Friday, May 30, 2008

Fool On The Hill

I do this because I love you.

And for some reason I am willing to humiliate myself.

Normally, I will talk down about myself in jest or for the sake of a good story, but very rarely will I provide actual proof that I suck at something.

That said, there is something you must know.

Brace yourself. Ready? Ok.

I am not an actress.

I know, I know, you are shocked, right! I mean, with all my marvelous talents, surely acting falls in there somewhere, right?

Yeah well, I guess we are not all blessed with basic acting ability. Give me a song and I'll sing it. It may even make you misty-eyed. But give me a script and put me in front of a camera and get ready to laugh.

When Hubby and I lived in Arizona, I briefly worked for an "entertainment company". Translate that phrase, and you get - "a company that promises you fame and fortune if you shell out big bucks for useless acting lessons and head shots".

Guess who was the photographer? mmmhmm.

Anyway, while I worked there, the company associated with a lot of the local "talent" and "talent makers" and included in those were film "directors" (I use the term loosely) and the like. Sorry about all the quotes, but in all honesty most of these people well, um, er, well.... they should keep their day jobs if you know what I mean.

So, through somebody I met that knew somebody else that knew some guy, I managed to land an "acting gig" (another loose term). This new company needed an information video and they hired a director/videographer to shoot it.

The gig was pretty fun. I got a free meal at a nice sushi place in Scottsdale. I got to run around all day looking important with cameras and whatnot on me. I got to go to the owner's parent's fancy house (tres chic!) on the top of a gorgeous hill overlooking Scottsdale, I got to drive the most expensive car I've ever sat in, and I got to spend the entire day pretending like I was talking on the phone.

Not too shabby!

The result of all that was a really embarrassing video that thankfully only a hand full of people saw (until now) and also a few subsequent voice over gigs for the same company. Think along the lines of "You have reached XYZ company. For Dr. Soandso, press one. For Dr. Gooberhead, press two." Yeah, that was me.

So anyway, the other night the memory of doing this weird wacky thing came to me and I went in search of the long lost video. And for some unknown reason my screwed up brain thought it would be fun to upload it and thoroughly embarrass myself by sharing it with you. Like I said, I do this because I love you.

And I'm crazy.

But we all need a good laugh, right?

Am I stalling?

Oh all right, here you go.

Just don't ask me to find the ill-fated video of a commercial for a Sporting Goods Store that I appeared in.

That one is beyond my humiliation threshold.

Thank you for still loving me, despite my bad acting.


D :)


Julia said...

That's awesome, and I don't mean that with any bit of sarcasm. :-) I would have totally done a commercial too if anyone asked me. Better yet, I would have done an infomercial.

Mollie said...

so. many. thoughts.

not. sure. where. to. start....

kimberly said...

Ok, it's not you! Who directed and produced this fun wacky mercial?

Jen said...

That is so great! Now we just need video of you singing =)

TitanKT said...

Well, I just absolutely loved that. I don't think your acting is nearly as bad as you think it is, but I admit that I kept getting tickled at how your face is so sweet and so professionally composed and yet somehow there was this sexiness about the way your eyebrows moved up and down. Like you were talking about phones, but you might've been pleasantly giving a 1-900 number service pitch. *giggle*

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