Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If you've read my blog for any amount of time at all, you are probably aware of Kiddo's love for superheros. Just about every day he dons some sort of costume, completes the look with a cape and mask, and pretty often adds gloves and boots to the ensemble. He fights criminals, rescues those in trouble and runs around flying and fighting and being "super". Sometimes it's pretty cute, sometimes exhausting, but most of the time now it's so common I don't even really notice it. A couple of times we have been on our way out the door when I realize that he is dressed all in red with surprisingly large muscles! (and no, so far we have not actually made it out the door that way - thank goodness!)

And as far as I know Port has no interest or understanding of this kind of play; big brother is just being his silly, normal self. Occasionally Port will bring me a pair of sunglasses (I guess they remind him of Kiddo's mask) and have me put them on his head (a million times) so he can run off grinning and rip them off his face seconds later.

But for some reason the other day, when Kiddo raided the receiving blanket drawer for a fresh polka dotted cape, Port eyed me curiously as I tied the blanket around Kiddo's neck. The next thing I knew, he had vanished somewhere in the back of the house. I called him, and he came down the hallway with not only a huge grin on his face, but a little receiving blanket from the drawer. He handed it to me and then turned his back to me, in the same way Kiddo had just minutes before. Taking his cue, I tied the blanket around his neck and gave him a cape.

Obviously, he liked it! :-)

D :)


Julia said...

THAT is hilarious!!!

jhjohnstone said...

How sweet! It's amazing how they emulate Big Brother or Big Sister sometimes.

Barb said...

Oh my that is wonderful!! He is so cute!!

Jenn said...

Precious!! (I had to watch it twice. The first time I missed most of it because I was in complete shock that Port was RUNNING!?!??) LOL!

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