possibly do chores to earn some extra money. So Kiddo approached me the other day asking if he could do some chores to earn money for the game.

I have very mixed feelings about giving Kiddo an allowance or paying for chores this early in his life. There are certain things that I expect him to do every day that is just part of being in a family and taking care of his things. He is required to pick up his room every night before bed, and most of the time I make him pick up all the toys in the rest of the house as well. He is responsible for putting his clothes in the hamper and wiping down the sink after he brushes his teeth (I cannot stand toothpaste in the sink! Ick!). {In case you would like to know my technique on this - Kiddo's routine is to brush his teeth and wash his face every morning. I keep a stack of baby washcloths next to the sink for him. After he brushes his teeth, he takes a clean washcloth and wets it down to wipe his face. When he is done washing his face, he uses the cloth to wipe down the sink and then puts the cloth in the dirty clothes hamper when done. viola! Clean boy AND a clean sink! yay!}

But there are other things we came up with that he doesn't necessarily have to do, but if he wants to earn some extra money, he can. I was more than happy to put sweeping, vacuuming and dusting on this list - and when I did I had no idea how wonderful it is to have him doing these things! He may not do a perfect job just yet, but it gets partially done - which is more than I can say about me doing it on a regular basis; especially when I am busy like I am right now. And the bonus is, he really LOVES doing it! At least, he loves it for now while he has a goal in mind. He actually loves it a little too much - his constant, CONSTANT asking me if he can do a chore is getting really old. I have him feeding the animals for a quarter each and clearing the plates from the dinner table for a quarter a night. Bigger things like dusting, vacuuming and sweeping are a dollar right now. As he gets more efficient at them the price will go down. He can also take out the trash and recycling, empty the smaller trash cans, pull weeds, wash the cars and put away laundry.

I love the help, and he loves helping. But I have got to figure out a way to get him to stop asking me so much. He wants to wash the car every day, even when it is raining, and if he pulls one little weed out of the garden he thinks he is going to get paid. And I wonder how this is all going to work once he reaches his goal and gets the game. I doubt he will keep it up.

I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.

D :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I did so well keeping up with the blog in March, now here it is mid April and I've only posted a couple of times.

I am so sorry. I am here, just very busy as usual.

Port had his two year check up today, and he did amazingly well. Normally a Dr.'s visit is a marathon scream-fest, but today was sooo different. He did start the torture scream when the nurse weighed and measured his height (cuz you know, standing in one spot while NO ONE touches you is just pure torture! lol). Then when in the room he just went completely silent. When the doctor came in he just sat there, staring. He would give high fives, but that is it. Even when he got his shot, he whimpered as he was being poked and then clapped and said "yay!" when I told him it was all done. What a trooper!

I was very proud of him. He is still 75% for height and has gone down to 90% for weight. I think he's about 36 inches and 31 pounds. Or maybe it's the opposite. I can't remember.

This past week has been a whilrwind. The Monday after the weekend of Port's birthday party and Easter, I got a call from my mommy client in Houston telling me that her twins had arrived and she was ready for me to come out to do pictures. So on Tuesday I packed up the boys and hauled them to Houston. I did the session Wednesday morning and headed back to home on Thursday morning. It was a bit of a crazy trip.

Saturday morning I did a photo session for Julia's family and then the rest of the day Saturday I was in Wimberly shooting a wedding. Thankfully I had the fabulous Jen Barnes with me assisting, and since we are friends it was even better spending the day working with her. Julia's session was originally planned for Sunday morning, and I am so glad we moved it last minute because after that wedding Saturday night, Sunday morning I could barely move! I was in pain!

So, I now have 4 sessions in the editing cue, and the wedding alone has over 2000 images to sort through. I am going to be strapped to the computer forever.

The fun part was that I had to rent some lenses for the wedding, so on Friday I picked up an 85mm 1.8, a 35-70mm 2.8 and a 60mm 1.8 macro. I was able to use them for Julia's session in the morning and of course again at the wedding. It was sooooo nice to be shooting with great glass (even if it had seen batter days). It was difficult for me to return them on Sunday afternoon. I keep trying to think of ways to justify renting them again. ;-) Especially if I can get images like this.

A little practice shot of my dirty, scratched up wedding ring...Bluebonnet session...Wedding stuff...
All of these images, except for the first one, can be seen bigger and better on my photography blog.

