Friday, July 16, 2010

Under Pressure

I need a little happy today.

Kiddo is driving me nuts, I am PMSing, and I am having trouble controlling my anger. Because we have been cooped up in this house all week with Kiddo's punishment, I think we are getting a little stir crazy.  Add to that the fact we are looking at about $300-500 in repairs/tires for the CRV, just so it will pass inspection this month. I am trying to figure out how we are going to afford it. We *just* paid off our last credit card; I really hate to have to charge something now.

Oh yes, and quarterly taxes are due next week. Joy.

Gah, I hate feeling down like this. I have so much to be thankful for! Aside from just a couple of things, life is pretty good.

The end of summer, school starting, Kiddo's birthday, family vacation, my certification test, the holidays, holiday sessions, my pricing structure launch, client obligations, marketing strategies, scheduling everything, school clothes shopping, school supplies shopping, allergist appointments, doctor appointments, surgery for both my parents and many many more things are piling up on me right now. I can't sort through it all in my head enough to process or get anything done. And I just keep piling it on myself. Never mind the regular home stuff - laundry, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, etc. Oh yeah and I have kids and a husband that needs attention and care as well.

And it is hot outside. My word the heat. And the mosquitos. And the flies. Texas is such a buggy state. blech.

I wish I could pop my brain out of my head for a little while and give it a rest. I can feel it working overtime in there and it needs a break. It feels like it is going to bust through my skull.

There is a lovely visual.

On a good note, tonight I am going out with a couple of friends to a Grease sing-along at the downtown Alamo Draft House. It should be really fun. I am feeling a little bit anxious (the going, the parking, the finding a seat - logistics of it all kind of give me anxiety) but hopefully I will get over it. I will try to remember my camera so I can take pics.

Have a wonderful weekend!
D :)

1 comment:

TitanKT said...

Wow, you sound so much like me, Dawn. All the worrying and especially the bit about having anxiety about going out. I get that way every time and sometimes have to force myself to even go. And it's never as big a deal as I get all worked up about. Sometimes going out does seem like a lot of trouble, though. But I hope you enjoy it, I'm sure it will be loads of fun and you definitely need to get your mind off all your worries.


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