Monday, March 21, 2011

Sick Love

{the best I could get of the Super Moon on Saturday. 
It was already high in the sky and I was hand-holding the camera with a 200mm lens.
I'm so sad I missed such a great photography opportunity. }

...aaaaand on Saturday Hubby came down with some sort of flu like crap. Seriously, can we be done with this for a while? I don't even want to blog anymore because I don't have anything good to report. It sucks. I came home from the wedding I shot that night and he was shivering on the couch, running 103* fever.

He was down for the count on Sunday and stayed home from work today. I have been fussing at him constantly to not touch things - I really don't need to be caring for sick people and get sick myself. I just can't. There is no one to take care of me.

I am ignoring the fact that I feel nauseous. Nope. Not happening.

Meanwhile, I sent Kiddo to school today - he was feeling fine, but he still can't hear anything.  I don't know what his teacher is going to do. I feel for her. I can't imagine wrangling 15 other kids and dealing with one that is temporarily deaf.  At least he feels fine though.  Port, on the other hand, fell asleep on the couch at 6:30pm last night and when I poured him into bed at 7 he was burning up.  He woke up this morning slightly warm, but otherwise seems fine. I hope he stays well.

So let's see - what can I talk about that is good today? We have the basics - good. The weather - good. Coffee - good. My garden - good. Business - good.

So many "buts" in my head. "But, the tire on the van is about to fall apart. But, every time we turn on the a/c the condenser ices over and freezes. But, the sink is leaking and the floor is still messed up and this is falling apart and that needs repair and there is no money...." *sigh*

The "buts" keep getting in the way...

Oh! Oh! I thought of some cuteness!

Port - he is speaking a lot more now and coming up with some zingers.  He's very empathetic to people's emotions and he tries to comfort us when we get upset.  He is always telling his toys and the animals, "ees ok, don't worry, ees ok".  So a few weeks ago we were on our way to pick up Kiddo from school, and I was about to pull out on a road just outside my neighborhood. There is sort of a blind corner there, and sometimes people come flying around the corner just as you are pulling out. So I attempted to pull out and a car comes flying around the corner so I stomped on the breaks. I said to Port, "hold on, Baby!" as we lurched to a stop.  He then said in his cute little voice "ees ok, Mummai. Don't worry. You are Sooooo pretty!" :-D

A few days later I was changing his diaper and we were having fun; I was tickling him and blowing raspberries on his tummy and he was just eating it up.  When I got him all dressed again I stood him up on the bed where I was sitting and he threw his little arms around my neck.  He stroked my hair and put a big kiss on my cheek and said, "oh Mummai, you are such a good girl."

I just want to keep him in my pocket forever.

D :)

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