Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It Really Was No Miracle

Please excuse the cruddy picture. It was the best I could do rather quickly yesterday. I had Kiddo rapidly running through the area, my makeshift backdrop falling down and very little light! This is me at 12 weeks! Lordy I'm gonna be huge! (and I was sucking it in!)

I felt the baby yesterday. I couldn't believe it. I was sitting hunched over really far looking at something and wham! something poked me in the gut! ha ha! Stinker! Guess it didn't like all that squishing.


Update on Medicaid:

Ok, so I spent over an hour on the phone with several government offices today, and after the 5th or 6th new number/transfer, I finally found someone who knew what the heck was going on. They received my application for Medicaid on August 30 and then just, well, sat on it, basically.


What ever happened to 10-15 business days, you ask?

got me.

Anyway, since I was on the line the nice lady told me I could hold on while she "[went] ahead and processed" my application, or she would call me back in a few minutes. I opted to hang on - after an hour of being shuffled around I wasn't about to let this one go. She was done in about 5 minutes. Application approved, pending a fax from me to her with copies of Hubby's last 4 paychecks and the titles to both our cars. *sigh* She was sending my information out to me in the mail this afternoon.

You know, the thing that bothers me the most is not the fact that this has been a huge bother for me, but what about all those women out there that wait and wait and wait and don't have the notion or means to call and sit on hold for an hour to actually get something done? What happens to them? I mean for crying out loud, it's been almost a month since I applied and no one had even looked at my file until today. What is wrong with this picture?

So maybe some day soon I can find a doctor. Joy. By then I'll be ready to deliver!



Julia said...

Oh such a cute bump already! I just looked like I've had too big of a Thanksgiving meal; you know that look, where someone isn't quite sure to ask if you're pregnant or just gotten fatter. :) Glad to hear that you got the Medicaid straightened out.

Jen said...

Oh brother! That is crazy that it actually took you taking charge to get through to them. Well, I'm glad you did. And you look so great as well!

Karen said...

wonderful news dear look forward to seeing ultrasounds of wee bean soon !

Misty said...

Awww, you have an adorable bump going already. And it IS was miracle. I know you do song titles, right? But I had to argue with that title. :-D

Carrie said...

you look so cute!

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