Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Sleep Tonight





Port is not sleeping. I am not sleeping because Port is not sleeping. Hubby is not sleeping because Port and I are not sleeping. I think Kiddo is sleeping, but if he's not at least he is staying in his room. Thank goodness for that.

I have tried just about everything I can think of short of putting him in the car at 3AM and driving around the neighborhood. And if I had thought it wouldn't have freaked Hubby out, I would have done that very thing last night. We were all miserable. I don't know if this is an ear infection, teething, growth spurt, milestone, day/night mix up - I just don't know. He naps fine during the day most days. Sometimes at night he seems uncomfortable, sometimes he acts itchy - scratching his ear and nose and the eczema patches on his shoulder. Sometimes he is just happy as a clam as long as he is sitting up. Sometimes he fusses and yells no matter what I do. I would love to take him to the doctor to rule out an ear infection, but I just don't have $30 lying around for a copay that will most likely get me an inconclusive diagnosis. And, if it is an ear infection, the doctor will most likely tell me to wait a week and then come back for a recheck. He doesn't give antibiotics unless absolutely necessary, which I appreciate, but at the same time I can't afford $60 bucks on a 2 visit "wait and see".

This sucks.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mr. Pumpkin

As most mommies do, I took the kids to a pumpkin patch the other day to get the annual pumpkin picture. Normally we go somewhere like Red Barn or Sweetberry Farms, but this year it may not be in the cards to go that far (though gas is actually a decent price right now). Kiddo was not terribly interested in having his picture taken (so what else is new) because he was distracted by his best friend in the whole wide world who was running around in the pumpkin patch. And I was annoyed because Kiddo wouldn't take off his hat. [did you notice how warty that pumpkin is?? mercy!]
See, my friend Mollie had suggested we meet up to do some pics of the kids. I am so glad she did because here it is almost Halloween and if I had waited to go on my own accord it may not have happened. One side effect though, along with Kiddo's bff running around as a distraction (her son) Mollie ended up in most of my images , whether she liked it or not. lol! See, there she is...She's in the one below too - talking to her daughter. But Kiddo looks so cute, I don't mind.
Port did not like sitting in the pumpkins. He had just woken up from a very short car nap and was not interested in the scratchy grass or the bright sun. This was my first picture upon setting him down.
And this is what he did immediately after.
Aww! I did manage to get a decent shot of the two of them though. Thank goodness!I can't believe how much Kiddo has grown. Looking back at last year's and the 2006 images - ugh, I am getting all worked up!

D :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Picture

The Evolution of a Photo Shoot:

1) Starts out ok. The lighting is very low, so I don't have much hope for these. They are very grainy. Cute subject though. ;)

2) Ok, so there is a lot wrong with this space. Half the floor is missing and the light appears to be behind the subject.

3) He is mighty cute though. Ugh, unsightly plug on the wall behind him. Must remember to photoshop that out later. 4) Trying to get subject to smile, I took my face off of the view finder and was looking over the top of my camera - lost composition and chopped toes. Don't do this unless you know you won't move.

5) Not sure what this face is. Constipation? Gas? Sick of the Mommy saying "Port, look at Mommy!"He is about to say something intelligent, can't you tell?

I guess he'll wait to tell me when he is older...6) Here comes big brother. Distraction!

7) The light is so low these are extremely blurry. Of course that's precisely when I get the best smiles. *rolls eyes*
8) Top of Camera Flash is never a good thing. Ugly dead plant behind subjects.9) More flash - won't I ever learn?
10) Funny faces will make for good smiles right?
11) Guess not.
But he's still awfully cute.
11) Background SUCKS - dead plant, electric plug and now the addition of knee pads and vacuum accessories. Creative cropping required.
Wide angle lens distorting a bit...his feet look huge!
Thankfully the subject is still in fairly good humor.
12) Big brother who doesn't want his picture taken does not add element of interest to images.
13) Big brother who doesn't want picture taken is distraction to cute subject. Instruct Big Brother to sit down and look at Mommy.
14) Hooray! Big Brother is gone! ;)
15) Uh oh.
I think the session is about over.
Yeah, this isn't looking good. Where is my cute subject? Cute Sub-jeeeeect????
Oh well, at least maybe it was entertaining to somebody.
D :)

On The Floor

I know, I know. I fell off the blogging bandwagon again. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Thank goodness NaBloPoMo is coming up - hopefully it will whip me back into shape.

