Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Already Gone

Once again the days are slipping away and I keep forgetting to blog.  It's not really that things have been busy - actually, I think it's been just the opposite.  Starting this weekend though I am going to be completely swamped until Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it for sure because it is going to be incredibly fun. But I know I will have my days where I will be pulling my hair out in frustration from one thing or another.

I have been trying to tie up loose ends all week; answer emails, follow up with clients, etc. But of course there are quite a few things I am forgetting and missing and putting off. I really wish there was a way to carve out just 2 solid hours a day for me to work completely uninterrupted. I could get sooooo much done. But the constant bombardment of questions and needs and general chaos from the short people around here keeps me from getting anything productive done. And don't even think about suggesting I get up early - HAHA! 6:45 is too early as it is! We don't usually make it to bed until 11 or 11:30.  With any less sleep I really won't be able to function.

Last weekend Grammy and Happy came to town to spend a few days here on their property for their anniversary.  The boys got to see them for a little while one week day afternoon, and then on Saturday they got to spend most of the afternoon out on the property.  Hubby and I got a "date afternoon" of sorts and were able to run errands and hang out in general peace and quiet. It was very nice, but I kept finding myself fretting over doing fun things with my husband instead of working on all my chores and stuff I have been wanting to do around the house. I go for weeks without getting the things I want done. It is extremely frustrating to put off stuff like gardening and repotting plants for weeks on end.

*sigh* my poor garden.

The okra is so tall now that I can't reach the top. I would guess the plants are about 10 feet tall at this point. I have to bend them down to harvest the okra that are still popping up daily.  And now, there are about 10 new little okra plants that have sprung from the ground around the old timers and they are producing too. It is insane! Good thing I like okra...

The peppers are producing like mad now too but have unfortunately succumbed to pests. I just can't keep them healthy.  And I need to pull them but I just can't find the time. I needed to plant for the fall LAST MONTH and I just couldn't do it.  Either I was busy on the weekend of Hubby was. We are hardly home at the same time anymore.

The basil is about done. The plants are getting woody and the new growth is bolting almost instantly. I cut a bunch of it tonight but I don't know if I will have time to wash it and lay it out to dry. (of course I could be doing it right now but I am choosing to blog instead)

I bought some dirt for the other bed, but I think I am going to add it and then cover the whole bed with a thick layer of newspapers and plastic and let it rest until next spring. At this point, if I plant anything it will get too cold before anything can be established. I will probably secure a nice section of the currently growing bed for some garlic since it will not be ready until spring anyway.

So that is the garden situation. Kinda got off topic there - what I really wanted to post was a funny from Kiddo when he and his brother were staying with Grammy and Happy.

Happy had left some cash out on a table or counter and Kiddo walked up and swiped some of it.  Happy told him to give that back. Kiddo said he just found it.  Happy said something (playfully) to the effect of "That's my money and you stole it." My charming son replied:

"I didn't steal it, Happy. I'm not a bank robber. I am a tax collector."

Happy gave him a quarter for such a clever response. ;-)

D :)

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