Thursday, April 30, 2009

On With The Show

So I hate to be one to hawk my wares all the time, but I just had to let you all know the next episode of Musing Mommies is available! This week we talk about going green - being more environmentally friendly, not only to Mother Earth, but to ourselves and in our households.

In case you missed it, we now have a website/blog at Kim and I will try to post every day with something new, so check back often!

And this week - we are doing our first ever Giveaway!! I am so excited! All you have to do is leave us a comment in the giveaway post and you are automatically entered. A random number will be selected next Monday night just before we record, and we will announce the winner on our next show. The prize? Well, the prize is a box of little things we think any mom would love, and we will be shipping it out to the winner just in time for Mother's Day.

So hope over there and leave your comment! Everyone loves to win something, right?

D :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweetie Pie

After hearing me tell the baby that he was "a little monster" (in a playful loving way of course), Kiddo decided that was a good term to use for someone when he was mad at them. He got in trouble on several occasions for calling Port a monster, each time resulting in a trip to time out.

Last week Kiddo got in big trouble at a park play date and lost his video game privileges for the rest of the week. On Sunday he was having serious Xbox withdrawals, and he asked me when he could play the video games again. I told him he had to wait until Monday. He was very upset by this and began to pout.

Then, his arms crossed, his eyebrows furrowed and he looked right at me and said, "well then, I am going to call you a MONSTER!!!"


So I sent him to his room for a time out, and he screamed the whole way there (a fun new thing in our house). He sat on his time out stool and screamed, kicked and fussed for a long time, and I left him there for quite a while after he settled down. Hubby came in and asked me if I wanted him to release Kiddo from his time out. I said yes and Hubby went in and asked Kiddo if he was going to speak nicely to me from now on.

He responded "yes sir, I will not say 'monster' anymore. Instead I will say 'sweetie pie!'"

That kid cracks me up!

D :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grow For Me

On Saturday the boys and I went to a couple of local home and garden centers. I was looking for a few select things, namely a couple of planters for my extra tomato plants, some organic pest control and possibly some sort of composting bin.

The individual planters were far more expensive than I had hoped, I couldn't find a compost bin nor could I find the pest control I was looking for. However, I did find more things for my garden.

sweet peas
Lima beans
black beans

ugh. lol!

I know I should concentrate on what I already have, right? But the thing is, I got to thinking about it and I really should try to grow what we eat.

So I bought a bunch of seeds and Saturday afternoon Kiddo and I planted our seeds in one of those little indoor sprout starters.

And today, a mere 3 days later, I got up and found the broccoli is already sprouting!

I guess Hubby better get on building another raised bed pretty quick!

D :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

In The Flowers

Evolution of a photo shoot, take 2:

Your mission: Photograph 4 year old and 1 year old in flowers that bloom only once a year.
Obstacles: flowers are scarce. patches are highly coveted. others may try to claim the patch you find as their own.
Your Weapons: camera, lenses and the promise of Sonic

bum... bum... bah dah, bum... bum... bah dah, bum... bum... {theme from Mission Impossible}

We set out the morning of April 10th. The light was just right; slightly overcast but dry. The day, Good Friday. And though I knew school was out and any flowers we found could possibly be trampled from every other Texas family with the same mission, I loaded up the kids and headed out with a particular spot in mind. Within an hour I knew the light would no longer be ideal so time was of the essence. I checked my watch. I checked the gas level. I checked to make sure I had my camera, my lenses and my Sonic gift card. With the kids dressed in matching clothes we took off. Driving toward the spot I had in mind, I noticed the road side almost bare. Only 1, maybe 2 other cars had stopped; we were in the clear.

Then, my super sleuth mind thought that maybe, just maybe if I drove out a little farther, the flowers might be better. The road less traveled, as it was, led out to farm land and pasture and lots of rolling hills. Surely wildflowers would find that environment more suited for them, more, dare I say it, wild?!

45 minutes away from town later....surely NOT.


By the time we got back to the original spot, the sun was high and hot and there were several cars pulled over in various spots. I pulled over in a small drive next to a minivan and unloaded the boys and we walked gingerly down a path along side the busy road. I kept our pace slow as not to disturb the young mom with two boys crouching in the thin smattering of blue. As we approached, I could tell they were wrapping things up. We crossed paths and she stopped for idle chatter about the sad state of the display this year. Apparently I was not the first to drive all over the area looking for just the right spot.

