Thursday, August 02, 2007

Running on Empty

Let me tell you about last Saturday.

I woke up. I stumbled somewhat blindly into the dining room. I turned on my beloved laptop. I started a pot of coffee. I changed a diaper, poured a bowl of cereal for Kiddo, and pulled out a coffee cup and put creamer in it. I waited for the coffee to finish brewing, poured myself a cup and noticed my beloved laptop was making a strange beeping noise. It had done that before, so it didn't really alarm me. I took some Tylenol for my back and started loading the dishwasher. The laptop started creaking and popping and groaning. I ran over to it to find a lovely blue screen.

I read the blue screen info, did what it said to do and rebooted my computer. It did not make it.

RIP my Toshiba Laptop hard drive. 10-04-06 to 7-28-07 May you rest in peace.


So Hubby packages it up and leaves to take it to the electronics store for repair. Thankfully it was still under warranty.

He calls me 15 minutes later asking where I keep the car insurance card in my car. He had a wreck. He rear ended some poor soul when they had to slam on their brakes because some yahoo pulled out in front of them. The yahoo left the scene, but thankfully someone got their license plate. My car has a good bit of damage, but thankfully was still drivable because we left on Sunday for a family vacation.

grrrrr! Things did get better though.

More later.
D :)


Cindy said...

no,no NO!! Not the blue screen!! Went through similar issue with my desktop, it's not fun. Glad hubby is ok. So is your computer back?

karrie said...

Yikes! Both on the newish laptop dying and the car wreck. Crap.

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