Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lay Me Down

Gosh, I just don't know what to post about. I think of all these things throughout the week and then when I sit down to do it they all either sound extremely trivial or I can't remember them at all. Either way, my brain is kind of mushy today so I apologize if this makes no sense.

Kiddo is on the downhill slide to three. He is amazing me every day with his growing independence and his growing attitude. Last week he put himself to bed twice. He has also dictated to us when it is time to take a bath or go to bed, and usually he is way ahead of schedule. But like a good little boy he will go to sleep anyway, 'cause well, he was ready and he said it was time! lol!

He has started this strange attention getting tactic as well. He will scream and cry like he's hurt himself and wait for someone to come running. Now when he screams I don't know what to do because I certainly don't want to feed that behavior, but I also don't want to neglect him if he really is hurt. He's a smooth manipulator I tell ya.

We were having troubles again with him getting up multiple times in the night. Hubby was at the end of his rope, watching me deal with it (through one cracked eye lid while he stayed warm and comfy in bed) every night, and so we discussed what needed to be done to stop it. For a couple of nights I tried instantly putting him back in his own bed instead of letting him snuggle with me for a minute or two first, and it didn't seem to help. I did notice that every time Kiddo tried to climb into bed with me he felt really cold. I mentioned it to hubby a couple of nights ago, he kind of brushed it off, but I decided to put an extra blanket on his bed that night; just to experiment. Needless to say, he slept through the night! He slept through last night as well - two nights in a row makes me think I am on to something here, so I will leave the extra blanket on his bed for a while.

Potty training is so very much in limbo. Some days are good, others are not. Lately he has been asking to go to the potty after he has already done his business in his diaper, and then proceeds to play on the potty until I take him off out of shear frustration. Today he fought with me for trying to change his diaper after he had pooped. He wanted to "poo poo on da potty!". I tried to explain to him that he had already used the diaper. He is screaming at me to use the potty and trying to get up and so I decided to show him what he had done in the diaper. I picked him up off the changing table (yes, he is too big for it but with my back problems it is the easiest thing to use) and swung him around to face the diaper. When I did, his foot caught the diaper and in one swift movement slung lovely brown pellets of poo all over his bedroom floor.

Thank goodness it was a hard poop. *sigh* Who says that? Oh yeah, Moms.

He was mortified at seeing his poo all over the floor. I wasn't too thrilled myself. He wanted to help me pick it up, but he didn't want to touch it (me either kid) and it was torture for him to see it on the carpet instead of in the diaper or the potty.

Now he won't even entertain the thought of going on the potty.

Oh my goodness. I typed the line above about an hour ago. Kiddo just wined to me he needed to poop on the potty so I took him to the bathroom and he actually did it! He told me before he did it and he did it without goofing off on the potty! YAY!

Well, I guess I'll end with that. Can't really top it at this point.

D :)


karrie said...

Yay for pellet poo!

Hope he continues to make progress. It will make things so much easier for you.

Jenni said...

Yay for you! Mine won't even tell me yet when she's dirty....sigh...

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