Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Child is This?

The baby got his first experience with hiccups last night. Poor thing - I don't think Kiddo had hiccups in utero until 30+ weeks. I felt so bad for him; you could tell it was a weird experience. He also heard the vacuum when I turned it on yesterday - he jumped and kicked me for a good five minutes while I vacuumed. I guess the ears are developing nicely!

I have been doing a little searching on baby names. I still don't know what we are going to call this poor kid. Kiddo had a couple of suggestions; Port and Keean (key-an). I'm not sure where he got those names, but I thought he was pretty creative. I have a list of my own going, though I have only made it up to the G's. Unfortunately, all the names I really, really like have been used by people I know. It sucks! I realize I could still use them, but we really want something uncommon and cool. Thankfully we still have some time yet.

But of course, even if we pick something, no one will know what it is until the baby is born. I just can't handle everyone's "opinions". ha ha!

My mother may not remember this conversation, but she actually named the Kiddo. When I was about mid pregnancy with him, she (and everyone else) had been bugging me unmercifully about names. One day she had asked me again, and I was so frustrated with the question that I decided to egg her on a bit.

I told her that I had been reading about a certain way of naming a baby where after the baby is born, a spiritual leader divines a name during a ceremony. I told her I thought that would be something we could do, since we were having trouble coming up with a name. She replied exasperated "Oh Dawn, if you do that you'll end up with some horrid name like Kiddo (obviously not his real name)". And that my friends, is how Kiddo got his name. Thank you Nana!

Anyway, this time there will not be discussion of names at all, so don't even ask me. Hubby and I are making a list, checking it twice, and hopefully will have it narrowed down to something we like in time for the baby to be born.

...or we can always just call him Port... ;)

D :)


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

...or Merlot, or Pinot? Hehe.

Braden had hiccups in utero a lot... and when he got them after he "dropped" when I was sitting on the floor... I could feel them, uh... in my hoohoodilly. Heh.

Julia said...

What is it with people wanting to know the baby's name before birth? We didn't announce Chloe's name for the longest time (partly because we had no name picked), and it drove people crazy. This time around we decided just to announce the first name so everyone would get off our backs, and thankfully no one has given us a hard time about the name choice (yet). I do kind of like Port. :) I misread it at first and thought it said Porter.

Mollie Kendall Photography said...

And there I went and yammered on and on with you on IM about names tonight! You shoulda told me to go check out your blog ;)

Vick said...

Heh - Isabel named Newbie Coconut, so Port actually sounds reasonable :)

Try not picking a name until the kiddo is born ... drives people *nuts*

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