Monday, December 17, 2007

Frosty The Snowman

I kind of look like Frosty the Snowman these days...

Ah, I just typed out this big ol' post about driving and the kindness of people during the holidays, but frankly I had to delete it because I just realized that it's not really something I care to put down in my "history book" that is this blog. So, instead, I will just tell you some random things that have been going on here.

Kiddo is cracking. us. up. lately. Some of the things he says - holy moly! I don't know where he gets them or how some things are processing in his little head, but he is quite the character at times! He just amazes me every day.

His latest thing though (which is quite annoying) is that he goes around the house singing the theme song from the t.v. show 2 1/2 Men. You know, "manly men, men, men, manly men, men, men, whoo hoo hoo, huh hoo hoo hoo hoo, manly men, men, men, manly men, men ah ha-uh-aaaahhhh". Yeah. And we don't even watch that show very often, but I think he picked it up the very first time he ever heard it. It was cute the first couple of times, but not so much now that we hear it all evening, every evening. Kiddo also sings the Reading Rainbow song at random times. In the car on the way back from the grocery store I was serenaded by that one. ;)

He is doing really well with the potty training. He stays dry most nights, then it seems we will have a set back for a couple of days and then all is well again. Most times he just tries to go too long without relieving himself and then he has an accident. But, things are getting better. He is getting so big and independent. He actually zipped up his own jacket today - and I was just thrilled!

I am really starting to miss the baby in him though. He doesn't like to be read to forever like he used to, and the times I get to cuddle on the couch are long gone. Sometimes I get a cuddle in the morning, but those are rare as well.

And I think part of my problem is I am realizing that I won't have much one on one time left with him. Pretty soon he'll be fighting for my attention and I won't always be able to give it to him. If I think about it too long I get pretty sad about it.

And just when I thought I was failing him musically, he saw this commercial for a Norelco razor or something and at the end they played two tones. He sang them back to me and said "ti, do". :D :D :D He was right! :) :) (I guess I should thank Little Einsteins for that one)

In baby news, I had my appointment today (since Friday was a bust) and all seems to be well. All she did was check the heartbeat and measure my uterus. I am measuring 23 weeks - but she was having trouble getting the measurement (don't ask) so I am not entirely sure she was accurate.

The cold weather has brought on some lovely Braxton Hicks contractions though, so now I have to be sure to keep the belly warm at all times. I didn't have these much when I was pregnant with Kiddo; I certainly didn't have them this early, so they kind of freak me out. But, from what I understand BH are pretty common in subsequent pregnancies so the nurse practitioner I saw today wasn't concerned when I told her. My next visit, in 4 weeks, will be for the dreaded glucose tolerance test. I have to fast the night before and go in first thing in the morning. Then I drink the syrupy drink and wait an hour for the blood draw. The n/p told me that if I absolutely had to, I could eat a protein meal, but they preferred I not eat anything. I am not particularly worried about the food part, it's the lack of coffee that is going to kill me!

I am at the point now that some days I don't even feel pregnant. It is so strange. But, then he will start kicking and rolling or I'll get horrible heartburn and it all comes back to me! lol!

I guess that's about it. My thoughts are too scattered for much else.

D :)

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