Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Oh HI!!!!!

You know, back in April when I said "see you in June" I wasn't really serious about it. Honestly - I thought I would take a week or two break, and then be right back on it. But, like I mentioned, things have been crazy busy and this month is no exception.  Since I last posted we've had more of our share of all the fun stuff - sickness, more ear infections (yes, that is plural), doctor's visits, walking out on doctor's visits, Kindergarten graduation, weird happenings, funny stories and the like. I could have blogged for days, but I was too busy living it to write about it. Maybe someday I can get some pics in shape to put on here and tell you some of the stories, but for now a brief recap will have to do.

The last week in May I shot a double header wedding weekend with Allen; working about 9+ hours on Friday night (getting home after 2am) and then 12 hours on Saturday after only about 5 hours of sleep. The experience was made even crazier because on Sunday we loaded up the family and drove to Houston so I could shoot a newborn session that Monday morning. And the best part was, my back went out Sunday morning. Like, way, way out. I was miserable. But, praise God for ibuprofen because if it hadn't been for the mega doses I was taking every 4 hours I wouldn't have been able to move for days.

My back was out all that week and actually got worse mid week before it started getting better, but I was back at it again with another wedding that Saturday in San Antonio. Thankfully, my sweet friend, Jen, was able to come along too and help me out - she was so awesome about carrying all my gear and making sure I was ok for the long day. The 3 of us (Allen, Jen and myself) make a great team. I love working with them both!

The next weekend, Hubby and I dropped the kids off with the inlaws and took a little 4 day trip of our own for our 12th anniversary.  We drove up to the panhandle and traveled along the Texas portion of Route 66.  It was a fun trip; I will talk about it more later when I get some good pics edited. And this coming weekend, I will once again be traveling out of town for another wedding. It will be good to see some old friends and to be working and doing what I love.

ANYWAY - the reason I am posting today is because 1) I have been thinking about the blog a lot and trying desperately to get back here and post, 2) I have a ton of stuff I should be doing so this is a GREAT distraction and 3) I am feeling nostalgic today (thank you hormones - you ROCK. not) and thought I would share a bit o' history with you. (the following bad photos are courtesy of my iphone)

It all started this morning when I pulled an old t-shirt out of the closet. I haven't worn the thing in years (like about 15 years!), but somehow it has worked it's way to the top of the "old t-shirt" stack in my closet.

I put it on and loved the softness and the roominess it has. Waaaay back in the 90's, we wore boxy t-shirts that were about 10 sizes too big. ;) This particular shirt was a souvenir from the Texas A&M Boot Dance of 1994.

But Dawn, you didn't go to A&M, how did you end up at the boot dance??

Oh my sweet curious friends, let me tell you. :) The A&M Boot Dance is like a college version of the Junior Prom. And according to numerous sources,  "Each year Boot Dance is held for the Junior Class. Although the name reflects the Senior Boots the Juniors in the Corps of Cadets will have the privilege to wear starting at Final Review, this dance is designed for all Juniors at Texas A&M, including those who are "non-reg" (not in the Corps)" So, one of my best friends was in the Corps and he invited me to the dance. It was such an honor and so much fun. I didn't have the money for a dress as I was a poor college student myself, so I had my mom make a dress for me.

And here is where I need to tell you (though I am sure if you have followed this blog for any amount of time you know this) that I have absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever. And in high school and college - UGH. I needed serious help. But, I had found a dress pattern that I loved and my mom was kind enough to make a couple of dresses for me from it. Unfortunately, I choose an oh-so-UNflattering, Lamé fabric (ACK) that I thought was so awesome at the time. (someday I will show you the many, many sad, sad dresses I had that were made out of Lamé. you will be horrified. lol)

Hey, it was the 90's. What can I say?

Anyway, my date was, as I said, one of my best friends. I was suffering from a completely shattered heart at the time and he was my rock. He knew my story, he knew my heart and he was always there for me no matter what. For many, many years, Mike was the only guy I could trust. He was the only one I could totally be myself with and he was an incredible friend. He is the kind of guy that parents LOVED, he is a gentleman and kind and always made time to help out, listen and advise when needed. For years he would call me every couple of months or so to chat and catch up, and there are many times now that I miss his calls. 

Life, time, space, miles and memories get in the way some times. And the older I get, the more I lament the mistakes I made and the times I didn't soak up the moment as it was happening. 

The night of the boot dance was awesome. I remember getting ready in my hotel room; excited to be going to a dance and yet terrified because I had no idea what to expect. It was extremely humid that day and my hair was not cooperating, as usual, so I tossed it up on my head (always a good idea at the time, but always a hair style I regret later). At some point in the night we all (Mike and I and a few friends and their dates) ventured up to the top of a parking garage and took in the lights and the stars. We danced awkwardly at the dance to groups like The Cranberries and Ace of Base (lol) and I recall a few snapshots in my head of a party afterward.  All in all I remember it as a great night. 

I am sure I thanked him then, but in case I didn't - Mike, thank you for a great night and a wonderful memory I will forever hold dear. You helped me keep my sanity back then, and for many years after and I am forever grateful to you for that. I know we've lost touch, but I hope that wherever you are and whatever you do you are happy. 

D :)


Thomas said...

Great story. I'm sorry you lost contact with your friend but I'm sure he knows your appreciation. I'm sure he appreciates you just as much.

hapi said...

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