Friday, May 21, 2010

The Visitors

Happy Friday!

First, I would like to start this post with some ooey-gooey sweetness. This is an audio recording of my sweet babies singing the night-night song with me. The quiet voice matching pitch is Kiddo, singing what he calls "the cello part". The louder voice is Port. Enjoy!
Port Singing (link should be fixed!)

Doesn't that just make you all warm and fuzzy?? Ahhhh! Me too! I keep it on my phone so I can listen to it any time I want.

And now for the not so pretty...This has been one heck of a week! Let me back track a little to paint that pretty picture for you, shall I?

Ok, so last week, Kiddo had some tummy issues of the lower GI nature. I didn't really think anything of it; it happens every now and then. Also, late in the week some time, Port threw up one morning. It was weird; he had the hiccups and they were really harsh. When he did it, it was like he choked on phlegm or something, so again I didn't think anything of it. It freaked him out though as it was his first experience with that. Friday through Sunday I had tummy trouble and then Sunday and Monday Hubby did. Tuesday, Port had serious issues and had 2 very disgusting blow out have-to-clean-everything-in-sight diapers. Major Yuck.

Tuesday night Hubby had some tummy cramping and nausea most of the night, but he was fine in the morning. So by Wednesday, I started putting 2 and 2 together and realized that we may have been passing a tummy bug around. Sadly, my beautiful sister in law was already on her way to visit us, and there was no way to warn her of what she was walking into. But, I figured, it had been through the whole family so it was probably done, and before she arrived I made sure to wipe down everything I could think of with disinfecting wipes.

So she arrived Wednesday morning and it was so great to see her. She played with the kids and let me take a shower in peace, and then while the baby was napping she let me run to Sonic for 10 minutes to myself and a half price Dr. Pepper. Bliss!!! I brought back drinks for everyone and all was well. When she and the boys were outside playing that morning, they came in once when Kiddo complained that he thought he was going to throw up. It was a very strange thing for him to say, because for one, he's only thrown up twice and two, he was pretty little both times - I didn't think he would know what that sensation felt like. But, after coming in the house he said he felt fine so I didn't think anything of it.

After lunch and happy hour, we were hanging out and Kiddo ran to go to the bathroom. I heard him coughing and then he started crying. I ran in to find he had vomited all over the bathroom floor. Once I got him calmed down and everything cleaned up, he seemed fine and didn't complain about it at all afterward. Later that evening, I started feeling queasy and light headed.

I was sick all night and most of the morning yesterday. Good times.

It looks like I got the worst of it. Hopefully no one else will get sick and we will be done with all this. And hopefully my wonderful sister in law will escape unscathed. She thankfully was here to help me with the boys all morning while I was still throwing up and Hubby was able to come home early from work to help for the rest of the day. By dinner time I was feeling up to finally ingesting something more than sips of water. I started with a piece of bread and then later half a banana. A bowl of Ramen noodles topped out my night and then I started feeling queasy again so I went to bed early.

Thankfully this morning I seem to be much better, and aside from the wicked caffeine headache I have I am feeling great.

I am praying this has run it's course because I am leaving tomorrow for a short weekend at the beach with Kim, and it would be really bad if Hubby or one of the kids came down with this while I was gone.

So keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, please?


Maybe next time my sweet sis comes to visit, she won't have to play nurse and babysitter to a messed up family. So sorry Aunt Addie! Please come back soon! I promise there will be less sickies.



Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

The singing was sweet and made me smile, which I needed badly. Have fun this weekend and be safe

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