Friday, July 11, 2008

Pump It

Today was one of those, "I am about to lose my #^$&$^#*#!!@#^ mind!" kind of days. I woke up this morning to one, yes one gigantic breast. I had a clogged duct (or two or three) and it made my entire morning miserable. My original plan for today was to finally go to the grocery store, but with GigantoBoob in my way I had to stay home and take care of it.

So after several hours of pretty much constant pumping, warm, moist compresses, a scorching hot shower and lots of massage (I am probably bruised now) I finally got whatever it was to give. jeepers.

That took up most of the day, and so then it became a juggle to see if I could time things out perfectly and go to the store.


Just when I'd be ready, Port would crank up or Kiddo would need something and everything kept getting messed up. I finally got to a spot where all we needed was for Kiddo to get dressed and we could go. By the time he finally listened to me (and I had to eventually resort to practically yelling) and got dressed, it was too late so I scraped it all together. I decided I could go when Hubby got home, not remembering that he rode his bicycle to work today and would be home later than usual.

The heat really zapped him good, and when he got home he was exhausted. So I left Kiddo home with him and took Port with me to the grocery store. We had a fairly decent trip, and I managed to work in a Starbucks drive thru in there too.

But when I got back there was so much to do and I just don't have enough hands (even when they are both free) and I am truly hormonal and I was about to lose it.

Sleep did not come that night.

D :)

1 comment:

Julia said...

Aww...sorry to hear that you had such a rotten day. Hope that it has gotten better.

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