So this was it - the best spot in town; next to a busy road. Thankfully there were no buildings to speak of, only barbed wire fence, cactus and slim trees. I plopped the boys down in what looked like a good spot, and fired off a few shots.

Too far away. Let me move closer.The sun was so high. *sigh* The boys couldn't even look at me without squinting, so I thought maybe a different angle would work. But first, one more close up...
I turned them around and tried shooting with the sun at their side.
Doh! Too harsh! A change in scenery was in order. We walked a bit further down the path to look for a good spot of open shade. We found a small tree with a decent patch of flowers so I tried the boys there.
Ahh, that's more like it! Ok, I got the baby to look and smile, now if I could get Kiddo to look and smile...
Well, a half smile is good enough I guess. How about some close ups?
Niiiiiiice! I love that one!
I can't get over how handsome he is getting. Now what about the little one. Oh Port?

Hey Sugar Booger! Isn't he a cutie?Uh oh, Kiddo is showing me some super hero moves! This could be taking the fast road to Sillyville.Geeze Mom, aren't you done yet?So now I guess I've lost him. He won't even look at the camera. Oh well. It was good while it lasted. We pick up and walk back to the car. The small parking area now has more cars than it can handle. As we drive up the road home, the few cars stopped before have multiplied and 20 or so vehicles line the busy street. I guess we got there just before the rush after all.

So, the flowers weren't that great, but the boys were fairly willing and always cute subjects so I guess it was a successful mission.

Next year, I am planting my own bluebonnets...

D :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Center Stage

On a brighter note: This weekend when I was shooting my second fabulous wedding, Hubby took the boys to the local Auto Show. The featured guest of the day was the one and only Spiderman, and knowing how much Kiddo loves the super web-slinger, Hubby couldn't resist taking him to meet his idol. Kiddo was super patient waiting in line for over 30 minutes while Port got all the attention in the stroller, and when it was finally his turn, he conversed with the super hero while getting his autograph. Then they bonded over a few Spidey moves, and Hubby caught the dynamic duo in action.
Then the boys walked on over to take in a show in the Ford area. I know I joke that my kids are always the center of attention everywhere they go, but this video proves it! Enjoy!

See??!? I told you!

D :)

Orange Crush

How do you stay positive when...

Your Sunday night ends in a massive explosion on all levels, ranging from the blow out of blow out diapers (resulting in you getting covered in nasty, smelly baby poo) to a fight with the Hubby and lots of silence. Then Monday starts with yet another blow out diaper (resulting in more laundry), cat puke all over the new wood floor and the old Elmo stuffed animal (again, more to wash). You try to put it aside, getting your hopes up with the promise of a new camera at a smokin price, only to find the camera isn't there, neither are any of the other things you were poised to purchase if the price was right and you waste the morning driving all over town chasing something that never was. The kids drive you nuts, the baby won't quit screaming because his mouth is revolting by shoving every tooth it can find through the gums at the same time; the 4 year old asks you the same question he's been asking you for months for the 43,249,032,532,478,390,243,849,732nd time and when you can't muster up enough energy to answer something nicely he crosses his arms, punches the baby and throws something across the room.

The baby refuses to nap, but you survive the grocery store and dinner time and the still angry Hubby comes home just in time for you to put the kids to bed. The baby doesn't settle in your arms like your usual night time routine and instead sits straight up, looks you in the eye and says "nigh, nigh?". And you ask him if he's ready to go night-night and he smiles and shakes his head yes. So you try to lay him back down in your arms and he squirms and fusses and you ask him if he just wants to get in the crib and he shakes his head yes again. So unbelieving you stand and point into the crib and say "this?" and you get another grunt and shake of approval. Begrudgingly you place the baby in his crib, he grabs the bottle from you, turns on his fishy water noise machine all by himself and lays himself down to go to bed. You exit the room with your tail between your legs, trying not to cry and find that life is going on without you in your house.

And all the while, somewhere in Boston, a place you've never been, people you'll never meet are waiting to hear the news about their 5 month old son. People all over the world are praying for him and wearing orange in his honor as he fights for his life in the hands of a cardiac surgeon. The 2 hour procedure that started early this morning is still not over and we wait and we worry and we cry for this little boy so far away.

