Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well friends, this is my 200th post. When I started this blog almost exactly one year ago (September 18th to be exact) I never thought I would still be writing in it a year later. I figured it would fall by the wayside, as so many of my projects do, and I am happy that it hasn't. I realize I haven't been writing much lately, but I am vowing to change that and get back to a more regular writing schedule. I just have so much swirling around in this little brain of mine that I can't organize any one thing enough to get it in a post before it swirls into something else.

The pregnancy brain is a strange and curious thing...

I do have lots to share though, from the pictures from Kiddo's birthday (3 weeks ago - ack) to the story of his first ever boat ride. I promise those are coming.

And this whole blogging once a week thing has got to stop. I get so aggravated when my regular reads don't post every other day or so, how on earth can I expect you all to hold on when I only show up once a week? I am so sorry about that.

But now that fall is rapidly approaching I am sure I will have lots to tell you about our daily happenings. I plan on documenting this pregnancy as much as I can too - the good, the bad and the gross. Consider yourself warned! ;)

I am currently completely revamping my photography website. Things are coming together and I am so excited with the results. I will have a new address and everything, and hopefully I can make the transition as easy as possible.

As we enter this new transitional period in our lives, I am trying to remind myself daily (several times a day at that) to praise and honor the One who deserves it all. Without God in our lives we would be nowhere; and I know I owe everything to Him. So with that, I will leave you with a song. God placed it on my heart this morning and I am listening.
(please forgive the video, the song is what is important)

Love and Blessings to you all!
D :)

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Jen said...

That's a great song, thank you! Well I love your blog and always look forward to a new post...though I totally understand how life gets ahead of us! Especially with a 3 year old and a baby on the way!

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