Anywho, I have been posting, just sort of out of order. You may have missed a late posting here, here or here. The last one is part of the reason I have been m.i.a. - our whole house is a bit displaced at the moment. We are tripping over everything and everyone right now and it is making my whole life a bit of a mess. but in a good way...

So this is some of the progress. I didn't say it in my post, but the flooring was about 60% off. Normally $1.14 or so a square foot, we got it all for $.49 a square foot. It was a deal too good to pass up, so we had to dip into some of our rainy day/ house emergency funds. We have been wanting to redo the floors for quite some time - I can't believe we actually did it!

So here is the living room minus furniture and carpet. It was pretty easy to pull everything up, but we had an issue with the entry tile. The room itself has so many angles and "features" that we wanted to simplify it all a bit and take out that corner spot of tile. The dotted tiles in the picture were demolished. I had to take the kids out for an hour or two so Hubby could smash, grind and suck up the mess; making lots of noise and dust. When we returned, everything in the house was covered in a lovely fine layer of grout dust. Oh well.

First we had to lay a layer of plastic over the concrete (oh and just for clarification, when I say "we" I really mean "Hubby". I didn't do much other than try to keep the kids out of the way.) and then a layer of padding over that.
I believe this is what Hubby accomplished over the weekend. Then he realized an error and had to pull it all up and redo it. Twice. Poor Hubby. [I made him a chocolate cake today. He earned it.]
Monday night he got a little further, and so we were able to move the couch back in and free up some of the dining room.
We pulled out a bit of the carpet in the dining room. This is the worst of the high traffic areas. See the dog peeking in the door? She was not happy to be outside all day.
I apologize for the next picture, but I just have to show you what may be lurking under your carpet pad if you have pets and/or kids. This is from about 5 years of heavy use and what was UNDER the PAD - not the carpet. I'm sorry you have to see this. Really, I am sorry.
EWWW EWWWW ACK!!!! It's ok to look away. I don't blame you. Another angle.

Needless to say we have stirred up so much dust and nastiness that all of us have been miserable with allergies for the past 5 days. I simply cannot believe how much yuck the carpet held; especially under the pad where a vacuum can't reach.

Hubby is about 2/3rds done with the living and dining rooms. Next is the hallway and finally the kitchen. We have flooring for the kitchen, but we are not sure we are going to be able to use it because the concrete in there is terribly uneven. We may have to go with some sort of tile or something. But it will be replaced. It will.

It better. I don't think I can stand it any longer.

D :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It's been a long day. Whining, crying and fussing galore from both boys - I finally got Port to sleep so I could make dinner and Kiddo started in. First he threw a chair for no apparent reason. And when I calmly told him that we do not throw furniture and to put it back where it was he made this ornery rebellious face and shook his fists at me. I sent him to time out - told him to face the wall, etc. He knows he is not supposed to play with toys or yell or make any noises. Of course first he starts yelling that he is tired; it gets louder and louder and so I walked in and as calmly as I could told him he needed to hush and face the wall. More muttering under his breath - I ignore it and walk away.

We go on like this for a while, each time I have to go into the room to correct the behavior he gets more time in time out. But it wasn't working so I moved up a notch and told him that if I had to come in again he would get a swat.

This usually corrects the behavior pronto.

Not today. I found him on the floor playing with toys and when I told him to get back up on the stool he shouted "NO" at me.


I had to follow through. Punishment administered. Oh the crying.

I let him calm down and came back in to talk like we always do. He comes to me, puts his little arms around my neck and wraps his lags around my waist.

I breathe him in and we talk about what happened and why. He seems to understand. And just like all the times before I hugged him tight and told him that I loved him.

