Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friends In Low Places

Last night I read a blog post so hilarious it made me cry. My friend Julia was attempting to take her little one's temperature, and had to give it 4 tries before she got a good reading. He pooped on her the first three times. Her blog is private or I would link to it, but just trust me when I say her account of the incident was hysterical.

Anyway, I shouldn't have laughed so hard. Port did almost the exact same thing to me this morning. I wasn't trying to take his temperature or anything, he just felt the need to poop 3 times in about 5 minutes. He had pooped; I got him on the changing table, diaper disposed and bottom all clean when he tooted. The kid never toots! I looked at him with wide eyes and before I knew it he had poo'd all over everything. I got all that cleaned up and he did it AGAIN!

I finally got him cleaned and dressed and set him down for a second when I heard him grunting. Another poopy diaper, another change and not 5 minutes later he pooped a 5th time. He's pooped 4 times since then. For a once a day kind of guy that is a lot to handle!

Anyway, just wanted to share some of the joys of having a baby with you. I finally finished a post from a week or so ago - it is down below in case you might have missed it. 99 Red Balloons


Port had his 2 month check last week. He now weighs 14 pounds (99%ile) and I can't remember his length, but he measured right on the edge of 75th%. He's a chunk!


We had such an awesome weekend last weekend. I had to go to Houston to do a couple of photo shoots. We needed to take our car back to the shop for some warranty work so Hubby got Friday off and we went in early. It was the first time in a long time I have been able to see everyone I wanted to and do all the stuff I wanted to while there. On Friday I got to visit briefly with a friend of mine. Then Friday night Hubby, the kids and I got together with our former neighbor and her family. We cooked burgers on the grill and hung out on her back patio for a while. It was so nice! The kids played inside and we actually got to have some grown up conversation. Hubby and I couldn't believe that we lived next door to them for several years, and yet Friday night was the first time we ever actually hung out and had dinner with them. Sometimes I guess you have to lose something to realize how valuable it really is.

Saturday I had two photo shoots across town. In between I hung out at a friend's house. It was interesting in that I had to carry the pump with me and pump and store milk all day. That was weird. But I guess you do what you have to, right? Anyway, both shoots were a blast! I am so busy right now I don't know what to do with myself!

Saturday night I drove to the old hood and got to visit with my "backyard Mom". She was sweet enough to cut my hair for me and now I have a nice shorter 'do. Thankfully it will take a while to grow out so I won't have to worry about it for a long time. It had been almost a year since my last hair cut!
I colored it brown this morning to even things out a bit.

I was thinking about one of the best things that ever happened in my life was when my backyard mom and her family moved into that house.

I call her my backyard mom because they live in the house directly behind the one I grew up in. My junior year of high school they moved in there. Their daughter was an acquaintance of mine, a senior who had given me a ride home from school a few times. When they moved in behind me, her daughter and I began meeting at the fence to chat. She would stand on a chair on her side and I would stand at the fence on my side (no chair needed, I am 6' tall!) and we would talk till our parents told us to come in.

Because of that move and our fence chats, R became my closest and dearest friend. Life wouldn't be the same without her.


D :)


Julia said...

This should be a fortune cookie message: She who laughs at her friend's pooped on misfortunes shall be crapped on herself. ;) Sorry to hear that you had to deal with consecutive poos as well.

I like your new haircut.

Vick said...

Love the new cut and color!

If Port hasn't sharted on the wall yet, I have you both beat on the 'poo stories' :D

14 pounds? Holy heck - Miss O just broke 15 at 6 months!

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