Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Coffee Song

Have you ever driven down a street in your neighborhood and when approaching a turn to get to your house suddenly, for a split second, question if you are turning down the wrong street? For whatever reason, it just looks wrong or feels wrong or something? No? It's just me then. *sigh*

This is my brain without coffee.

We had a play date to go to this morning, and in an effort to get there at a reasonable time (still late, but at least there) I didn't make myself any coffee.

I know, you are shocked. Close your mouth.

It's not so much that making coffee takes a long time, but this morning in particular I was pressed for time, and I didn't have any beans ground. In order to grind the beans I would have had to dig out my grinder, load it up, wrap it up in a towel of some sort, go to the back of the house, lock myself in the bathroom, plug it in and cautiously grind in short bursts because the dang grinder is so incredibly loud and scary sounding that if I had turned it on in my kitchen I would have had two screaming boys clawing at me in fear.

yeah. not happening

So I opted out of coffee this morning and got us all ready for our play date. Actually, I didn't opt out completely; I did run through the drive thru of Jack-n-the-Box and purchased one of their iced coffees - but only because I needed change for a $20 bill. And I have to say, Dearest Jack, while I will admit that you can make a mean burger, your fries are delectable and your shakes are irresistible, your iced coffee - well Darlin', you really, really should consider yanking it off the menu. No one wants to drink bitter, watered down, virtually unsweetened (even though I ordered the vanilla flavor) "coffee" from a sweaty plastic cup first thing in the morning. Or in the afternoon; or anytime for that matter. I'm sorry Jack. That was $1.99 that was a total waste.

Anyway, we made it to the play date (thanks again Julia for hosting!) and had a great time! Kiddo was, for the most part, polite and very good natured. He of course had a major melt down when we left, but only because he had so much fun. He's actually been (and I forgot to tell you this Julia) talking about going to see "Miss Julia and da kids" for a few days now, even though I never mentioned that as a possibility. As soon as we got home today he was asking me if we could go back to Miss Julia's house so he could "have lots and lots of fun." awwww!

So while there, I purchased my new carriers from Miss Julia!! YEEEEEE!!! I was so excited - I just wanted to run up and hug her neck (like my kin folk say), but I thought she might find that weird. Instead I played it cool and then did my happy dance in the car where only my kids were witness to such nonsense. We put Port in the Babyhawk at Julia's house, and I kid you not, he was out in under 2 minutes! Oh the joys of free hands and happy, sleepy baby! I am thrilled! And she gave me a SMOKIN' deal on the 2; Julia, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Port better like them...

So yeah, I was excited. ;)

Anyway, on the way home I was about to turn down a street in my neighborhood when I suddenly questioned my sense of direction.

This is my brain on no sleep and no caffeine. This should not happen. We got home and though I was supposed to go to the grocery store today (well actually a few days ago - see what I mean about not getting simple errands done??) I just couldn't find the energy to do it. Hopefully I can escape tonight and go. Maybe I'll just take Port and try him again in the Babyhawk. eeeee! I am excited!

Wow, I've got to control myself. Mercy.

D :)

Sing it Frank! :)

and I have to add this one too - these guys are a riot!


Julia said...

I'm glad that you guys had a good time! You're welcome to come over anytime. Well, you definitely kept your cool when you got the Babyhawk on! I did my stupid dance the second that Noah fell asleep in the BH which was something like 2 minutes as well. Amazing what a little carrier + pacifier will do to a baby, and you'll have your hands free to type on the computer or whatever! If you ever want to borrow the Sachi mei tai for pool use, let me know, even though the Babies Beyond Borders one will work the same. :-) Happy baby carrying!

Julia said...

Oh, and I can't find my elbow from my a** so I tend to get "lost" finding my house. I've been known to pull up into the neighbor's drive way once or twice. :-)

Vick said...

Welcome to the world of hands-free baby transport :)

Julia rocks, doesn't she?

I'm usually kind of a directional savant - with or without coffee - except for getting to Julia's any other way than past the model homes. I spend an extra 5 minutes going street to steer and trying to find my way to the road I know. *sigh*

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