Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Eight Song (Song of Eight)

There is so much in my head right now. I woke up at 4am and stared thinking about blog posts instead of going back to sleep. Of course, Port wasn't letting me sleep anyway...

I thought of so many things to write and they were awesome! I couldn't believe what an incredible writer I was.

I can't remember any of it.


So often I wish I could record the thoughts in my head. They never seem to make it out sounding the same as they do rolling around in there. In my head I am so articulate, so inspiring, so interesting and imaginative. At my fingertips I am a worn out, tired momma with not even two brain cells to rub together.

I am so internally brilliant.

But enough about me.

Little Port turned 8 months today. Can you believe it??? Things are going so very fast. Just last week he started crawling and he got his first tooth. This week the second tooth is breaking through and he is standing and cruising and wanting to walk so very bad. He has become demanding - getting spit fire mad if I don't do what he wants me to. He is strong too and he will climb up my side as I hold him like I am some mountain he is trying to conquer. Our biggest argument now is that he wants me to walk him around the house all the time. It absolutely KILLS my back and it is also extremely frustrating. Often he will walk into Kiddo's room and then do circles around the perimeter until I am about to go mad. Lately he has taken to wanting to walk in and out the door; over and over and over.

He is eating and wanting to eat so much more now. Most of the time I am really at a loss for what to feed him. He wants to pick up everything himself. The only thing I can get him to eat off a spoon or fork is beans and avocado. He doesn't like most fruit save bananas and most other veggies are refused as well. He eats a lot of bread, crackers, puffs, beans, bananas and avocado. He'll eat baby food prunes if I dip pieces of bread into it. He LOVES chili - and made a royal mess with it the other night. He loves anything with Alfredo sauce on it, loves mac-n-cheese, most meats and usually broccoli. He drinks from a sippy cup and a straw like a pro and often fights me for my ice water. He holds his own bottle and has pretty much mastered holding it tipped up now.

He wears 12-18 month clothes now in just about everything. I am pretty sure he weighs at least 22 pounds. He loves his big brother, follows him everywhere and smiles whenever he hears his voice. When I put them in the shopping cart together at the grocery store they love on each other the whole time. Port will look up at Kiddo and plant kisses and hugs on him, and Kiddo will do the same. I love seeing them like that. I know soon enough it will be WWF all the time so I am trying to soak it up while I can.

Port thinks so much is funny. I only have to look at him a certain way (and not even make a face or anything) and he cracks up. He is ticklish on his feet and his back and he tickles himself when I take off his diaper (boys! lol!). ;) He likes baths ok, but doesn't get near as excited about them as Kiddo did. He could pretty much take em or leave em at this point. I think he gets cold pretty easily, so I have started putting a space heater in the room while he is taking the bath and he seemed to like it better.

He said "mama" today but I think it was just babbling. Though I realize I may be biased, he is unbearably cute! I don't remember Kiddo being this cute. His gigantic smile just lights up the whole room. When he hears music he dances - bouncing on his bottom or rocking back and forth.

[side note: today Kiddo and Port were in Kiddo's room. Kiddo was dancing to this car he has that plays "Rock Around the Clock" (video to come!); he was playing it over and over and over. Port was sitting on a little Fisher Price push/ride on car that plays music and was dancing to the tune over and over and over. The song on each car was about the same length - they would activate their respective songs at the same time, dance till the songs were over and do the whole thing again. It was so cute!!]

Ports favorite toys right now are Kiddo's red sit/push car, the plastic Baby Einsteins book that came with his play yard, a soft ball that rattles, the singing turtle, any real phone (not toy phones - but rather the real thing) and most anything in Kiddo's room that he can chew on. He absolutely loves things that light up and play music.

He is doing better with sleep. Most days I can get at least one good nap from him. But if we run errands or his naps are broken the day is pretty much shot. At night he is doing better; staying in the crib, but unfortunately he is still waking almost every hour on the hour. Most of the time if I have my wits about me and leave him alone he will go back to sleep on his own, but half the time I am out of bed and cramming a bottle in his mouth before I even wake up and know what I am doing. We seriously need to move him out of our room. I think we would all sleep better.

That's about all I can think of. Happy 8 months Little Man!
D :)

[Eight Song (Song of Eight) comes from the series that aired on Sesame Street waaaay back in the day. Do you remember those??? At the end there was always a baker with some dessert that fell down the stairs - gosh that brings back memories. Check out this Wiki entry!]


Julia said...

Port IS cute! I'm so glad that you wrote that you don't remember #1 being as cute. I think that all the time about N too, and I feel guilty about it. Sounds to me like Port could be an early walker too, trying to keep up with big brother. Want to join my "No Early Walking" campaign? :D

Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

Lily will be 7 months tomorrow, so they are pretty close! I like to read what ports up to, to see what I can look forward to real soon. She is SO not down with any food other than boring baby food. She gags. I fear I have another dramatic girl on my hands =)

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