And I wonder,

how does one stay positive?

Please say a prayer and wear orange for little Stellan today. Because even though life as you know it may not be going so well, he is fighting a battle that no baby should ever have to fight. And his family is suffering in a way no family should ever have to suffer.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Clean Fun

Happy Friday Company Girls (and other Beloved Readers)!

It is a dreary day here in Casa Fry, with lots of rain and dark skies, but we are trying to make the most of it by watching lots of tv, lounging in our jammies and driving each other crazy. Good times! Come on in and cozy up with a hot cuppa joe.

Little Port has been teething big time this week (it seems like I say that a lot, no?) and has been waking up several times a night screaming. I can usually get him back down pretty easy, but it is really taking a toll on me having to get up several times a night. I am just not used to it anymore!

So last week I mentioned that I was taking on something new in my photography business... I have recently connected with a local wedding photographer and am now working with him as a second shooter in some weddings. I have been wanting to get into weddings for some time now, but I didn't want to take on the full responsibility of documenting someone's special day without first getting some serious experience under my belt. Anyway, my first shoot was a total blast and I am working with him again tomorrow at another fabulous wedding. I am so excited!!

So I know our challenge today is to share a tip on Shoestring Living. Well let me tell you, when you are like me and a shoestring is about all you've got - you learn to do a lot of things frugally. lol!

So let's see... well, I do most of my cleaning with a water and vinegar solution. I keep a squirt bottle of it in the kitchen and use it for most everything. It works really well, and for pennies a bottle it is quite the bargain. Plus we don't have to deal with chemicals, fumes and worrying about rinsing off the highchair tray after I wipe it down.

I could give lots more examples, but it is now very late and I am soooo very tired. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

D :)

As usual, the next episode of Musing Mommies is ready for listening! I have to say, this one is pretty funny. We discuss finding a pediatrician and planning your summer - and if you listen to the end, you get to hear a funny clip of our "pre-recording prep". My co-host, Kim, slipped that in there just to surprise me! :P OH! And, we now have a blog on our site, We would love for you to check it out!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Smart Guy

A quick Kiddo-Speak for your Thursday:

Doing bad things is not smart!

Do you know what IS smart?

Shopping at Carmax!

I think we need a few TV free days...

D :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

I started this post on Wednesday when I was suddenly struck with the thought that I have some amazing friends. Now it is Thursday and I am stuck - at a loss for what to say, but still wanting to get my point across. I know that each and every one of my friends has been hand picked by God to be in my life. They are there for me when I need them, they are generous and thoughtful and kind. And though in many ways we are different, we still manage to find joy in each other's company.

I have been so blessed by their generosity. They have passed along their clothes, their unused baby formula, their diapers. They have hired me to do photo shoots and passed along job opportunities and kind words and encouragement. Some have lingered silently in the background and at just the right moment came forth with new adventures and opportunities - everything and anything I could possibly imagine that someone would need, my friends have provided in one way or another. I couldn't ask for bigger blessings; I couldn't ask for a better circle of friends.

I have come to realize that though I think relationships should go a certain way; that certain things should happen in order to consider people to be a big part of my life - well it's just not so. I don't have to spend all my time with someone for them to have major impact and importance. Some of my best friends I see less than once a year; some I see every few years, and some, even those that live close, I rarely see at all. And some, I have yet to meet in person!

This world is a strange, amazing, scary, exciting place. The impact we have on each other and our individual environments is so fascinating to me. And though at times I feel like the world may be crashing down around me, the truth is, I am fine. I am blessed. I am surrounded by those I love, and those who love me. And I hope that in some small way I can give back all that has been given to me. I hope that even though I have little means, I can find a way to pay forward all that I have been given and then some.

Because I do not deserve such kindness. Yet it pours forth and fills my soul.

D :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bite Back

Ahhhh it's Monday!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Mondays?

I know, I'm weird.

But on Monday, things go back to "normal". The house begins peacefully, the coffee is fresh, there is nowhere I need to be.

So, looking forward to Monday morning was on my mind when I went to bed last night.

The 5 AM wake up from the baby was not welcome. But thankfully he got back to sleep fairly easily. Teething sucks. He cut 4 teeth over his birthday weekend. He is now working on the second molar and another tooth up front.

