Saturday, July 26, 2008


Things I should be doing right now...

Editing client photographs



Cleaning the house

Making lists

Cleaning my car


Shopping for supplies

NOT blogging!

Oh well, nothing like procrastination to make one frantic next week.

Anyway, I have some pictures I wanted to share.

This one was from an ill-fated "session" I had with Port and Kiddo, trying to get something worth of a canvas print. The light coming in through my window was too strong and Kiddo wasn't cooperating at all. [grumble, grumble, dang photographer kid syndrome, grumble, grumble] Port still looks pretty chubbi-licious!
After fussing at Kiddo about not letting me take his picture, he gave me these a couple of hours later. See the enthusiasm??

His "smiling face". (eye roll)

Last Sunday we broke down and bought Port an exersaucer. This one in particular will be handy on our vacation because it will fold flat for travel. Yippie! Even though he is still a bit too young for it, he still likes it. Here he discovers the swinging frog...This pic is blurry, but I love the expression! He kept looking at me like this. "Mom, what the heck is this thing??!?"The boy has been teething something fierce. His hands are constantly in his mouth. nom, nom, nom...Tyler was jealous that I was taking pictures of the baby. She kept talking to me so I got a couple of her too, just to make her feel better.This is the first time Port really saw the dog. He was fascinated. Right after this moment, Tyler started licking his face - it was the sweetest thing; she was licking him, but in the gentlest way possible with just the tip of her tongue. So cute!! My dang camera card was full and I missed it. :( boo hoo![Notice the "Two Wheeled Texans" onsie? Yeah, we're starting him out early. BTW, that is a Hubby original design.]

Kiddo was a bit jealous too, so he let me take his picture. Only one though, then he "needed a break". lol!


D :)


Jill said...

When do you leave?? Are you there?? I just added the last of my Flagstaff trip. It's backdated, so look around July 3rd. :-) Have a good time!

Carrie said...

How do you keep up with blogging?? I am always sooooooo behingd, and now we started school this week, and I don't know when I'll get to it. How long does it take you to do a blog post generally speaking? Maybe I am just over thinking most things :)

Barb said...

LOVE the picture of Port and the dog!! Too cute!!

Keep them pictures coming!

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