Friday, June 26, 2009

What's Up

Happy Friday Fry Moments Readers and Beloved Company Girls!!

Ah the Fry Casa is almost back to normal after a looooooong 4 days of Hubby being gone. The boys really had a hard time dealing with his absence (Momma did too!) and we are so happy that he actually came home earlier than expected late last night. Kiddo was not happy that his Daddy was going on a trip without him, and little Port was very confused when Dadaaaaahh didn't come home each night. He roamed the house for hours at a time calling for him.

I tried to do some fun stuff to keep the boys occupied. On Wednesday I took them both to their first theater movie. We met some friends to see UP. The boys did great - though I was kind of disappointed that Kiddo wasn't more impressed with the movie theater. I remember being overwhelmed the first time I stepped foot in one. He was more excited (and then of course upset) about the little water spray area in front of the theater. I wouldn't let him play in it and he got mad. *sigh*

On Tuesday I put some elbow grease into our little kiddy pool and got it all cleaned up so the boys could swim. It was a lot of fun letting the kids play while I sat in the shade. Port was super cute as usual.

"What Mommy? You want me to look at Big Brother?"
"What's Silly Big Brother doing??"
"He is so funny!!"
{biggest laugh face ever!}
"Hmm, this plate looks cool."
{llaahlollah nom, nom}"What?!?"
More laughter from my cutie pie...
The cause of the laughter...

On Thursday Grammy and Happy surprised us with a quick visit. Thank goodness they did because this momma was about to lose her mind! I mean, uh, I really needed a break. ;-)

And thankfully today I didn't need to plan anything because Daddy was home! YAY!

How was your week? Did you go over to Company Girl and vote for your 3 favorite photos??
Have a great weekend!

D :)


L2L said...

I'm not sure how often your hubby leaves but one thing we have done in the past is put a picture of daddy where each child can see at night and let them kiss daddy goodnight and talk to day about what ever they want. we are a military family and have dealt, too often, with being seperated from daddy. Thankful all is well and he is back!!!

One More Equals Four said...

Precious pictures! I am a TERRIBLE photographer and when I try to get those cute, candid shots I always end up with a backside, a head cut off, etc.

Glad everything is getting back to normal! Have a great week!

Joyce said...

How funny...that sounded like my week. Norm was away for 4 days and came home a few hours earlier than expected. My sister bought a little pool for Melody. Norm's parents were over on Thursday and Friday to relieve of some of my mommy duties, except for the feeding-the-infant one...I gotta do that one. I'm glad we both survived! =)

mholgate said...

Cute photos! My DH is gone until tomorrow. CD, my youngest (2) always asks for him when he's not home for bedtime. We'll see how he does tonight. :)

Have a great week!

Rachel Anne said...

I love the big smiles! Nothing like splashing in the backyard pool. I'm wishing we had a kiddie darn hot! Your photos are wonderful.

I just counted up votes for the contest winner.....woo! It was a close race!

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