Friday, December 29, 2006

Poor Puppy, We Know Not Your Name

Before you all read this, I want to just warn you this is not my usual post. Hopefully it will not be offensive to anyone (just funny).

We are currently staying at the in laws house. One of Hubby's cousins is getting married today and we came in for the wedding. Grammy and Happy have a beautiful house in the suburbs of a major city, and we enjoy going to see them on occasion. They also have a sweet little Jack Russell Terrier named Phoenix. Phoenix is a cutie - high energy (as most terriers are) and loves to play with Kiddo. He in turn will run and chase her for hours on end; screaming with glee at every turn and absolutely wear himself out doing so. He loves that dog. She is the perfect size, temperament and personality for a two year old kid. There is only one problem. Like most 2 year olds, some words are still hard to pronounce. Kiddo still calls a diaper a "bopper" and milk, "nok". Sometimes Lightening McQueen comes out "nighmin mcKeen" and so on. Last night when we arrived at G&H's house, Kiddo emerged from the car and ran to his Happy. When Phoenix came out he shouted at the top of his little 2 year old lungs "PENIS!!!, Penis!".

I couldn't hear him as I still had my head in the car, but Happy was rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter. As I approached the house, I heard it too - and tried miserably to contain my giggles. For the rest of the night the family thought it was fun to get Kiddo to call out for the dog, evoking roaring laughter from anyone within earshot. "Penis, where are you?!? Where did Penis go? Penis want a ball?"

D :)


Karen said...

sorry I got a good chuckle from this actually I laughed my butt off ! Quinn calles money he will come running up to me witha few coins and say Oh look Honey look I have got some funny looks from what people think is my 2 year old calling me Honey

karrie said...


My 3 year-old nephew is Thomas obsessed and went through a stage where he could not pronounce Percy. Instead he would say "Pussy." My sister and I just about died, since most of Thomas sounds kind of dirty anyway--shunting cars from behind, etc.

Karen said...

lol Karrie Quinn says Puurcey but if your half listening it sounds like puuussy

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