Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Hee hee!

So November ends and I fall off the planet! Is that how it works?? Sorry folks, that was not my intention, but you know how life kinda gets in the way?? Well, yeah.

"Oh Come Let Us Adore Him..."

So lots of things have been going on here in the house of Fry. The Kiddo has made some awesome strides into boy-hood and I am so proud of him. He is officially now off of the Lactose free milk! We started the weaning process a little before Thanksgiving. While we were visiting the family, my mom had pre-purchased some lactose free milk so Kiddo drank that like a good little guest. Back at home though, we went back to regular ol' 2% lactose milk and haven't looked back. He seems to be tolerating it just fine, thank goodness. My grocery budget has been transformed! Steak for everybody!!!

Ok, so I get excited about little things, but saving $15-20 a month by not having to buy special milk is sooooo cool!

"Oh Come Let Us Adore Him..."

And the biggest news yet, Mr. Kiddo is officially diaper free!!! Can I get an AMEN!?! Last week we were having some pretty significant accidents during the day. In the heat of frustration (on my knees for the second time that day cleaning up a completely soaked floor and Kiddo) I asked Kiddo if I needed to put him back in "baby diapers". Of course, being the big boy that he is, he violently protested and vowed to not have any more accidents. I guess what I said took a few days to marinate in his little brain because a few nights later I was putting on his pull up before bed and he asked me in the most pitiful voice if he was a baby again. AWWWW!! I felt so bad! He thought I was punishing him by putting on the diaper - and I couldn't get him to understand that the pull up was for big boys so we decided right then and there to go cold turkey. He has been in underwear at night for 4 nights now and there have been no accidents!! Yippie!!

I do realize that the novelty will wear off soon and I will be changing pee soaked sheets in the middle of the night a few times but for right now I am celebrating, ok?

Actually he is really good about getting up in the middle of the night if he needs to go. Of course he runs in our room loudly announcing that he needs to go, but what's a night if there isn't a kid waking me about something, right?

Speaking of children waking me, why does my unborn babe choose to practice tap dancing at 3:00 in the morning???

"Oh Come Let Us Adore Him!..."

In sad Kiddo news, the holidays have officially spoiled my child rotten. Advertisers have successfully bored into his brain and reprogrammed him to be the most obnoxious, greedy child on earth. I think we may need to sign him up for toy ad detox when all this is done. We cannot go into ANY store right now without him begging, pleading, protesting loudly until we peruse the toy section (even at the grocery store for crying out loud!). And heaven forbid I don't purchase a newly released Cars diecast car for him to take home. Dang Disney! They keep releasing new Cars cars and my kid is about to drive me insane! He now has at least 6 different versions of Lightning McQueen and still wants the couple he doesn't have. (no worries, the little stinker will most likely get the rest of them in his stocking)

Today at Target I declared "no more!" and refused to even go to the toy section. Oh the tantrum that ensued. Oh the kicking! Oh the screaming! Oh the looks from strangers! What is it about Target that brings out his inner beast?!? We got out to the parking lot and he refused to get out of the shopping cart. I would lift him up and he would just go limp, locking his feet in the little leg holes in the seat. I finally, in all my pregnant glory, had to yank him out as quickly as I could so he couldn't get a foot hold. In the process he whacked my sunglasses with his head and of course screamed and cried some more. I put him in the car seat kicking and punching and he screamed the whole way home. I pulled in the driveway, put the car in park, turned and looked back at him. And I kid you not, he looked at me, closed his eyes and went to sleep! Turkey.

So as a reward for being such an awesome Mommy today I am sitting here doing one of my favorite things (blogging) and stuffing my face with mint chocolate M&Ms.

Happy holidays!
D :)


TitanKT said...

First of all: HOORAY for no diapers! I tell you what, my kid is 6 years old and he's been potty trained for more than three years now and I'm STILL grateful not to have to change diapers. Heh, but you have more coming up, don't you? *grin* It's okay, though. Baby diapers are not nearly as horrifying as toddler diapers. You'll be fine.

Second: I remember when I was pregnant and my alarm would go off and I'd wake up and discover he'd been kicking and squirming like crazy... I'd just managed to sleep through it. Heh. It's a useful talent.

Finally: Be comforted that yours is not the only child spoiled into a greedy green eyed monster during the Christmas season. Michael's asking for something different every five minutes, it's driving me crazy.

Fortunately, he does not do the tantrum thing in the store anymore, but that's only because I have ultimate leverage... I am the giver and taker away of video games. Consider carefully if you think you never want your child to play, because while, yes, there are some issues about them becoming obsessive and rotting their little brains by playing too much... if you can manage to avoid that, video games are the ULTIMATE bargaining tool! Plus, they don't take as much time to remove from the box and figure out how to play with as Transformers. Hah.

Jill said...

My children like tantrums in Target too!!!

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