Thursday, June 18, 2009

If I Can Dream

So today just feels like a music kind of day. I haven't shared any with you all in a while.

Of course, there is always room for the King...

And of course, there is always room to praise the One True King

Nicole Nordeman, Legacy

I first heard Legacy on a friend's blog - actually the same good friend that introduced me to her in the first place. This song, I have to say, is MY song at the moment. Even the video - it was like they just grabbed it right out of my head. Seriously. I can't listen to this without bawling like a baby. The first time I heard it, I ordered the CD immediately. (thank goodness for Amazon credit rewards!! It was FREE! woo hoo!)

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.

I am sporting the beginning of a headache today - the allergies are back (after a much welcomed hiatus while we were in Houston). I think my troubles may have something to do with the garden. If I don't shower at night after working in it, I wake in the middle of the night clawing at my head.

An update on the garden; the zucchini production has started to slow some. It is most likely due to the infestation, but it is welcome because I was seriously getting swamped with zucchini. So I am ok with it for now. Cucumbers are next; we have a few ready to pick. The green beans have somewhat slowed too - I think due to the heat. One of the green bean stalks (vines? plants?) has died, so I am trying to determine if it is wise to untangle it from the rest and get it out of there or just leave it be. I did remove some browning beans from it and have them sprouting in a dish in my kitchen, they will be the next generation of my bean plants and will be planted in the second garden this week some time. My tomato plants are absolutely huge - but still I only have 2 tomatoes growing. I found another hornworm on one of the plants and brought it to my friend Kim last week for her kids to observe. It sat with us and kept us company while we recorded our podcast last Sunday!

The black bean and lima bean plants are still small but growing well. I think this weekend I may try to make a trellis of sorts out of some scrap wood for them to climb. I used tomato cages this go round, and while they worked ok, there is a lot of entanglement along the top. They really need something taller and more spread out to climb on. My red and green bells are still very small, but doing ok, and I have one loan jalapeno pepper plant struggling to survive this heat. We pulled an infested corn stalk the other day - it produced one ear but it was half eaten already. I may just pull the rest of them and redirect the zucchini that have decided to grow outside the perimeter of the garden. My sweet little brussel sprout plants are still going strong, despite having the holiest of leaves. I hope they are able to produce some nice sprouts come the fall.

Right now I am in search of organic garlic bulbs to plant. They should go in the ground around September I think to be ready in the spring. My fall garden will include more zucchini, maybe another type of squash, pumpkin per Kiddo's request and things like peas, carrots, broccoli, potatoes and onions. I am also hoping to try for some fall greens again, replanting spinach and maybe a lettuce variety or two.

Here are a couple shots of the kids. Port has become quite the outdoor baby recently. He loves to go outside (mosquitoes be darned!) and he stares out the back door many times a day. He knows he has to have shoes on to go outside, so he will bring me any shoe he can find (his, mine, Kiddo's, Hubby's - it doesn't matter) and then whine to me until I give in. He loves the swing and just running around our back yard. He doesn't care about the heat or the bugs; he just loves to be out!
One day last week during Port's nap I had a brief photo session with Kiddo. Out of the 30+ shots I took, this is only one of 2 that he actually looked AT me. lol! Silly kid!
Tomorrow, the story of our anniversary! I bet you can't wait! ;-)

D :)

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