So when Kiddo climbed into the bed with me just before 8 to tell me that he was up, I didn't feel bad about banishing him from my room so that "Mommy could go back to sleep". About 5 minutes later I heard the unmistakable sound of a large egg full of jelly beans spilling it's contents on my living room floor. (tank you Easter bunny, bok bok!) I rolled over in bed, stared at the ceiling and decided that Kiddo would most likely clean them all up. At that point I didn't really care if he ate them, I just really wanted some more sleep. Unfortunately, just a few minutes later, Port woke up and began his morning scream.

So much for sleeping.

I got up and our Monday morning started. I made coffee, fired up the computer and settled into our routine. While I was enjoying a much appreciated email, Kiddo played his new video game and Port toddled around the room playing with various toys.

Port toddled up to me, and I looked down at his angelic little face.

And his stuffed full chipmunk looking cheeks.

He grinned a closed lipped, devious, oh-my-goodness-I-got-into-something-and-I-know-I-shouldn't-and-it-tastes-soooooooo-gooooooooood!!!grin.

Then, just as the fog was clearing and I realized what I was looking at, a big, red, gooey, drip of sugary slobber made it's way out of the corner of his little mouth.

He had stuffed his face with jelly beans.



We made a trip out to Costco - thank goodness for the $1.50 hot dog/soda deal. Saved. My. Sanity! The plan was to come home, let Port nap and then go to HEB for the rest of the grocery shopping. Unfortunately Port had other plans, and didn't go down for his nap until almost 2. While he was napping, Kiddo and I went out to the garden to check things out.

Our dog greeted us out back, rolled around in the grass for a bit and then bolted into the house as soon as we were out of her way. I didn't think much of it since she always wants in the house. When we were done watering the plants I called her to come back out, but she didn't come. She hesitated in the dining room, turned circles a few times, but finally came out. She ran quickly over to the side yard and disappeared. When we got inside, I noticed there was a smear of blood on my kitchen floor. After cleaning it up and checking Kiddo I determined it must have been the dog so I went back outside to look for her. She was still in the side yard, rolling and rolling and rolling in the grass. I called her several times before she came to me, and when she did she immediately laid down at my feet and turned her belly up to me.

Her sweet creamy, polka dotted belly was covered in bright red spots. It looked like a bad skin rash. I looked at her face and it was all red and splotchy too. She had rubbed her muzzle so much that several whiskers were missing and her face was bleeding where they had been. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what might have happened, so I went in the house to call Hubby and see if he had any ideas. The dog proceeded to rub her face all over the back deck and ran around in a frenzy rubbing her back and legs on everything else. She was spastic and freaking out. When I got off the phone with Hubby, I called my mom to see if she had any advice. I was pretty sure it was some sort of allergic reaction so I decided to look up Benadryll doses for dogs.

And then I looked out the window.

My poor dog was covered from head to toe in hives.

Her hair puffed out in each spot. Her legs and face were swollen, distorting her features. She looked sad and lethargic. It was quite disturbing.

She laid down in a far corner of our deck, behind a grill and a folded patio umbrella. She wouldn't come to me, even if I sat on the deck in front of her. She laid there and slept for a long time.

She scared me. And suddenly I felt terribly guilty for not treating her better.

After checking a few sites, I grabbed a Benadryll capsule and wadded it up in a piece of warm bread. Thankfully the dog swallowed it whole. She wouldn't eat anything else or drink water. She did finally come out and sniff her food, but still wouldn't eat. About an hour later she came out and slept in the sun for a while. By the time Hubby got home from work she looked almost normal.

I have no idea what she got into, or if something bit her or what. I don't think we have any poison ivy or poison oak in the yard. We do have fire ants, and possibly some snakes. I suppose she could have been bitten by one of those. I didn't see any puncture wounds from a possible snake bite though.

Thankfully she seems to be ok. But for a while it was sad and scary.

I am so glad she is alright.

So much for a "normal" Monday.

D :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Funny Face

Happy Friday Company Girls (and Beloved Regulars!)!
What a week it's been. Having to reprogram the kids from the family visit last weekend has been exhausting, er uh, I mean recuperating from all the excitement has been, uh, well, you know what I mean.

We've had some good days and some bad days, but in all the week was nice.

Tonight I am embarking on a new, fun adventure and I am nervous and excited and worried - all at the same time. I really do feel like God is leading me this direction though, and I am happily accepting the new opportunity and trying to let things happen as they will, good or bad.

