Thursday, June 05, 2008

99 Red Balloons

Eed gads, I haven't blogged for almost a week! I am so sorry about that. Things have been busy I guess.

We had another alone night last weekend when Hubby went to San Antonio to visit a friend. It actually turned out to be a nice evening again. Port slept from 11 to 7:30 - he must like it when Daddy is gone! lol! Saturday morning I once again tried to convince Kiddo to let me cut his hair. I explained to him that it would be so much cooler and easier to care for during the summer. Somehow, that translated to him that if he let me cut his hair then I would take him to the sprinkler park. ???? Somehow the sprinkler park is now called "summer". Go figure.

So, I jumped on that chance and buzzed his hair, and when Daddy got home from his trip we all went to the park. Kiddo and Hubby had a blast playing in the water while Port and I watched from the sidelines.


Tuesday was Bodily Function and Crazy Grocery Store Trip Day!

Can I get a woo-hoo?


First thing after waking, Kiddo has an accident all over the bathroom floor. I started my day mopping up pee. An hour later, Port had the nastiest blow out poopy diaper I've ever seen. It was everywhere! I could not get him out of his clothes without spreading it - gah, I won't gross you out with the details. After we got back from our bizarre grocery trip, Kiddo peed all over the bathroom floor AGAIN. I finally figured out that somehow his little brain decided that every time we go potty we have to strip down completely nekkid. He spent so much time trying to get his hat and watch and clothes off that by the time he got to the pants/undies, he had already had an accident. I had to reboot him on the bathroom procedure and reteach him how to do things. We've been accident free ever since.

Did I mention the bizarro grocery trip? Oh yeah.

So we went to the grocery store. I needed to get quite a few things so it was imperative that I get the biggest shopping cart possible. Since it is about 10,000 degrees here now, I don't feel comfortable leaving Port's car seat in the car while we shop. Normally Kiddo is ok with the gigantic cart, and if he fixates on one of the race car carts I can usually convince him the other one is ok too. Not this time. He wanted the race car cart and nothing I said was making any difference. There was no way I was going to fit Port's seat and everything I needed to get in that cart, so I insisted on the other. Kiddo melted down and cried all through the parking lot and into the store.

He settled down a bit once we got inside, especially after the door staff gave him a bright red balloon with a red sucker attached at the end of the string. After all, red is his favorite color. So, I pushed the mammoth cart throughout the store, picking up what we needed.

You know how sometimes when you are shopping there is one person who you seem to run into over and over again? There was an older lady shopping there too, who we ran into at every turn. Sometimes she was in my way, more often I was in hers, but we smiled and exchanged "excuse me"(s) several times throughout the trip. I sensed that she might have been slightly annoyed with us, only in the sense that we were slowing her down. She ended up behind us in the check out line as well.

In the check out the cashier gave Kiddo a "buddy buck". It's a little dollar bill the store produces to work one of those claw game machines (you know, you move the claw around then push the button for it to drop down in the prize bin and grab a prize). You put the buck in and you get to play until you win. The prizes are little plastic eggs that have numbered stickers in them. You can save the stickers to earn points toward bigger prizes if you want - but Kiddo just likes to play the game. He couldn't care less about the prize once it is in his hands.

The buddy buck game is always the highlight of Kiddo's trip (he calls it "Take Turns" lol!). So we take the buck and go over to the game. He hopped out of the cart before I even had a chance to look. The buck in his little hands, he stooped over to put it in the slot and that was when I noticed the machine looked awfully dark. Then I saw the sign.

Out Of Order


I had to tell him. He exploded into a big ball of mushy wet disappointment. I scooped him up back into the cart and we exited the building, big red balloon bopping overhead. I told Kiddo to hold on tight to the balloon because it was extremely windy that day, and he did so well all the way to the car.

I got all the groceries in the back and tossed the balloon up to the second row of seats. With the cart put away and Port safely locked into his seat base I went around to the other side of the car to get Kiddo buckled in. He had pretty much recovered from the buck incident and was chatting away about eating the watermelon we had purchased. I opened the driver's door to put my purse down and whoosh! the vacuum created when I did that sucked that darn balloon right out of the car!

Kiddo is screaming "Go Get it Mommy!!! Get my balloon!!!" as I am watching it fly through the parking lot at record speed.

I looked up to see where it went when something amazing happened.

Two rows over the woman that had encountered us throughout the store was loading up her car.

The balloon was coming up behind her, sucker still attached to the bottom of the string.

*SMACK* It whopped her upside the back of her head! What are the odds??!?

(oh the embarrassment)

I told Kiddo the balloon was gone. He screamed and cried and I felt horrible that he had experienced such an awful trip. I offered a trip to Sonic as consolation and he didn't want it. It was that bad.

When I got everyone set, we took off in the direction of the balloon, just in case I might find it along the way. Sure enough, on the other side of the parking lot it was tangled in a tree, whipping around violently in the branches.

There was much rejoicing!

I stopped the car and got out to retrieve the balloon. My left foot touched the pavement and POP!

The balloon popped and was nothing but small strips of red floating in the wind.

I untangled the string and sucker from the tree, inspected the sucker for damage and determining there was none, gave it to Kiddo. I could tell he didn't know how to feel - going from happy to sad so many times had taken it's toll. He wanted me to put the balloon back together. I told him I couldn't fix it - the balloon was silly and popped on the tree - and after a bit he accepted that logic.

As we pulled into our driveway at home, I had to shake my head in disbelief. You just can't make that stuff up.

What a day.

D :)


Vick said...

Dude. I cannot believe the balloon whacked your shopping friend in the head. That's awesome!!

Poor Kiddo :( What an emotional roller coaster for a little guy!

Julia said...

Egads. The Buddy Buck machine should NEVER be out of order. How else do we get our kids to behave throughout HEB without the promise of "The Claw."

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