Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What'd I Say

I should be doing about a million other things right now, so I think I will blog! lol! It's the perfect time, right?

Yes, procrastination is my middle name.

Port is really starting to talk a lot now; and more than just saying and repeating words he hears, he seems to be communicating more of his thoughts too. It's pretty cute because when he successfully communicates a thought, he gets the biggest, cheesiest grin on his face. It's like he's been waiting 2+ years to talk to us and now he is amazed when we finally understand him.

He is lying on the floor right now and playing with trains, singing. "Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddeeeeeeee! I need a burger, I need a burger, burger, burger, on the tracks, the tracks, the traahahahahacks. Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where is my hairbrush, where-oh-where-oh-where-oh-where-oh-wheeeeeeere??? Is my hairbrush?"

Yeah, we watch a lot of Veggie Tales around here.

I really just wanted to write down some of his current word pronunciations before I forget them. They are so cute!
pack-pack = backpack
pan-pake = pancake
brish-brush = tooth brush, hair brush, paint brush

I probably shouldn't document how he says Percy... :)

I am still on the sickly side. I am coughing a lot - which is so weird because they aren't productive coughs, just a dry hack that hurts like heck. My voice comes and goes, but I can't sing at all. I cough more in the mornings and at night. I have an ear infection and I suspect a sinus infection as well. And for an added bonus, my influx in hormones this week has made me superman sensitive to certain smells and numb to others. I can't smell things that are sweet, nor can I smell rich, creamy or meat scents. I do, however, have a super sensitivity right now to metals, acidic smells and things like cat pee and ammonia (like from baby diapers). The last two can practically knock me out. I checked the mail earlier today and the scent of the mailbox on my hands just about drove me nuts. I washed my hands twice and am still catching whiffs of it from where I touched my face. It's like being pregnant without the fun baby at the end. boo.

Hopefully my immune system will wake from it's slumber and do something soon. I am tired of this.

I better go get something done. My list is getting longer.

D :)

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