It may seem like nothing much to all of you, but I am branching out of my comfort zone for this. And I would love to tell you all about it, but right now I don't know what all I can and cannot talk about. It has to do with my photography business though.

Anyway, speaking of photography, I would love to share some recent images of my boy with you. We went to the park for a play date the other day, and while Kiddo was partaking in the craft, I played a bit with my camera, Port and a wide angle lens. The results were, if I do say so myself, pretty cute!

I know some of you won't know what a wide angle lens is/does - so let me just set it up for you. First, it is a big honkin' lens. Second, it "sees" a lot more than just a regular camera lens; you can be in a room and where a normal lens will see mainly what is directly in front of you, a wide angle will see a lot wider area (all on the sides as well). It can be helpful in small spaces where you want to capture the whole thing, or in large areas where you want the full scene without having to resort to taking several images. You can be right on top of your subject and still capture them as if you are further away. I don't personally care for them in portrait situations, because they tend to distort people in the worst places (my hubby took a pic of me once when we were on a sail boat - my head looked fine, but the lens distorted my legs to almost twice their normal size! I was not pleased. lol) Anyway, they can be fun in some portrait situations when you have a silly kid or something equally funny. Thus my scenario...

It starts out cute enough - not paying attention to me at all. As usual... keep in mind that the lens was about 6 inches from his face. See how I got not only him, but lots of background as well?

Port??? Oh Port?? Look at Mommy! Boogadie, boogadie!

Port! You stinky boy! You are a turkey! {yes, I actually say these things to him} He smiles.

Then, he sees his reflection in the huge glass in front of his face and I get this...

LOL! Ok, back to serious stuff...

Oh look, there is a baby in there - I lurve babies!

Is he not the cutest thing ever??!?

Thanks for having coffee with me! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!
D :)

PS. Episode 3 of Musing Mommies is ready to go! Our topic this week is Tips, Tricks and Products that make Mommy Life easier. AND - Rachel Anne's Blog, Home Sanctuary, is one of the subjects we discuss! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Million Dollar Question

I know, I know; it's been almost a week!

I have been - well, recovering.

It was a long week last week and an exhausting weekend. Fun, but exhausting.

Monday, Port had his one year well check. The first thing the doctor said was.

"man, he's fat!"

I had to laugh, because Port is not nearly as big as his brother was at that age. But yes, he is a chubster. And I love every squishy inch of him.

I'm sure he will slim down some now that he is walking everywhere.

His official weight is 26.65 pounds and his length is 30 inches. He was not having the head measurement - but whatever it was she recorded was "right on track". He got 2 vaccinations, passed out in the car on the way home and took a 3 hour nap. Then we had the vaccine poop diapers, and all was well.


So over the weekend he cut all 4 teeth and now appears to be working on a couple more. He is biting everything - poor guy, sometimes you can tell it is purely instinctual. His whole head will shake and he'll get this wide eyed look - it's a bit disturbing. Thankfully he hasn't bit me in a few days, and my shoulder is healing nicely. ;)

On Tuesday I spent the entire day dealing with Kiddo. We have never, ever had such a horrible day. He whined and fussed and back-talked and was rude to me and mean to Port; it was a nightmare. I swear something evil took over his body. We made a horrid attempt at a grocery store trip, and after thoroughly embarrassing me several times he lost video game privileges for the next 3 days. He spent most of his afternoon and evening in time out and even got the dreaded "you are getting a spanking when Daddy get's home" punishment. I have never used that one before - it most definitely was a last resort and I hated every minute of it.

I was >< this close to selling him on Ebay.

And it totally sucked because the entire time all I really wanted to do was throw myself at his feet and beg him to stop acting that way. I didn't want to be angry. I didn't want to be mean and yell and scream and I certainly didn't want to punish him - but what else am I supposed to do?? Talking to him did nothing. Reasoning with him did nothing. Asking respectfully and bargaining and explaining did nothing. He responded to NOTHING.

I am convinced he was possessed.

Wednesday was much better. We played most of the day at a couple of parks. He got to see his best buddy in the world and we spent a lot of time in the car.

- which was great for his behavior but not so great for my sanity.