Hopefully I will be updating more regularly now. I have more sessions coming up, but they should be a bit more spread out.

And there is so much life to report.

D :)

Monday, April 05, 2010


Happy Monday all!

Today I took the boys out for a spur of the moment session in the bluebonnets. I wanted to check out a spot I found last week, so we stopped in at Walmart, bought 2 white shirts and headed over. It was difficult to do a session with them by myself; it is always easier to have someone else be the baby wrangler. But, I think I got a couple of good images.This is the beginning of a very busy week for me. I found out last week that the twin momma I have been in touch with about doing a newborn session gave birth and on Friday she went home with 2 brand spankin' new (as Kiddo would say) baby boys!! I am so excited and happy for her; it seems everything went really well. So, I get to go into Houston this week and do a twin newborn session for her. I am beyond excited! I love newborn sessions!!

I should be back by Thursday, and then this weekend I am shooting a wedding in Wimberly. I am so excited and nervous and anxious about that - it is a very big deal for me. I hope that my planning and preparation calms my nerves some. Thankfully I have an awesome assistant coming with me, the fabulous Jen of Jen Barnes Photo. I can't wait to work with her again! She assisted me on my last senior session and was so great!

So the wedding is on Saturday and then I have a family session on Sunday. Then a senior session the next week and Bluebonnet Mini Sessions on the next Saturday! Whew! Then on the 18th I will collapse in a heap and sleep for a few days. After that I will be strapped to the computer forever. ;-)

And somewhere in there I have to find time to finish my taxes. boo.

The twin session is on Wednesday morning and I need an assistant. Anyone in the Houston area free to come with me? All you have to do is help me with blankets and baby sculpting (lol!). Desirable abilities include being quick with baby wipes, the ability to fold large numbers of blankets quickly, to remember which items have been um, blessed and if you are good at swaddling, I might even take you to lunch! Please send your resume to me via email. Thank you.

hee hee!

Seriously, I do need some help if someone is free. And I really will buy you lunch after. Email call or text me please!

And, of course, it is Gratitude Monday!
Gratitude Monday

I am thankful for so much!
  • My family that came to see us this weekend and celebrate the baby's birthday (the blog post is coming, I promise!)
  • my business and upcoming sessions
  • great friends, near and far, and for the possibility of future BFFs *wink*
  • for the rainy days that bring out the growth of mushrooms in my garden - I hate digging those suckers up, but the veggies are loving the moist weather
  • for the garden; the dirt I can dig in, the carrots Kiddo loves to pull every day and the promise of good, organic food for our bellies
  • for the projects I am involved in - they keep me sane when there are days that I feel like nothing more than a crappy mom.
  • and for my readers; I am gaining more every week! welcome to all of you!
Join in and let me know what you are thankful for!

D :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Two Is Better Than One

Yesterday my baby turned 2.


It is just going by far too fast for my liking.

My Dearest Port,

Yesterday was your second birthday. The night before both sets of grandparents came to town to see you and we all went out for an early dinner. You did really well, and it was a pleasant afternoon. You were so happy to see everyone! At dinner you kept repeating what everyone said. You learned a new word from Happy, "shuckaroonies". It was adorable listening to you say it over and over. You also told a few knock-knock jokes, and instead of ending one and going right to the next, you turned to me and asked "wus dah uh nee slah pur?" (was that a knee-slapper?) I had to pick my jaw up off the table! After we finished eating Daddy and Happy left so Daddy could do a photo shoot and the rest of us went over to Ikea to pick up your new bed. Your grandparents bought you (and your brother) a set of bunk beds. We brought them home and then visited with everyone until bed time.

When you woke yesterday morning, you were in the best mood, and instantly you started asking for your grandparents by name. In the past 48 hours, your speech has taken off like a wild fire, and I have watched in amazement as you went from barely saying anything we could understand to speaking in short, identifiable sentences and repeating almost anything any one else has said. It's as if you have been storing all these words inside and just waited patiently for everyone to be here before letting them out! You decided for some weird reason that you were not going to wear a shirt, and you stayed that way all day long.

Mommy, as usual, made a ton of food for your party. I made a wonderful pasta dish, a beautiful salad, rolls, guacamole, buffalo chicken dip, apple dip, German chocolate cake pops and of course, a cake for you. Your brother picked strawberry cake for you this year and while I hesitated at serving you a pink cake for your birthday, it was still a hit. You loved seeing the candle lit and hearing everyone sing. You sang along with us and clapped and cheered when the song was over. You enjoyed the cake but really, really loved the cake pops! I couldn't keep you out of them.

