Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home For the Holidays

Hello Everyone!
I trust you had a wonderful Christmas (or Friday if you don't celebrate. ;) ). We had a great day; the boys were excited and happy with their gifts. Santa brought Kiddo a new Star Wars Lego kit and Port got his first bicycle. Santa found a great deal on a used Huffy at Goodwill (only $5!!!) so we are excited to try and get both boys on bikes finally. Kiddo has had a bike for a couple of years, but he has never really taken to it. Port, on the other hand, has already cruised (assisted) around the house a few times on his and LOVES it! Now we just need to pick up some pads and a helmet for him (Santa forgot that) and he should be set to go.

Kiddo also got a Spiderman Xbox game and has not stepped away from the Xbox ever since. I hate that he is playing so much right now (it is a bit annoying) but I am hoping, as he has in the past, that he will wear himself out from it and we can all get an Xbox break. I am thinking that starting the new year we will be working on a tv/video game diet and so I am letting him get in what he can, when he can.

Even Port enjoys the xbox right now. When Kiddo plays, Port will pick up a controller, pull up a chair beside Kiddo and play right along with him. Of course, his controller isn't doing anything, but he doesn't know that. lol

Both boys got some much needed clothes (as did Hubby and I) and other smaller gifts. Kiddo loves his new Spiderman shaving set and his Leapster, Tag and V-Motion games and has already played with all of them. He kept saying over and over yesterday, "this is the bestest Christmas EVER!" It was super cute.

Kiddo woke us up yesterday morning bright and early, which was kind of a surprise for me because he didn't seem that excited the night before. It was torture for him to wait for Port to wake up. That 30 minutes of looking at all the presents but not being able to touch them just about killed him. Once Port was up we commenced to opening gifts, and the baby boy couldn't have cared less. He was more interested in Kiddo's toys, and honestly at one point Kiddo was more interested in Port's new bristle block set than his own things.

We headed out to the inlaw's property for our Fry family Christmas and we spent the day out there. The boys had fun playing and hanging out - though Kiddo mostly sat glued to the xbox.

Switching gears some here, we had some fun on Christmas eve. It snowed!!! All day, off and on we had flurries. The wind howled all day; it cleared out the massive piles of leaves we had covering our front yard and driveway (which was very nice) and it blew trashcans and flower pots all over the neighborhood. But in the midst of all that it made the air super cold and the rain clouds overhead had no choice but to drop little flakes all over. Nothing stuck, but it sure was cool driving out to the property with snow gusting all around. Port kept looking out the window and yelling "oooooo! preee!" (Port-speak for "ooh, pretty!"). He really loved it. It got super cold that night and we had a pretty good freeze. I haven't had a chance to look yet, but it may have wiped out what little is left of my garden.

Did I tell you my garden was destroyed a few weeks ago the last time it froze? Yeah. Sadness.

Today we have a day of rest before my parents come for their visit. We were supposed to go to Conroe for an extended family Christmas, but we decided last minute it was just too much to drive all the way out there and back in one day and then have visitors on Sunday. Plus, the $$ in gas made it even less practical. We will miss seeing the family though.

And speaking of seeing the family, I have some new family photos for you! If you are on my Christmas card list, you have already seen some of these, but I know many of you aren't so I will share them here.
{It appears we are very small people in front of a normal size fireplace.}

{Kiddo chewed through the really. ;-) }

{My gorgeous boy #1}

{And the Cutie Patootie!}

I can't wait to hear all about your holiday! Leave me a comment and let me know how it went. :)

D :)

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Jen Barnes said...

Our boys are on a video game diet... well, the big boy anyhow; little boys don't know they're not really playing yet. J has to earn "noodles" and can buy 20 minutes for 20 noodles. Anything less isn't enough time and/or enough "help" around the house. He earns noodles by putting away toys, being helpful with his brothers, having manners, etc. The only other rule about that is that I do not let him play any video games unless Daddy is home since they're Daddy's game platforms (xbox and wii). So far it's working out better than I'd hoped. I get some help during the day and Dave gets bugged about the games when he comes home and J only get about 20 minutes of game time every other day. win win win

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