Friday, December 02, 2011

One Sweet Love

So for the past few days I have been elbow deep in dough, sugar and cinnamon. 

I have made 5 full pans of maple iced cinnamon rolls and 6 pans of apple cinnamon rolls.  The 6' table is in the middle of my kitchen and will probably remain there until just before Christmas.  I am already tired of walking around it, but it really makes things so much easier, especially rolling out the dough for these babies. Look how pretty that is!
Like a flower. ;) The pan above got a little ambitious on me and tried to escape it's confines so I had to go ahead and bake it this evening.  Now I will have to fight to stay out of it, especially since there is no one else around to eat it right now. 
I mean, how can you resist that?!?

D :)


TellMeWhy said...

Did you use a family recipe to make them? They look absolutely delicious!

Dawn said...

Thanks so much! I use the Pioneer Woman recipe. :)

Ilya said...

Очень аппетитно выглядит! Здорово! (Rus)

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