Kiddo is in a phase now where he asks 40 gazillion questions a day. I am required to be a dictionary, a thesaurus and an encyclopedia and frankly my brain hurts. Being in the car is the worst - I don't think the kid ever stops asking questions. After months of fielding the same set of questions about the days of the week and the months of the year, Kiddo has moved on to animals. His primary inquiry is what particular animals eat and drink. On the way home yesterday, after question #89,347,892,834,789, he asked me what some animal eats.

"well... actually, they eat little boys that ask too many questions."

"Oh Mommy, you're just kiddin'!"

As serious as I could: "no, they really do. They eat little boys, and they love the ones that ask a lot of questions."

That bought me 2 glorious minutes of silence.

D :)

Friday, April 03, 2009

One In A Million

I'm starting this post early because well, it was an early wake up for me this morning. Today is my baby's 1st birthday!!! Last year, sometime after 4 AM (is it bad that i can't remember the exact time???) my sweet little Port came screaming and clawing his way into the world. He hasn't slowed down since!

Today is not starting out so great though - I woke up to a massive headache, no doubt from all the dust I stirred up cleaning yesterday. THEN, I discovered that I am

oh gosh I don't know if I can type it...





Thankfully, thankfully though I found a single pot packet in my emergency stash and praise the coffee gods I have a yummy, STRONG, steaming cup in front of me.

- that 2 minutes after I poured it, got dumped in my lap when the baby bumped into me.


But all is well. My robe soaked up most of the coffee and I now have a replacement cup. There is plenty left for my Company Girls - help yourself!

I know I promised you Art show photos today, but I have not had time to edit them all yet. I have been too busy cleaning the house from top to bottom in preparation of the family coming into town. I will get them out next week, I promise!

Yesterday I baked a couple of the cakes needed for the party Saturday. I tried to bake a butter/yellow variety, and made a terrible mistake of putting heavy whipping cream in place of milk! OOPS!! It didn't come out too well. That's ok though, I just scrapped the original plan and am making the yellow cake into cake balls. Hopefully I can run over to Hobby Lobby this morning and grab some supplies and make them into cute little cake bites. It should be fun!

Also on the agenda today... finishing up cleaning; still have to do the floors, clean/polish the table, wash a load of diapers, empty all the trash, sweep the kitchen again (I scrubbed the floor in there yesterday, but the crumbs reproduce all by themselves!). Then I have to boil a chicken, bake another yellow cake, this time with milk (tee hee), make some brownies and eventually decorate the cakes. Did I mention I made a marshmallow fondant last night? It is divine!!! Hopefully it is easy to work with, and hopefully I have enough... I also should prep the stuffed jalapeno peppers and cut up the fixins to go with the fajitas we are having Saturday. That includes making guacamole and queso as well.

Wow, I better get off the computer and get moving!

Hope you all have a splendid Friday and an awesome weekend!

And - if you find yourself with an hour of time that you need something to listen to, the 2nd episode of Musing Mommies is now available! This week's topics are photography and mommy relationships. Enjoy!

One last thing - in honor of his birthday, here is a little video of my Port. One of his favorite things to do is play with his diapers when I get them out of the dryer. He is such a cute little stinker!

And his favorite word... "meow" lol!

D :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What Is This Feeling?

Today we have sniffles galore, snot a flowing and sneezing punctuating the air as we three fight something wicked. I still think for Kiddo and I it is allergy related. The entire inside of my head itches. I wish I could unhinge my jaw and get in there good with my nails and scratch it all. The roof of my mouth, the back of my throat and all inside my ears need a good clawing.

Port has had a runny nose and I am pretty sure he has been running a fever on and off today as well. I'm going to attribute all of that to teething.

Because it makes me feel better. ;)

My brain is pretty fried tonight. I have been trying to plan menus for the weekend and figure out how everything is going to go - and sadly I still haven't really figured anything out. lol!

Easy, fabulous looking cake decoration ideas?? Anyone? Anyone?

I may get brave and try my hand at fondant. Am I being over ambitious?


You're right, you're right. I know you're right.

In better news, the next episode of Musing Mommies is up and ready for a listen! This week's topics are photography and mom to mom relationships! I still sound like I am in a can, but my new headset should be here some time this week. So next week should be even better!

Please let me know what you think! This episode is a bit longer - but I think it is worth it. :) And if you have any cake ideas, seriously, I need them.

D :)

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