Monday, August 02, 2010


Ahh another big Monday in the Fry household! We started out our day with this...

It fell out while he was brushing his teeth. He thought it was funny because his toothpaste "changed color from blue to red". lol! Thankfully he thought to pull it out of the sink before turning on the water.  He is so incredibly excited. He's been looking at it all day and telling everyone we meet that he lost his tooth. It's hilarious!

After that excitement, we had an appointment with the allergist. Joy. They did a full nut panel on his back and he reacted to, of course, peanuts, and a wonderful newcomer, almonds.


I have no idea how to keep a kid from almonds. He was also given paperwork to do a blood draw so they can start charting his peanut allergy levels. Apparently if his fall within a certain range on the low end, they will have him come in and eat a peanut to see if he is truly allergic (boy, that sounds like fun!). If his number falls somewhere in the middle, he will have to be rechecked every couple of years because it would be possible to outgrow the allergy.  If his number is on the high end of the scale he most likely won't outgrow it and have to deal with it for the rest of his life.

They did a peanut only test on Port, and thankfully he didn't react.  He actually did react to the "control", whatever that was. The whole thing seemed weird to me though. It was too early in the morning for me to be extremely alert and mindful of any questions I may need to ask.


There is so precious little that is simple these days.

When I was taking the toof picture off my camera I came across this one too. I forgot I took it last week.
That, my friends, is over 30 cucumbers I accumulated in a matter of a few days. I had to pull them all out of my fridge, dump them in a bag and pawn them off on my friends. Those 2 funky ones in the container on the right went in the compost of course. But the rest of them were perfectly fine. I still ended up with about 15 more that I made into pickles. The very next day I picked 6 more.  It does, thankfully, now look like it may be getting too hot. The vines aren't producing as much.  

I still have a ton-o-basil that I will have to do something with soon or it's going to go bad. I guess I will start freezing it and drying it. I already have a bunch drying in the kitchen. I can only cook with it so much.

I also have a ton of okra in the freezer. I guess I am going to pickle it. I don't know if I can fry it - I need to find a good batter that will stick.

Oh and after dropping a ton of $$ on the CRV last week, Hubby was driving it over to the shop to get it inspected and - you'll never guess what happened!!!

The check engine light came on.

Oh yes, that car loves us. We had the code read and it is still saying something is wrong with the exhaust system. It could be either the O2 sensor (which we've had replaced once or twice already) the catalytic converter (which we just dropped $350 on) or a fuel mixture issue.

Does anyone know of a good cliff we could push it off of?

Yup, it's Monday.

D :)


Victoria said...

Congrats to your big boy! He looks adorable :)

Julia said...

Love pictures of kids with missing teeth. Sorry to hear about the car and almond allergy.

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