Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brilliant Disguise

I know, I know - where is the anniversary post?!? It's coming, I assure you. I just have a lot on my plate right now and I am having trouble getting the images ready.

I can't have an anniversary post without pictures, can I?

So anyway, in other news, I think we may have a new card manufacturer developing in the Fry household.

Last Wednesday, Kiddo, out of the blue, ran up to me begging for paper because he needed to make Father's Day cards for his dad and his grandfathers. Thank goodness he did, because in my little sleep deprived foggy brain I hadn't even realized it was the Wednesday before Father's Day. I happily handed over a few pieces of brightly colored heavy stock and let him go to work. He made a card for his daddy, and then moved on to the cards for the granddads.

Whenever he makes a card for somebody, he usually will draw himself, his favorite toy of the moment and the person he is sending the card to. Usually that person will be doing or saying something familiar - something he remembers as specific to them. He and his Happy (Hubby's dad) always talk about muscles, so Happy's card had him showing off his muscles. When he was creating my dad's card, he told me he was going to make his Big Daddy into a big bear (a little game they played the last time my parents came for a visit). I left him to his art and was doing my own thing when suddenly his laughter erupted from the kitchen floor where he sat.

{giggle giggle!}
"Mommy look at this! I drew Big Daddy!"
Me: "You did? Great let me see."
{giggle giggle}
"Here it is! Mommy, I drew Big Daddy! And he's....he's...."

"tee teeing on the POTTY!" {giggle giggle}(pardon the graphic image. it was just too funny to not capture!)

Uh yeah, so we had to do a version 2 for Big Daddy's card. The second one was much better.

Anyway, he also wanted to make a card for Eric, my friend Kim's husband. Because, "he's a daddy too Mommy." lol

A couple of days later I took the boys to the sprinkler park. While we were there Kiddo latched on to a dad that was nice enough to humor him and play a little pretend football. Through the course of their playing together with the man's son, Kiddo found out that his name was Matthew. When we got home from the park, Kiddo insisted that he make a Father's Day card for Mr. Matthew too. He didn't understand why I couldn't mail it to him, so I finally had to tell him I would mail it. (just like I mailed the letter to Santa I suppose. *wink*)

Anyway, I did manage to get a couple of shots of my boys on Father's Day. I just love Port's little wicked grin in this one!
And yes, Kiddo pretty much wears a costume of some sort just about every day. His favorite word right now is "incognito". "Mommy, I am incognitooooo. Nobody knows who I am because it is a misguise." ;-)

D :)


jhjohnstone said...

That Father's Day card is hilarious! Our kids are so funny at this age. LOL

Rachel Anne said...

hahahahaha! That caught me by surprise and I nearly fell off my chair laughing. That's a keeper.

Love the misguise....very muscle-y.

Just catching up from the weeks of work-a-thon. Phew. So nice to stop in to see you!!

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