Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Never Tear Us Apart

Total Mortification.

So I went to a play date today. Yay! Out of the house! Thanks again Vick for hosting!

We got out of the house kind of late; Port took an extra long nap and I was trying to wait it out before we left. We finally got in the car and headed out and about half way there I realized I had no idea where I was going. I had been to her house only once, and though I knew the general area, I was not confident in my ability to make it there again without directions or an address. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to get an old street address in my head, and spent the better part of 15 minutes or so looking for a street that wasn't even in the right neighborhood.

I finally called Hubby out of desperation and had him Google the street name that was floating around in my head, and while on the phone with him (and on a completely different street) I drove up to the house.

*smacks head*

Thankfully we still had time to play, and Kiddo had a blast. But as usual, no day out would be complete without embarrassing myself a bit.

After I got dressed this morning I had to change my shirt when I discovered a stain on it. Then I put on a pair of capris that I haven't worn since last summer. I just *barely* fit into them, but since my wardrobe is severely lacking in the shorts department (read: I don't have any) I squeezed into them and prayed they would relax a bit by the time I got to our destination. Thankfully they did, and all was well when I entered our host's lovely home.

After the kids were comfortable playing, a few of us moved into the living room to feed their babies. I sat down on the couch next to my friend, and when I did I heard what could only be described as a crunch. At first, I thought I had sat on something; perhaps an empty fruit snack wrapper - as the noise sounded like crinkling paper. I felt beneath me to find nothing, and dismissed it as just one of those things and went about my business. I got up to do something else and came back to the couch only to hear the crunch again. Reaching behind me I once again turned up nothing. I was wracking my brain - what could that noise be? Perhaps I had metal buttons clanking together on the pocket or something in the pocket? Nope, no buttons, not even a pocket!

Seeing that my attention span is minimal at best these days, I quickly forgot about the noise issue and went about the play date. We had fun, and of course Kiddo had a melt down when we left.

*sigh* Will he ever stop doing that??

I got the kids in the car and buckled in and then went to the drivers seat and sat down.


There it was again! Once more I stuck my hand under my backside and felt, only this time I was able to determine the source of the noise. It was not a "crunch", but rather a "rip".

I had split my pants.

I think I will go crawl back into my hole now.

Ladies, I am sorry if you caught a glimpse of my underwear, and thank you for not embarrassing me in front of you all.

I'm never leaving the house again.
D :)


Julia said...

I think if you hadn't blogged that you split your pants, I never would have known. :-) I am usually not in the habit of looking at my friends' behinds, but maybe I should in the future just for a secret laugh. It's no biggie. I was sporting a drool stain all over my chest from Noah sleeping on me. Don't forget the time that I went out in public with the Hello Kitty clips unbeknownst to me. Not to mention how many times I've worn my shirt inside out and not known it. It happens.

Vick said...

Didn't even notice - no worries :)

TitanKT said...

Another good case for wearing long shirts. LOL, hilarious, Dawn!

Mollie said...

Raising my hand... Yup, Happened! And at a playdate no less!

Count your blessings. I had someone point it out AND I had my fire red panties on. Hanging my head in shame now. I *thought* I had gotten over it.

....Until you brought it up ;)

Wiley said...

On a completely unrelated tangent, a post came across my reader that made me think of you (and yes I know that is odd for someone I've never met :-) ). It's from Free Money Finance and it's about turning a photography hobby into a business.

It is definitely meant for someone way below you, but I know I often have an interest about what people are saying about my field even if I'm beyond the specifics, so I thought I would pass it on. Perhaps you can weigh in in comments with your actual experience running a significant business.

Feel free to completely ignore!

Carrie said...

Funny, funny, FUNNY!!!!
We all have those embarrassing moments (in my case...too frequently!) Thanks for owning up and making us all feel better :)
Miss you!

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