Friday, May 28, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!

I am just trying to catch a quick moment here before the beastie wakes from his nap to chat with you some before the weekend. I am in a particularly good humor, so I thought it best to write something positive for a change. lol!

This morning started off bright and early just before 5AM when Port woke up screaming. His diaper was over capacity and he had wet himself and the bed. I got up and changed him and cleaned him up, but I couldn't put him back to bed because everything was wet and there was no way of keeping him quiet while I changed the sheets. So, we went to the couch, and within about 30 minutes he had raided the refrigerator 3 times for hot dogs and chicken nuggets. He is always soooo hungry when he wakes that early. It is weird. Then after round 2 of nuggets, he wanted me to get out the train tracks (his new obsession). The problem was, it was only 6AM and everyone else was trying to sleep. He got away from me when I dozed off for a second and busted into his room and began to dig out the trains. I ran in after him and tried to get a few out quietly so he would be satisfied, but he kept talking to me and we woke up Kiddo. So, by the time Hubby got up at around 7, the whole house was alive with people.


So, today I am taking caffeine intravenously and trying not to nod off every time things get peaceful around here. I had to deliver a print order downtown this morning, so on the way back we stopped at Costco to pick up a few things (and I spent UNDER $100!!! I don't think that has ever happened!). It was a disaster from the moment we pulled into the parking lot. Port was exhausted from being up so early and Kiddo was whiny because we didn't stop and play on the playground that we stopped at to deliver the print order.

I got them in the door and suddenly Port refused to go anywhere. He wouldn't help me push the cart, he wouldn't walk with me and he wouldn't ride. So we had to go out of the store and then in through the exit so we could make it to the concession area. I got the boys each a hot dog and we had an early lunch. Port seemed to be in a better humor so we went back out and then in the entrance and tried again. Kiddo wanted to ride so he was in the cart and Port was helping me push. When we got to the back of the store, Kiddo exclaimed that he felt like he was going to throw up (we are all still experiencing nausea from last week's sickies) so I got him out of the cart. Of course, the bathrooms in Costco are in the FRONT of the store, so I took a chance and just let Kiddo walk slowly while we picked up the rest of the items we needed. In the frozen section Port decided to scream and not walk again so after trying everything I could think of I just put him in the cart and strapped him in. He did not like that one bit. He screamed the rest of the way through the store.

These days I am so frazzled that when something like that happens I have a hard time maintaining my cool. Port was screaming and Kiddo was fighting me with the shopping cart. I asked him several times to walk beside the cart and hold it with one hand. He has a tendency to try to hold on with both hands and it makes the cart very hard to steer. So after telling him several times to let go, he again pulled sharply on the cart with his "free" hand. My back is acting up again right now, and the automatic response I had in correcting the wayward cart made a pain shoot down my leg. I swatted at his hand, which of course caused him to let out a shriek (even though I missed). Port was already crying so at that point everyone in the area looked up at us.

What a great mommy I am!

We made it to the check out with no vomiting but lots of crying. While waiting in line I reined in my anger and tickled Port until he laughed, which thankfully cheered up Kiddo too. But by the time we got through the checkout Port had enough tickles and was screaming again and my blood pressure shot right back up. It's so hard to not feel judged when your kids are acting like that, and swatting at Kiddo like I did was not something I would normally do, especially in public. We made it home after a few more detours and I put Port right to bed for a nap.

And then I saw it.

I won a contest!!

I won a very cool Second Skin Baby Wrap through Custom Photo Props and Shuttermom University! I am so excited! I enter stuff all the time and never win anything! I can't wait to get it and try it out on a newborn! YAY! So, if you or someone you know is expecting, I am currently offering no session fees and a $100 print credit for newborn sessions! This deal is only available for a limited time so contact me soon to take advantage!

Whoa, that sounded like an ad. Sorry. I am just! so! excited!

And if you are in the child photo biz, I urge you to check out Custom Photo Props' website. She has so many yummy, yummy things to make beautiful images with. I have a wish list for her store that is a mile long!

Have a wonderful weekend!

D :)

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