Thursday, September 06, 2007

Knisper! Knasper! Knusper!

While at the grocery store the other day I had a sudden urge to buy some breakfast cereal. We are not real big cereal eaters in our house, but occasionally I get a hankerin' for something cold and covered in milk. So, my craving du jour was apparently cold rice - because I picked up not only Rice Chex, but also a box of Rice Krispies.

(ok, so I actually picked up a box of Rice Squares and a box of Crispy Rice - we can't afford the brand names around these parts)

Yesterday I poured myself a bowl of Crispy Rice and poured some milk on top. Then the funniest thing happened. I smiled.

It was that goofy smile, straight from the heart of my 10 year old self, amused at the long forgotten snap, crackle and pop that roared from my breakfast bowl.

Sometimes the little things are the best.


My Kiddo. He is driving me up a wall. He has always been so good at playing independently. It has really aided my growing computer addiction over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, I am afraid the recent events surrounding his birthday have broken him. After a couple weeks of solid playing with the neighbor kids and then having the entire family here for a few days to entertain him, he is now merely a shell of his independent self. He has the hardest time playing alone.

Last week he asked me to play with him and a few times I bribed him. I really didn't feel like getting up, but for a sweet kiss I would (we gotta get them some how, right?). Well, after doing this only 2 or 3 times, Kiddo decided that if he wanted me to play with him, all he had to do was come give me a kiss. Suddenly his request for play time turned into "Mommy kiss? Mmmwah! Ok, come, I show you!" and he would pull on my arm until I fell out of my seat.

Now I am getting kisses about 300 times a day. *sigh* I mean, I love it, really I do, but my patience is wearing thin. It is so hard to play with him still - if I don't do just the right thing he gets mad, and he wants to play the same short scenario four bazillion times in a row. When I try to interject something new and more creative I get yelled at or my toys are taken away. He is so harsh. ;)

I don't know how moms that have to entertain their kids all day do it. I am drained by 3:00.


I think my favorite time of day has got to be in the morning when Kiddo wakes up. Without fail, he seeks me out and crawls in my lap (or my bed) for a cuddle. He is so sweet and warm; all smiles and kisses and hugs. I ask him if he had "good sleeps" and he always responds with a "yeah" in that soft melodic morning voice of his. Often he will then launch into some dialogue about such random things I know he has to be retelling his dreams. They make no sense and yet are so funny. He'll nuzzle my neck and play with my hair and I breathe him in, so thankful for this time each day, and at the same time I feel a tinge of sadness knowing it won't last forever.


I wonder how my growing belly will effect our time together. Kiddo already seems aware that something is changing. He will gently place his hands on each side of my belly button and say "Mommy's tummy hurt?". I think he has noticed it's bigger. Boy will I freak him out in a few months!

I wonder how he'll adjust to having a sibling. As he is right now, I wish he had a brother or sister to play with. He craves companionship so much; always asking to play with the neighbor kids and even kids he sees in pictures on the computer. I know that a baby will be a hard adjustment for him though, and in his little life it will seem like an eternity before the baby will be old enough to play with him. And if I think about it long enough, I realize that by the time the baby is old enough to really play, Kiddo will be in school and doing his own thing. I don't know if they'll ever be close. It makes my heart ache.


As heard on the potty recently:

Me: after running to the next room to grab some flushable wipes "You are still pooping? That's a lot of poopy"

Kiddo: "yeah. I got lotso poopy Mommy."

Me: "My goodness!"

Kiddo: "der's Baby poopy, and Baby poopy, and Mommy poopy and Daddy poopy and Grammy poopy and Happy poopy and Phoenix poopy!"

:D :D

D :)


Julia said...

Oh...I feel your pain of the non-independent child. C's never understood solitary play so I guess I don't know any better. It's got to be harder to go from having relative "freedom" to clinginess. Bring Kiddo over anytime! He and Chloe can work on having a sibling together. She's certainly small enough to pass for an older infant. :)

ImBlessed2x said...

"good sleeps"...?? Really?
Oh my goodness I have said this, without fail, every single night as I walk out of Little j's room. "I love you. See you in the morning. Have good sleeps".....

Misty said...

I was nodding right along with a lot of your post. AM had trouble playing on her own after her bday , too. And that whole play out the short scene over and over. Mind numbing. She's getting back to her more independent self now. I hope your S does, too.

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