Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sick and Tired

So the second week of school was going fine until Port woke up on Wednesday morning with a bad fever.  He was a puny little guy all day Wednesday and Thursday as his temperature fluctuated up and down.  Thankfully it responded to medicine pretty well so I tried to keep him doped up.  When I let him go without meds, his fever would spike so fast that he'd get glassy eyed and lethargic.  As usual, he didn't want to fall asleep, so he would walk around like a zombie in circles around the house. He knew if he sat down for even a second he would fall asleep, so he refused to be still. His eyes would water so bad he would call out for me to wipe them.  His nose got pretty raw from all the snot he was producing too.

I was hoping he would be the only one to have to deal with it, but as these things go, it spread. Thursday night Kiddo didn't eat his broccoli at dinner. Yes, his BROCCOLI!!! That NEVER happens. He loves broccoli. I knew something was wrong so I checked his temperature and sure enough he was running hot. He had to miss school on Friday, even though he felt fine, because they have to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to class.  Friday was tough because even though he had a temp of around 102, he felt fine. He was totally stir crazy so after the rain clouds cleared out I took him and his brother to the splash park.

Before you all go a gaspin and stuff at me for taking my sick kids to the park... there was no one there.

Not a soul. We had the whole thing to ourselves. And the really sad part is, the baby of course wouldn't get near the water and it was too cold for kiddo to play in for more than a couple of minutes. So we walked over to the playscape and swings (again, totally a ghost town) and played there for about 45 minutes. I thought it was going to be a challenge getting the baby to leave, but when it was time to go he was more than willing. I couldn't figure out why until we stopped at Sonic for drinks. He drank about a 3rd of his beverage and promptly fell asleep.  His temperature had spiked again. By the time we got home he was soaked in sweat. I transferred him out of the car and on to the couch without even waking him up.

If you know anything about Port, he doesn't do the "car nap to home nap transfer". Never. I was totally shocked. He slept on the couch for a few hours.

The boys seemed to be working through the cold just fine over the weekend and I thought the rest of us were in the clear. Then Saturday night it hit me.  My temperature shot up and I was done.  It is amazing to me that the kids could even function because that cold knocked me on my rear.  The fever was awful.  It fluctuated so rapidly that I would be fine one minute and delusional the next. And my throat and neck hurt so bad! It was no wonder neither of them wanted to eat the first couple of days.

Thankfully Monday was a holiday so we all had a chance to rest a little and get stronger.  Kiddo was still running a very slight fever (like 99-100) on Monday, but he has always run hot so I let him go back to school on Tuesday. He seemed fine until Tuesday night when he started complaining that his ear hurt. Sure enough, he had an ear infection.  Poor guy - he gets sooooo whiny when something hurts. Nothing we did made him feel better and he whined and whined and whined.  I was about at the end of my rope. Thankfully Hubby suggested we let him sleep on a heating pad and that seemed to do the trick.

When I tried to take it out of his room last night (now that his ears are all better) he pitched a royal fit.

This week of school was much better. We are getting into a better routine now. Port still cries at drop-off every morning though. Hopefully that will stop soon.

And in other BIG BIG news, because we are totally crazy, we decided to switch Port over to his big boy bed last Saturday.

Yeah...we have fabulous timing!

But he actually has done incredibly well! He was very upset when we took his crib out of the room.  And that first night, at bed time, he refused to even go in the room and instead wondered around the house looking for his bed.  When I finally convinced him to get in the new bed, he settled in and both boys, due to the sickness I presume, were out within minutes.

Haha, maybe we do have good timing after all!

The next morning Port woke us all up by knocking on his bedroom door (loudly).  We put a childproof lock thing on the door knob and showed Kiddo how to use it so that he could get out if he needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  One night, Kiddo got up and I guess forgot to shut the door all the way when he came back in the room.  Port woke up just before my alarm went off that morning, and when I finally got up and made it to their room he was gone.  Kiddo said he ran out. I went into the living room and found Port sitting cross legged on the floor.  He apparently had run in there (I escaped!) and in the pitch black darkness didn't know what to do so he sat down.  His head was hanging; he was asleep. He was so disoriented when I picked him up.

Then he asked me for some mini wheats. I guess he was ok. ;-)

He seems to like his bed quite a lot, and both boys have played in it on several occasions. So, I guess the transition has been pretty smooth. Thank goodness.  We really needed something to go right!

D :)

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