Thursday, June 04, 2009

Simple As That

gonna blog today gonna blog today gonna blog today...

I've had a pretty productive little day today if I do say so myself. I ordered some new vinyl lettering for the back of my car (business stuff), did a couple loads of laundry, did a massive overhaul of the kitchen (it was a total disaster!), came up with another brilliant business idea and made a purchase toward achieving that goal, developed another business idea; building it from merely a concept to a plan of action and fleshed out the details. I finished and posted my last session's gallery on my website (blog entry soon to come), started my very own Google calendar so I can get a little more organized, ran to the grocery store for some much needed items, worked in the garden for a good while, harvesting a couple of zucchini and a bowl full of green beans. I mulched the grape vine and watered everything as well.

I still have a lot on my to do list, but as usual, the more I do, the more motivated I feel so I guess it is all good. Oh yes, and on my small thing list for the house today I filled all of the soap dispensers. I am trying to do at least one small thing each day. Yesterday it was wipe down the bathroom mirrors and medicine cabinets. I figure, unless I figure out a way to make things like that less of a bother, they will never get done. right?

Kiddo has had a little goal of his own for about a week now. I'm not sure where he got this (though I suspect it has something to do with his Happy), but about 5 days ago he got out of bed, came to me and said "Mommy today I am going to be an adult. I am to brush the teeth, and wash the face and comb the hair and change the clothes." And that is exactly what he does now every morning as soon as he gets up.

It is super cute, really. But it's not so cute when I am trying to sleep and he is in my room asking me to turn on the water in the bathroom so he can "brush the teeth". ugh. He can only turn on the faucet in the kitchen by himself and one morning I actually caught him brushing 'the' teeth in there. I had to stop him when he started rinsing his tooth brush in a dirty bowl full of water...

So yeah, super cute, except for when I'm SLEEPING. *sigh* Thanks Happy. ;-)

In Walmart the other day he asked me to buy him a razor because he needed to shave too. When he brushes the teeth and washes the face and combs the hair and changes the clothes - yes, he says it just like that, every time!

In the car last week Kiddo says "My hair is a masterpiece."
Me: It is?
Him: "Yes, but some times I have to get a hair cut."

Port surprised me the other day. We had stopped at Sonic while we were out and I got Kiddo and I a drink. I decided to get another small cup of water as well, in case Port had cup envy. Sure enough, when we got home he started screaming for Kiddo's cup, so I gave him the water. He happily drank it while sitting on the floor and soon enough he pulled the straw out of the top. Once it was out he decided he wanted to drink some more so he got up and brought the cup to me. I told him, "you have to have the straw, Baby, go get it and I will put it back in the cup." And wouldn't you know it, he turned around, walked back over to the rug, picked up the straw and brought it to me?!? I was shocked!

He has also made the connection with wearing shoes and going out side. Now when he wants to go outside he will find his shoes and bring them to me. And if I sit on the floor he will turn his back to me and back up until he can sit in my lap. Then he will stick out his feet for the shoes! Soooooo cute!!! He loves to go outside and swing. I can't wait until he figures out how to get off the porch by himself!

I have been on a roll with cooking lately. I made two amazing dishes this week; a lasagna and a seared salmon with a dill cream sauce. YUM! I am soooo loving this garden!! I swear in my next life I will be a chef. I will share the method/recipe next time. :)

D :)


Julia said...

Sounds delish! Do share the salmon recipe with dill sauce. Thanks to you and Kim, I ripped apart my pantry and started all over again and updated my Google calendar like an OCD person. Thanks for pushing me over my anal retentive edge, like I wasn't already pushed to the limit with the kids messing up my alphabetizing all the time. :-) You gals should totally have people post pics of their pantries after the MuMo podcast this week because I'll bet you motivated a bunch of listeners to do just that. Look at all the things you got done today! Impressive.

kimberly said...

Great Idea Julia!!!
Good Job Dawn. There's nothing like livin what ya preach!

The Wino said...

I am totally on that small things everyday plan also! I say those dishes, bathrooms, floors, counters etc. are NOT cleaning themselves! I wish I had a garden! I can't even keep rosemary alive in Phoenix though...and it grows like a weed here! No green thumb...You should move back here, plant the garden and we can wip up some fantastic food! I don't eat Salmon but love the idea!

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