And he said

"I don't love you Mommy"


Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Won't Back Down

Big day today. Big. Day.

Early to rise, while everyone was still asleep I got up to pump. Kiddo woke up next and a while later Hubby emerged from our room with a bright eyed Port. We ate a quick breakfast, loaded up and took off.

For a week or so now we have made this journey multiple times. We've wound through the narrow passageways, we navigated the different regions, we've sampled the offerings. We made a plan and the excitement built this morning as we drove to the parking lot. Pulling in we noticed we were not the first, nor the second or third, instead we were among another 20 or so families who had made the same early morning plans.

We split into two teams; the flat bed with Hubby and Kiddo, and the bucket with Port and I. Each team planted themselves at an entrance.

They opened the doors to my entrance at 8:30. By then I had maneuvered myself and Port very near to the door and the other players were nipping at my heels.

Doors open and we rush in. Twisting and curving and spinning; running, sliding and gritting of teeth we made our way through the difficult maze that led to an eatery. Half the group split off to get a free breakfast as Port and I glided up to another restricted area.

First at the barricade the employee looked me straight in the eye and said:

"We don't open 'till 9 ma'am"

[Well duh Zippy.]

We stood and waited; and I realized that my heart was pounding. This was ridiculously exciting. At first, people filed in behind me, calmly waiting and giving each other breathing room. The lady next to me studied a store map and casually browsed a catalog. The gentleman next to her read The Catcher In The Rye. No one seemed too concerned about anything.

Hubby and I were worried about him being at the other entrance. Technically the exit, he would have to maneuver his way backwards through the check out lines in order to get to our destination, and with an event like this he was afraid the check-out police might block his path. I realized when I got to my gate that likely wasn't going to be the case, so I called Hubby to make sure he was holding his ground.

He wasn't. He was behind me.


Ah well, we would make the best of it. As the clock ticked closer to 9, the people behind me became more and more restless. The gaps between people got smaller and smaller, and soon I was getting irritated at the folks seemingly breathing down my neck. Finally, the gatekeeper released us and we burst forth like so much hot lava out of the top of an erupting volcano. People were pushing and shoving and racing through the store as fast as they could. The woman that had been next to me was courteous and kind, and I tried to be so as well to her. When we rounded the final corner, I saw it.

They had indeed let people in through the "exit" door.


I was the second or third in our group to get to the destination, but the 10th or 11th counting the others already there. There was no way I could get close to the merchandise. Thankfully, Hubby and Kiddo came screaming around the corner and my big muscle man shoved (politely) his way through the masses and used his bulging biceps to collect and carry the 35 pound boxes, 4 at a time, to me and the kids and our waiting carts.

We scored!

But there wasn't enough. Promises from employees said that more was coming; there would be plenty for everyone.

They lied.

It became glaringly obvious by the pained expressions on employee faces that something was amiss. The crowd sensed it as well and from then on out stockers could only get so far before having to abandon their load where the crowd stopped them. The crowd migrated to and fro throughout the store. A pallet would go down and they would swarm; arms and legs flying. Packaging swirling through the air. Hubby would emerge, as if coming up from the waters for air, with as much as he could carry. Tempers flared and waned and soon enough it was over. There was nothing left.

Sold out in 30 minutes flat.

Then to the lines we went; the cashier police counting boxes and piles. 25 only per customer. Never mind the family of four with preteens each claiming a cart and holding a credit card. This was war for some. Angry voices were heard everywhere; "but I drove 3 hours!! How can it all be gone??!?"

We had our loot. Pseudo friendships emerged between shoppers kind enough to give when greed overcame the masses. We chatted with each other in line; marveling at all that was witnessed.

We loaded up the vehicle. It sat LOOOOOOW on the tires.

Do you know what this is??

This my friends is my new wood floor!!
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This is for the living room, dining room and hallway.
This is the kitchen color.

And at 49 cents a square foot, I owe my eternal gratitude to my favorite store in the whole wide world.


D ;)

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