Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Clever Love

2011 has been quite the year already.  Not a whole lot has changed so far - the house is still a mess (and probably even worse than usual because all the new stuff is E-VRY-WHERE.  I am catching up on work stuff (I think), sort of, I guess.  I managed to get some organization done on my desktop computer's hard drive and on a couple of external hard drives as well.  I organized most of my client photos from last year.

So yay me.


Anyway, the boys are adjusting to the "back to school" routine by screaming and whining at all hours of the day and night, asking to go to bed early, falling asleep during story time and then screaming, laughing, crying and playing for hours after the lights go out. whee!  It's fun around here.

Port had some fun with the cat today. She was not amused.  
This evening as I was preparing dinner, Kiddo asked me (as he usually does) what we were having.  I told him we what we were having exactly and he replied (as he usually does) with, "What?" So I simplified it and told him chicken and pasta, to which he replied (as he usually does) with, "awww man, again!?!?"

As I am sure you can guess, I don't particularly appreciate that response so I sent him to his room.  And in a brilliant parenting move I thought I would teach him a lesson (you sense the sarcasm here, right?). When dinner was ready, I fixed plates for everyone and set the table. The boys (all 3) were playing in the kids' room and I called them to dinner.  Kiddo's plate had nothing but 2 pieces of plain white bread on it.

Kiddo asked me why he had bread and in my most dramatic voice I informed him that if he was going to complain about what I cooked for dinner, then I was no longer going to cook for him.

I expected shock. Maybe tears. If I was lucky, he'd pitch a fit. His response?

"MMMM! I love bread!" and he happily devoured both pieces and then bounced up from the table and took his plate to the kitchen.


Some coolness here though - we have a new addition to the family.  He's very pretty...in an old, rusty sort of way.

And he has a great smile.

I can't wait to get him to participate in a photo session. I think he will really shine in front of the camera.  Again, in an old, rusty sort of way. 

Speaking of old and rusty, I am back to being a red head. I love being a red head - I just wish it wasn't so hard to maintain.  My hair does not want to be red right now. But I will color it into submission.
I will. For a while at least.

D :)


My Captivating Images said...

You are a pretty red head and I LOVE the new family member!

Barb said...

Maybe you should of used 7 grain bread? Paul and I had the girls make breakfast one weekend day and then complained about it. They didn't appreciate that needless to say and have been a bit better recently. Think kiddo is ready for cooking breakfast?

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