Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ain't No Lookin' Back

So, when I was pregnant with the Kiddo, the morning/noon/night sickness began on day one of week 4. Actually, if it hadn't been for that day, I probably wouldn't have found out I was pregnant until much later. From that point on, I had pretty much a constant nausea until about 12 weeks. It wasn't anything other than annoying, and during that time I kept the cracker companies afloat, but I was still able to function pretty well in a 9-5 job dealing with people all day.

This time though, things have been different. Other than a couple brief waves here and there, I hadn't had any morning sickness to speak of until this week (and I am about 7 weeks). Silly me thought it would be cool to pull out the crock pot and cook something for dinner all day. By about 1pm, the smell had taken over the house and I could not escape it. Bring on the nausea. For two days, just about anything would make my stomach turn. Thankfully I never lost it, but I sure did come close!

Now, just certain smells will make me do a flip flop. Mainly things like the dog, smoke from a BBQ pit, dog/cat food and dirty diapers. Not that these smells are pleasant at any moment, but they are particularly heinous for me right now.

It is curious to me how this pregnancy will differ from my last. I am looking for differences - mainly because I am trying to determine if I am carrying a boy or a girl. I have already started to show some (darn it) and this is disturbing as well. I know they say the body remembers and goes back to the pregnant form quicker the second time around, but come on! At this rate I will be the size of a barn by the time I deliver!


Kiddo's 3rd birthday is coming up this weekend. I have, as usual, put off the planning and preparation until the last minute. Of course, it hasn't helped much that I was without a car for all of last week as well as yesterday and today. It has been in the shop, getting fixed after Hubby's last wreck. We actually got it back on Friday, but something was wrong with the a/c so it had to go back to the shop yesterday. Hopefully I'll get it back this afternoon.

Kiddo is very excited about his birthday party. He has talked about it non stop for months now, and I think he understands that it is coming up quick. I am trying to keep everything sort of secret until the last minute, just so it feels more special to him. So, he hasn't seen the Lightning McQueen plates or the streamers and other fun stuff. Hopefully I can convince one of the grandparents to keep balloons in their hotel room the night before the party. Hopefully the kids have fun, even though I don't really have any specific activities planned. Hopefully I can make a cake that looks half-way decent. Hopefully, no one really cares what the cake looks like.

There will be way too much food and way too much heat and way too many people in my house, but I am so looking forward to it. My house is slowly getting cleaned top to bottom, everything will be put away and picked up, and hopefully I will be able to eat all the yummy goodies I am making and none of them will make me queasy! Oh how sad that would be if I couldn't partake of the spicy chicken dip or the hamburgers. But I won't think about that right now.

It will be great to have the family all together celebrating my little man. He is growing up so fast; I just can't believe it.

D :)

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Julia said...

Happy (early) birthday S!

Oh boy. The description of the crock pot made me gag a little. I hope your nausea doesn't progress to where I'm at. I can't even watch Food TV anymore. The sight of certain dishes sends me running to the porcelain god who is my new BFF (or at least until this passes).

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