Monday, August 27, 2007

Boogie Boy

My Sweet Little Man,
I don't even know where to start with this. I have been looking at the computer screen for hours.

You have just amazed me this past week. In such a brief matter of moments you went from a half baby/half little kid of 2 to a big boy of 3. On Wednesday afternoon you decided you wanted to wear big boy underwear and you haven't been in a diaper since (except for at night, and even that was a fight with you). You decided to potty train yourself and I am so thrilled that I have so far only had to deal with 3 little accidents. You surprised me when we went out to dinner and to the store; you have not struggled with this one bit and in turn neither have I. I am so completely thankful for that.

You turned 3 yesterday. The entire weekend was quite exciting. Everyone came in for your birthday party. For months you have been talking about it; chanting over and over, "Grammy and Happy and Aunt A and Uncle W and Nana and Big Daddy all come see you with presents, and bawoons and cake and sing da Happy Birfday song....and it's in August and I be free yeawrs old" :) :)

On Friday night we all met at the Oasis for dinner. Happy's birthday is a few days before yours so we celebrated with everyone that night. You were so good; you sat next to Happy and ate your meal almost entirely. You went all evening out without a diaper, and I didn't have to worry in the least that you would have an accident (although Daddy was another story. He was kind of spooked at the thought of taking you out of the house without a diaper!). Your party on Saturday was a success - the food was great and the company even better. The cake turned out alright - poor Mommy needs to work on her decorating skills! But you loved it anyway. We sang "da Happy Birfday Song" early on so we could get you out of the cake, and once you had a little taste you were satisfied. You totally scored with new toys and Cars gear; lots of clothes and cool things to keep you occupied and learning. I was constantly reminded of how blessed we are as a family. We get along so well and care for each other so very much. It was wonderful to see everyone together and having fun.

G&H left Saturday afternoon, and the next morning we went to church with Aunt A and Uncle W. We had a yummy lunch with them after and then they left to go back to their home. You were kind of upset that everyone was leaving, but I think it helped that they left in pairs at different times. We came home and hung out with Nana and Big Daddy for a while, then went to dinner with them. You did perfectly there as well, and even in a fit of boredom still you managed to stay unrestrained in your big person seat and be good. When Nana and Big Daddy left today, you cried for a long time. You love your family. You love having people around you. It makes me sad that we don't get to see everyone very often.

Last night as I put you to bed, I stroked your head and told you happy birthday. And when I laid down in my own bed I began to recall what I was doing three years before - it was one of the scariest moments of my life. I still can't believe we went from there to here; such an awful and frightening beginning to such an amazingly joy filled time.

So at the ripe old age of three you are smart and funny and as clever as anyone I know. Just a few days ago you told a joke: You were making animal noises and after we would say "what was that?". You would reply with "that was a ___" (cow, pig, dog, etc.). After a few rounds of this game you made a noise that started off as a moo and ended as a meow. I asked "what was THAT?" and you said "that was a cowkitty!!". You laughed and laughed. It was hysterical.

You still have a passion for anything Cars related, and thanks to your family you now own more Cars merchandise than any kid should be allowed. You are also enthralled with the Little Einsteins. The new DVD has played non-stop in the player and Leo and Annie figurines rarely leave your presence. You are still scared by the vacuum cleaner, but it is much more manageable now in that whenever I need to vacuum I just tell you and you go hide in your room. You love water - if I took you to the pool or the sprinkler park every day all day you would be the happiest kid on the block. You love animals, and unfortunately show no fear of any of them, except for the creepy crawlies. Fascinated you may be by frogs and bugs and whatnot, but leery nonetheless. For the most part you are gentle and sweet with Tyler and Mi-mi, and I hope that is a trait you retain for life. Nothing upsets me more than to see little kids being mean to animals, and I am glad you have learned such a gentle touch.

Your gentleness shows in your affection for people as well. Though you may hit and be mean at times, you are still a sweet soul who loves to cuddle and be kissed on. I know I can almost always steal sugar when I need it, and you always seem to sense when I could really use a hug or a sweet pat. Just when I think you are all grown up, you crawl into my lap and bury your little face in my neck. My hair still brings you great comfort, and the nights when you reach for a lock I fight the urge to pull away, because I know this habit of yours won't last forever. When we travel in the car and I am sitting beside you, sometimes you will reach out and gently stroke my arm, or grab me in a big head lock and give me a big hug. Moments like those melt my heart to you all over again, and I breath in your sweet scent and pray you will always be open to hugs from me.

You are still The Boogie Man - and have been from day one when I gave you that nick-name. You dance at any given opportunity, and have recently taken to singing a lot more as well. I just love it when you perform, but even more fun for me (and Daddy) is when you don't want me to sing with you. You throw such a fit and of course I have to antagonize you by singing louder and more obnoxious the more you protest. I look forward to the day when we can sing together and I can teach you harmony (cheesy, I know - but it will happen!). hmm, maybe I should take up the banjo. Just kidding. Kind of.

I think what makes me the most proud at times is that you are so very polite. I don't know how I managed to teach you, but for the most part you are extremely good at asking for things in a very grown up sort of way. "Mommy, may I have a piece of cheese please?" Ahh, like angels singing in my ear! Saying thank you is almost second nature, and so very pleasing to those you say it to.

So very little of your baby ways are left now. And though I delight in the new adventures and accomplishments to come, I am sad to see the little things go. Your legs are growing long, your features more mature; and when I see images of you much younger, I marvel at how much and yet how little you've changed.

You will always be my baby though. Get used to it. I love you Kiddo. Happy third birthday.

D :)


Julia said...

Happy birthday S! What a sweet letter you wrote D.

Carrie said...

How beautiful! I am glad Seth had a nice birthday :) Thomas says it is hard not to miss the little people they have been. Bittersweet. I don't correct all of their mispronunciations anymore cuz I don't want them ALL to disappear just yet :)

Oh, The Joys said...

Happy Birthday to S - and WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!!!

Misty said... sweet.

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