Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All At Once

"They say women, we're the stronger. Somehow we always make it through. 
Well, that ain't what I feel right now. I don't even think it's true." a couple of days...whatever. lol Sorry to leave you hanging. I somehow lost yesterday in a sea of frustration and whiny children. Such is life. ;)

So anyway, my wonderful friend and gorgeous face behind Body By Dottie, set up a challenge on Facebook to eat clean for 30 days. The challenge started on September 6th, so we are only a little more than a week in. The first day didn't go so well for me because the day before we were dealing with this.

Yes, that would be a Central Texas wildfire less than a mile from my house leading to a mandatory evacuation. We had about 30 minutes to gather up the things that we just couldn't leave behind, cram them in our 1 working car, and drive...anywhere. 

Stressful? Yes. Scary? Yes. {excuse me while I toss this clump of hair in the trash}

So yeah, that was fun. Thankfully we were able to come back to our smokey house with no electricity later that night, but the next morning we almost had to evacuate a second time when there was a flare up in the same location. 

Needless to say, I was not concerned with what I was eating on the first day of the 30 day challenge. 

The second day I did much better though. When I decided to do this, it was mainly in support of my friend, and also to cheer on other friends who were trying it out for the first time. I really believe in clean eating - and while the "program" that is used in the book for weight loss is not something I really need right now, I know that it always helps to bring awareness back to what I eat, and I always eat healthier when I make time to pay attention and plan it out a little. 

So my plan really was not a plan, just a vow to "do better" which, given my current circumstances, is quite an accomplishment.  My first step was to try to limit my refined sugar intake or, at best, take it out all together. My afternoon soda habit was getting out of hand again, and so the sodas had to go. I thought, while I was at it, I would eliminate bread and yeast too, but I realized that I actually don't consume much of that anyway. 

I made myself eat breakfast (I am normally not hungry for several hours after I wake up); two eggs with some homemade garden veggie salsa. For lunch I had my usual big salad ("it's like a salad, only bigger"), a snack of turkey and cheese when the boy got home from school, and then a normal, clean dinner. I was pretty hungry all day but I figured it was because of the lack of sugar. Day 2 went about the same, and with the same intense hunger and some shakiness. I realized that by cutting out sugar and bread/yeast, I wasn't really eating enough calories. And I don't need to lose any more weight! So on the evening of the second day I made a loaf of homemade honey oat whole wheat bread and some coconut butter. The bread, coconut butter and a drizzle of honey along side my eggs in the morning makes all the difference! No more hunger (though I am not opposed to a little throughout the day) no more shakiness and lots of satisfaction. 

I shot a wedding on Saturday and so the clean eating pretty much went out the window that day. But that is ok; the great thing about it is that it's super easy to get back on track when you are ready. And on high stress days, it's nice to treat myself to something comforting, knowing it's not going to be hard to overcome. I hope in the coming weeks I will be more disciplined, and can experience better skin and more energy in the process. I will keep you posted. :)
D :)

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