Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is There Room In Your Sleigh

Oh my achin' back!

In preparation for the holidays I have been trying to accumulate everything I need for all the goodies I am baking. I have gone to the grocery store 3 times now in 3 days, and I am pretty sure I will need to go back again tomorrow or Friday. I should have my own parking space I tell ya!

So today we went yet again and I got lots of supplies (so much for my grocery budget this month!). Kiddo did really well until the sacker pulled him (in the cart) way far away from me in the line. Come on lady, you can't take two steps toward my shopping cart to put the bags in?? He felt himself being drug away and it totally freaked him out. I pulled him back about half way and wouldn't you know it I got a dirty look from the sacker?!? There were 2 bags!! It's not like she has to make several trips to my cart. ugh.

Anyway I got home and my intention was to make fudge today. I had an easy, peasy cheater recipe that I got somewhere, but never having made fudge before I mentioned it to my mother in law and she emailed me the family fudge recipe in return.

Now the thing I love about family recipes is one, they usually really are very good and two, they are hysterical to decipher. Because in all those years of writing it down and rewriting and passing along, someone's shorthand and/or bad memory came in to play and things get confused. So Grammy sends me this recipe and the first ingredient is listed as "3 large Hershey bars (12 oz)".

So I am wondering, does that mean 3 large bars totalling 12 oz or 3 large bars, 12 oz each? I looked in my pantry and just happened to have a Hershey bar the size of my head in there and it was only 8 oz. I am perplexed. I email Grammy and she emails back "The Hershey bar size is the BIG one, maybe 4x8 (I'm guessing)." umm, ok. This perplexes me further because the "normal" big one I see in the store is a 5 oz, but the one in my pantry was a special 1/2 pounder that I have only seen on rare occasions, and such occasion was not today at the local WalMart.

oy vey! ;) So I get her on the phone and we realize that the 12 oz probably went with the second ingredient on the list "2 small bags of chocolate chips". Ok, so we don't know how many ounces we are looking for, but I figure that with the couple of big bars I have on hand I can fudge about a half batch (no pun intended. really).

Another ingredient is "1 large can of evaporated milk". Ok, what does that mean?? Because a normal can is 12 oz and the small cans are 5 oz but sometimes you can procure a "large" can at WalMart - I guess for those huge batches of stuff. So are we talking large large, or medium large? And yet another ingredient, "1 pint of Marshmallow Creme". Huh. 1 jar of marshmallow creme is 7 oz. , and there are 16 oz in a pint, so should I buy 3 jars and estimate 2 ounces??

eed gads!

This is way too much math for my little preggo brain. I halved the recipe and the measurements were not by any means accurate, so I am just praying that it turns out ok. I mean it can't be too bad right??

Another thing I am currently making is Chex Party Mix. I decided to add Cheese-Nips to the recipe. When we were in the store buying them, Kiddo asked me what they were. I said Cheese Nips Crackers. He repeated "yeah Mommy, dats right, Jesus Crackers! Day-er crackers for Jesus!"

:) :) :) Can he get any cuter??

D :)


Vick said...

Who doesn't love Jesus crackers?!?

Isabel gets upset if the baggers pull her too far away, too. And the one time I let someone help me to the car, it was like the Quasimodo of baggers and *that* was a fun walk!! I double dog dare ya to let a bagger walk your cart out :)

Mollie said...

family fudge recipe???? hmmm I swear my threat to come over is getting more serious girl ;) Fudge is my all time fave! And yet I've never even attempted it!?!

I've made bold and somewhat bit$hy comments to the sackers on more than one occasion. (you're not surprised are ya). Once for pulling my cart away even. I swear that they have a negative IQ test ratio you have to fall underneath to work at our particular store!!

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