We played in the yard, checked out the garden with everyone and visited all day long. Aunt Addie and Uncle Wes drove in from Arlington and we were so happy to have them here! You flirted with Aunt Addie a lot.

You love pretty girls, and you will talk to anyone as long as you know Mumma is right there with you. You are independent and strong willed and very, very adamant when you want something. You can make me crazy at times because it is so hard to refuse you, and just when I think you have given up, you flash me a charming grin that melts my momma insides and make me give in almost every time. You have me wrapped around your little dirty, sticky fingers, baby boy.

You hate diaper changes because you think I am going to put you to bed after every single one. Nap times are hit and miss these days - you can make it without one, but it makes bed time a nightmare. Bedtime is a nightmare anyway, but if you've had a nap you are in a much better mood leading up to the actual getting into bed. You used to sleep so well, but lately you have been waking me up almost every night with your screaming. Your first night under the bunk bed in Kiddo's room (we left the bottom bunk off and put your crib in there) you woke and played in the middle of the night (according to your brother). I suppose that is better than the screaming you were doing, but baby, you need more sleep. Trust me on this, you will miss being able to sleep all you want when you are older.

You have a serious sweet tooth, and if you know something sweet is in the house you will pester me relentlessly until I get it for you. You still love eating frozen waffles frozen, and you live off of those and chicken dogs. You are a terribly picky eater, but a lot of times I can get you to try something if it is on my plate. You seem to like what everyone else is eating better than your own food.

You and Kiddo get along pretty well . You do argue a lot, but there is also a lot of love and adoration there, and I love it when the two of you get in loving moods. When you are sweet to each other, it is the most amazing thing ever. Often you will sit together on the couch or on the floor and share a snack. When I catch you two hanging out sometimes it makes me cry.

You like to get into my make up and lotion and put them on. And you love books. You aren't too interested in being read to, just looking at the pictures and saying the names of what you see. You have started to finally show an interest in drawing, so Big Brother bought you a magna-doodle for your birthday. I am hoping having one of your own will keep you from fighting with Kiddo over his.
You want to be just like your brother these days. If he has cereal in a big bowl, you have to have the same size bowl. If he drinks water out of the Ikea cups, you have to have one too. When I give you a sucker as a treat, you always ask me for a 2nd one and you bring it to your brother to share. You are really sweet like that some times.

Some things that haven't changed; you are still a rough and tumble baby - the more we rough house with you the more you like it. You love to swing high on the swings and you love it when I push you off kilter - the more you bounce and twist the better. You are so intense, and still make that clenched-jaw face with the adorable baby pro wrestler under-bite that shocks us and makes us laugh at the same time. When you are loving to me, you are intensely loving. You give me hard kisses (you grab my head and smash your little face into mine) and big big hugs.

Most days though, when you wake from a nap you need some cuddle time on the couch. It usually takes about 10 minutes of holding you and rubbing your back to fully wake you up.

One of your favorite phrases right now is "mumma, look!". But my favorite thing you say is "aww man!". It is just too cute the way you say it. You are growing so fast that I can't catch my breath. Every day I look at you and your hands and your face look more and more like a little boy and less like a baby. And I get excited and my heart breaks all at the same time.

I can't wait to see how you grow and mature. Just slow down a little bit, for Mumma, ok?

I love you Baby. Happy Birthday!


D :)

Thursday, April 01, 2010


I'm here!

Busy week.

Parents coming in tomorrow.
Rest of the fam on Saturday.
Little Port's 2nd birthday on Saturday.
Yard Work

The menu for Saturday: Strawberry Birthday Cake with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting
German Chocolate Cake pops
German Chocolate Truffles (some dipped in cocoa, some in powdered sugar)
cream cheese toffee apple dip with sliced apples

Spring Salad (OMG you have to try this salad! greens, red onion, strawberries and praline pecans with a strawberry balsamic vinaigrette. MMMMM!)
Orzo Pasta Salad with Kalamata olives and feta
buffalo chicken dip
pigs in a blanket
assorted raw veggies with ranch
buttered rosemary rolls
spinach dip with herb crackers

I think it's a pretty good variety and all so very yummy.

Still need to work on taxes.
Still have lots of image editing to do

oh, and I probably should sleep too...

D :)

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