Monday, June 16, 2008


Ok, so the poop saga continues. For 5 days now, Port has been pooping after every feed. Everyone that I have talked to about it says that for breast fed babies it is perfectly normal - but the thing is, it's not normal for Port. I don't know if his little system finally caught up or if he has a bug or is teething or what. I thought it might be something I ate, but I have gone back to a pretty bland diet and nothing has changed (I realize it can take some time though). Sunday and today he has felt kind of warm, but not enough to make me take his temperature (and frankly that area is active enough already! I am scared to go poking around down there.)

I thought I would make it easier on myself and put him in sposies while he was having his poop-a-thon, but after about a day he started to get a pretty nasty diaper rash (even with a preventative diaper cream coating). I put him back in cloth and the rash cleared up almost instantly. Ah the advantages of cloth! Of course, now I am doing laundry 3xs as often, but I guess for that cute little patootie it is worth it.

Port is chewing on my fingers a lot. And he takes great joy in cramming a knuckle in his mouth and chomping down. Otherwise he is just a happy little boy - so I am thinking this is not an illness thing. Who knows at this point. I would call the pediatrician to ask their advice, but I know them well enough to know that the response would be "bring him in" and I would have to pay a $30 copay for them to tell me nothing is wrong. No thanks, I would rather buy groceries.

The biggest problem with poop-a-rama is that it is disturbing his sleep. He is waking 2-3 times a night now and I have to change his diaper every time because he poops himself awake.

I know, he is turning into a typical 2 month old baby, right?

What happened to my dream child???

He's still adorable though. He laughs so much now; and coos and talks and is just amazing and engaging. I love "talking" with him and playing with him when he is all grinning and happy. I love it so much!


My friend reminded me of a site that I so love and I spent waaaaayyyyy too much time on there yesterday. I found a couple of pictures to share, for your amusement.


For the photographers out there...

And this one had me rolling!!! Absolutely rolling!!

I swear people should follow me around in stores. Kiddo says the most bizarre things sometimes. The other day we were in Target, looking around in the clothing section (I love the clearance racks!). Out of no where Kiddo wails (rather loudly). "Mommy I lost my brains!"

[I hear a giggle from the lady a couple of racks over]

Me: You lost your brains?
Kiddo: Yes Mommy, I lost dem. My brains are gone!
Me: Well where did they go?
Kiddo: The angry cows took them to outer space!

[all out laughter from the lady 10 feet away]

Me: The what???
Kiddo: The angry cows Mommy. Dey took my brains and they flew to outer space. And I had to fight dem angry cows!
Me: The angry cows took your brains to outer space? And you had to fight them? Uh, ok.
Kiddo: Yes Mommy. I had to punch them and fight the angry cows.
Me: What about the nice cows? Couldn't they fight the angry cows and get your brains back?
Kiddo: No Mommy, just me. I fight the angry cows and they flew to outer space!
Me: Well that's quite the burden to bear. Having to single-handedly fight angry cows and all. Did you win?
Kiddo: Yes, I win. But the cows have my brains.
Me: uh, ok.

[lady behind the rack says "he's so cute!"]

Yeah. Cute. Something like that. *wink*

D :)

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C. L. Fry said...

I saw one the other day that was "B&W, grayscale and sepia"... no matte though.

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