Monday, September 24, 2007

DLM Photography

Good Morning everyone!

*ducking my head in shame* I know, I know, I said I would post more than once a week. I know! I have just been so preoccupied lately. But I am pleased to tell you that my distraction is finally resolved and I have some wonderful news!

Little Moments Photography has a new home!!!!

Yes that's right! I have a new website, new address, new logo and a wonderful new way to showcase my work and my absolutely stunning clients! I do hope you check it out. I have been working on this for weeks, and even though there is still a bit of tweaking to do, I am finally ready to let the world in to see.

Please, if you have a moment, hop on over and give it a gander. If there is anything you see that needs tweaking or fixing, I would really appreciate a comment or an email. (but please be gentle, this is my baby after all! lol!)

I appreciate your visits to my blog, and now I can honestly, confidently say that there will be much more to see here from now on. I feel like a 10000 pound weight has been lifted and I can finally breathe again.

Love to you all!
D :)

ETA: I know there is an issue with the music... trying to fix it now. Can you hear it?


kimberly said...

The new site looks GREAT!!! Good job, and I hope it brings you many new clients.

Julia said...

The new website is wonderful! Thanks for adding C to the featured photos. I have a shoutout to you from my blog. :) (The music plays just fine. Just something minor that I saw, Mozart has an extra "t" in your credits at the bottom.)

Dawn said...

YIKES! You would think with me being a music major and all I would have caught that. :O!! Thanks Julia! Of course I'm gonna have C up there - those eyes are just amazing! :)

ETA: When I tried to fix it it wouldn't upload the changes, so I made a big change and it seemed to work. Strange.

Heather said...

The new photo site is gorgeous! Very well done!

I wish you lived by me :D

Cindy said...

Looks fabulous!! You have some excellent work in your portfolio. Beautiful job on the site!

Misty said...

Your site looks fabulous! I hope it brings in lots of business and I do wish I lived closer. Great work!

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