Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You Learn

Since school started I have learned a few things.

1. The mom pony tail is a wonderful thing.
2. Yoga pants rock
3. I should never be allowed to drive before I have my coffee
4. Coffee, though always held in high regard, really is the elixir of life
5. God really knew what he was doing by giving me my kids - they wake pleasantly each morning and are alert enough that I don't have to drag them out of bed. I am too busy dragging myself out.
6. I have a "mom mode" that thankfully wakes me up enough to get the Kiddo ready for school without too much pain
7. Gas goes really fast when you have to drive 2 very short trips a day.

I have never, ever been a morning person. My mom told me once that I used to get her up bright and early at 5AM when I was little, but I refuse to believe it. I hate mornings. There is a certain golden hour, usually between 7 and 8AM where I get my best, most peaceful, fulfilling and restful sleep. In the past, if I had to get up before I get that golden hour, my body would physically hurt. Going to work or school, when I was doing those things, was always a miserable experience for me. It actually hurt my head and body to be up that early. The fog in my brain and the weight of my limbs made me useless before about 9AM.

But it amazes me how now that I have to get up so early for my kids, the physical pain isn't there. I go into some sort of automatic mode that wakes me up and gets me moving. After I drop Kiddo off at school though, some mornings we get home and the zombie mode kicks in. I sit and stare at the walls until I can get some coffee in my veins.

Now I know why my mom treasured her coffee so much.

I have to say though that even though I have only one child at home during the day, I feel like I have even less time than before.  I don't like having to leave the house twice a day - it seems to cut in the middle of everything I try to accomplish.  I feel like I can't start anything, and if I do I am rushing to finish before I have to leave.

Something else interesting - Kiddo is extremely social, and when Port is with him, he totally follows his brother in his adorable friendliness and chatter box ways.  However, when Kiddo is at school and I take Port somewhere, he is suddenly very shy and so frustratingly cranky! He sneers and screeches at other children like they are arch enemies. He hides behind my legs and refuses to talk to anyone; even people he has talked to on multiple occasions.  He gives strangers dirty looks. It. Is. Amazing.  He is like a totally different kid when he is in public without his brother.

I never knew my sweet, adorable, smiling, social baby was so shy and cranky when he doesn't have his big brother to lead.

Oh the things I am learning!

D :)

1 comment:

TitanKT said...

It is so wonderful to know someone else who is not a morning person. I'm much the same... getting up in the morning is a monumental act of will. And I LOVE my job. I love my office and all my co-workers and I look forward to being there everyday. If only I didn't have to be there at 8am.

And it doesn't matter about what time I go to bed, either. I still HATE getting up early. The earliest I wake up naturally is 9am. Usually... closer to 10am. Often... 11am or later. And I LOVE it when I can just sleep as long as I want.

One thing I will say... you'll get used to the pick up/drop off inconvenience. I felt the same way when Michael first started going to school full time. Now, I don't think twice about it.

That is odd about little Port, but at the same time, I'm kind of tickled that he's got his own personality, too. Heh, even if it is shy and grumpy. LOL. That may change, though. Maybe he's just going through the adjustment of being without big brother, you know?

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